US FLAG    MEMORIAL DAY          640px-US_Marine_Corps_War_Memorial_(Iwo_Jima_Monument)_near_Washington_DC

            This weekend always brings out memories… all the businesses proudly flying the flag out front every day, the parade, honor guard holding the flags as the wind sent them flapping around.

The parade with the American Legion proudly marching down the street, along with the floats bedecked in red, white and blue, the scouts marching along. The floats always something about the military, one year there was one that had two guys peeling potatoes on the back… another one had a mini version of the Washington Monument.    We followed along in our car to the cemetery and walked up to the big trees by the flag, listening to taps being played and the guns firing shots in the air.

Dad bringing back the checkered black and white flags from the Indy 500, that we listened to on the radio. All the neighborhood kids, with out red, blue and white crepe paper decorated bikes, complete with playing cards attached to the spokes, riding around with out small flags.

Let’s never forget those soldiers in all the wars who never came home as well as those who did to keep our country and us safe.

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