Party Surprise

Left you hanging there, sorry but holiday memories got to me. 

It  is Craig and Carla wedding reception day , plus …

Carla went to her dresser, pulled out the Tiffany box, and handed it to Craig. “Open it Mr. Jones,” Craig was speechless . . . “These Sapphire cuff links and studs look a lot like your sapphire’s Mrs. Jones. I’m overwhelmed I’ve never had any real cufflinks!” Craig grabbed her in a deep embrace, “Thank you.”

“I’m glad you like them, I got them for you when we were in Vegas. Let me help you with those. There now you are dressed as the Lord of the Manor.” Carla placed the sapphire blue vest and bow tie on Craig as she grabbed a peak at the clock, she went for the lint roller, “Just a second there’s some lint on your pants there now you’re ready.”

They stood in front of their mirror all dressed and smiled “Mr. and Mrs. Craig Augustus Jones” Craig said as he smiled. “Look out world here we come!” Craig held out his arm for Carla to take as they headed to the stairs.

Howard and Tommy had already arrived at 11 with all his cameras. He would take the pictures of everyone with for the happy newlyweds. Flashes went off as the couple came on to the open landing at 11:15 AM. “Look Craig, the Corps has landed and they brought their families,” Carla said with a smile. “Their early” he said. “No they are right on time, Mr. Jones.”

Happy Birthday Craig,” everyone shouted. “How did you pull this off and when Carla,” Craig asked. “Later my husband go and enjoy your morning,” Carla said. Thinking to herself how easy this had been, thanks to Marcus’s help with the cake and her cell phone, she actually did surprise him.


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