Secrets  Cove left side Book option 7.15.2012   196 (2)                                     There are times when you don’t want to answer that unknown phone number, is this the call I’ve been waiting for or more bad news.   Friday’s call was bad news … but then you run into a good friend and hope springs forward again.  Its time to go back to Blackston Lake and see why the police just pulled up the drive…  Is this good news or bad.

Blackie and Samuel pulled into the driveway around 7 PM as dinner was finishing up. “Coffee anyone,” Carla asked as she greeted the men. Blackie looked at Craig, “Better make a pot Carla. Its business, thanks.”

“Hope the kitchen table is ok.” Craig asked clearing off the dishes and pulling out the coffee mugs. “I have no secrets from my bride.”

“Wonderful, by the way Craig everything officially now has Carla’s name on it.” Samuel smiled at Carla and Craig. “As for the ring situation Blackie will be going over that with you two. Please sit Carla.”

Carla was wondering what Samuel was doing there, then she remembered he was involved in the Coin Ring incident.

Craig looked at the others, “Is this good news or bad Blackie? I thought you said it was going to take a couple more days.” Blackie said, “It could have but Aileen was not who we all thought she was. Actually the disagreements were going on with your father and Aileen because, he found out who she really was.”

Craig looked at Blackie “What are you saying Blackie? Who or should I be asking you was Aileen?” Blackie went into Police mode “Amber Reanold aka, Alice Bergen aka, Aileen Fletcher is the woman you married Craig. Craig she’s the daughter of a con artist from Chicago; hence her reluctance to go there.”

Carla’s mouth dropped open as she heard this, she immediately straightened up, and closing her mouth listening intently to what Blackie had to say.

Craig said, “I remember, she said she was ill so I went alone. How does my father fit into all this, and is she the one who took the ring Blackie?”

Blackie sat up and started to explain what the Police had found. “Aileen had her finger prints all over the chest; she must have tried to move it and was spooked. Especially those drawers with the two empty ring Indentations, the emerald, and a larger oval ring print in the opal drawer. Craig how well do you remember your Grandmothers jewelry?”

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