There is nothing better than waking up to sunshine and a blue sky as far as you can see …

Ooh what a beautiful dayCraig said as he turned off the alarm and cuddled up with a kissed to Carla.

“Yum, that was nice, morning my husband” as Carla sat up and stretched, but she was pulled back down on the bed. “Oh you are being frisky this morning Craig, so you want to play, do you” Carla started to tickle him as she looked at the clock.

Craig caught her arm, “Are you going to time me this morning Mrs. Jones?”

“No just curious to see what time it was to make a notation in my memory bank that you’re ready to go at 6:08 AM for an early morning romp.” Carla rolled over on top of Craig . . .

“The sun is really bright this morning,” Craig said as he headed to the shower. Carla decided to join him . . . “Just what are you up to this morning Mrs. Jones? Better get moving we have a party today.”

“Oh, so that’s why you set that alarm for 6 this morning.”

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