Three Couples

Back to what is going on at Blackston Lake this afternoon …

Three couples Allan and Mary Kate, Marcus and Maureen, Craig and Carla, joined Howard at the dining room table with their laptops.

Tommy was putting the photo album together in the family room waiting for James and Lucille.

The house phone rang. Carla answered it. “Carla its Blackie has the meeting started yet?”

“No” Carla replied. “Good I need to speak to Howard please.” Carla handed the phone to Howard. “It’s Blackie for you.”

“Yes Blackie,” Howard said listening. “The A May Riddle email was forwarded to Carla from Paula Smith’s laptop. It wasn’t sent to her by Samuel, just wanted to let you know, and the bedroom photos Carla told us about, are safe here in the office, date stamp matches the date of the EMT call, all confirmed.”

Howard acknowledged and asked, “Great Blackie I’ll pass the word along. Will you be coming over later?”

“Yes when Amy gets off.”

Craig’s phone rang and he answered it “Hello Joey, I’m just going into a meeting, what can I do for you?”

Joey spoke. “You are starting your job training today. Remember when you were hired on to M Company there was a possibility you could be hired out to another company.”

“Yes Joey I do remember that why?” Craig asked.

“M has assigned you to work for H&A Security indefinitely, all the benefits are as we talked earlier plus more. Do you have any questions?”

Craig cleared his throat, “What office will I be working out of? Who do I report to, Joey?”

“At home or where ever they need you to work Craig. Howard Awls is your immediate supervisor. Congratulations Craig, you’re the best and that’s what they want.”

“Can we talk later?” Craig asked.

“Thursday night ok Craig?”

“Yes Joey that will be fine.”

Craig was shaking his head and looked at Carla not real sure just what he should tell her, he decided to smile, blow her a kiss and shrug his shoulders. Carla smiled back at him as she went after the  coffee thermos.

“Before we start I have a confession to make,” Mary Kate said smiling at Allan. “I worked for the bureau, but am now full time at H&A Security.” Allan added, “Yes she did and yes we have worked together for several years now.”

Carla just said “Wow” and gave Mary Kate a big smile.

“Welcome Mr. Awls,” Carla said as she saw James walk in handing a black leather briefcase to Howard.

“Hello Carla, Howard I believe this is what you wanted. Allan, Marcus, Mary Kate, and you must be Maureen.” James shook every ones hand, “Let the meeting begin.” James sat down next to Craig who was next to Carla.

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