“Feeling better honey? You look beautiful.” Craig went over and gave her a big hug. “Yes Craig, I am feeling better, thanks for letting me sleep. My secret admirer came into my bedroom.” Carla gave him a big lustful kiss and sat down with the papers. Later she ran upstairs, returning with the project she wanted to accomplish. Craig thought to himself this big t-shirt she has on must be a message.

Craig went back to his paperwork in the library he heard an awful noise disrupting his train of thought. Clunk klink clunk klank, sssisisisis klink, clunk, klink, sssisisisis, klank, clunk, klink, sssisisisis klang, clunk zooooom. “What the hell is she doing?”

“Carla, what is that noise, where are you?” Craig asked in an angry sounding voice as he searched for his wife. “I’m right here in my office sewing room, what noise are you referring to,” as she put her foot back on the pedal of her sewing machine klink, clunk, klink, sssisisisis zooooom. “That noise! What are you making, Carla?”

Craig came over to see what she was doing. “You’ll see in a couple of hours. Sorry if the noise disturbed you. Did you need me for something or just getting lonely Mr. Jones?” Carla smiled as she reached up and kissed his cheek.

Craig had that ‘I want something look’ and was tiptoeing around Carla after the brief outburst that morning. A thought came to him as he said,“It’s the middle of the month and I’m trying to tackle the bills that have come in and wondered if you would like to help me.” Craig figured she was just tired. He was too.

“What do you need help with Craig?” Carla asked. “I could use some of your wonderful coffee; mine never tastes as good as yours.” “Oh is that all, 3 scoops of coffee for a full pot Craig.” She was curious to see if he would make it.

Carla went back to her project and in a few minutes, she had a cup of fresh coffee sitting on the side of her sewing table. “Is it as good as yours,” Craig asked. “Thanks yes honey its perfect,” she went back to her sewing.

Craig typed ‘sewing machines’ in Google and hit search, spending almost an hour looking at machines. “I wonder how long she’s had that. It’s really loud” he looked into the problem site. “That’s it, I’m going shopping,” Craig smiled.

“Carla I have an errand to run I’ll be back in a couple hours, need anything?” “Nope, I’m good, be careful Craig.”

Two hours later the dress was done, he was back and now she just needed to see Craig’s reaction to know if it was perfect. “Craig, would you please come in the living room.” She started down the staircase when she heard him leave his chair. He said “Wow” but his eyes said I want you.

“Perfect, that’s what I was aiming for. You like my new dress Craig, it’s a duplicate of my wedding dress only cotton so I can wear it anytime and just throw it in the washer.” Carla swirled around in it with her heels on “Yes, I like it. It has the same effect on me as your wedding gown,” licking his lips.

“Carla you’re amazing, don’t you have to have a pattern to sew?” Craig asked hugging her. “Not always, just to solve the next question before you ask it. I wanted something for the party. I can do all sorts of looks with this dress.” She reached up planting a kiss. “I approve,” Craig was smiling.

At dinner, the rose was in the middle of the table, champagne poured and Harry Connick Jr. was crooning in the background as they enjoyed their meal. Craig asked about all her sewing, likes, dislikes, and plans for sewing in the future. By dessert, Craig knew he’d ordered the right models and just needed sizes of the room for the cabinets.

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