A little bit of heaven 6.2013 004Saying the one wrong word can start your day off wrong…

Craig tried to wake Carla rubbing her back, kissing her but she would not budge. “I’m going to put the coffee on honey,” he said softly and left the room. Carla was still asleep when he came back with the coffee and his newspapers.

The coffee aroma woke Carla as she sat up in bed, looked around she asked, “Craig why are you up here with your papers, I smell coffee.” She walked into the sitting area in her t-shirt as he handed her a cup, but Carla shook her head no. “Thought I would see what it’s like to be lazy,” he smiled.

Carla stomped her foot, “I am not being lazy, I’m tired and I feel like I have been hit by a truck. Do you realize that the last couple of weeks we have been going non-stop with invasions, discovery, memories, cleaning, trips, company, and investigations? I need to take the day off or at least the morning!”

“Oops, sorry Carla wrong choice of words. I will make a deal with you; you go back to bed . . .” “Not now,” Carla stopped Craig with a finger over his lips. Craig picked her up placed her back in bed and tucked her in with a kiss. He took the papers and coffee back downstairs.

Craig went out for a long fast run, then supervised the cement pouring and visited with Tim for a while. “Tim, I need help.” Tim gave Craig a cockeyed look. “Is that why you were running alone? What did you do now, Craig?”

Craig shrugged his shoulders “It’s not what I did, more like what I said!” Tim sighed shaking his head in agreement. “Craig I know, the slip of the tongue can often be misconstrued certain times of the month and your world tilts over the wrong emphasis of a silly word!”

“Oh I got it, so sleeping would be better than lazy?” Craig laughed as Tim said “Oh absolutely Craig!” “Thanks buddy, I need to go see your father in law.” Craig went inside and grabbed his keys.

Carla was still asleep when he returned. He laid the rose on his side of the bed, checked her calendar, and tiptoed out. He took a swim and decided to get a handle on his banking financial accounts, and take care of other pressing items that came in the mail. Craig also worked on some paperwork about the house and his father’s estate.

There was also the emerald ring issue and the investigation he was anxious to find out about, as he started to talk to Blackie, he heard Carla come down the stairs.

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