Blackie’s Dilemma

You’ve already talked with a co worker, but it wasn’t enough…

Who do you go to when you are facing a rough situation revolving around a friend?

Blackie closed the office door, he turned around to his friend, the Chief “Carl this is one case I wish you had and not me.”

“I know Blackie, I know only too well, I was in your shoes on a case years ago just like this it was my screwed up cousin it really sucks. We’ll go out for a coffee and talk, just say the word” Chief Carl Wakesky patted Blackie on the back.

“You got a date Chief, you’re friendship is always appreciated can we go right now?”

“Yes, if that’s what you need let’s take an early lunch Blackie you drive.”

“I really need to talk this one out!”

The Chief and Detective grabbed their coats “We’re out of contact for an hour unless emergency

Samuels, you’re in charge.”


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