Firing A Friend

       When you trust someone to be honest and keeping their promises. Trusting them to handle your needs, your family’s needs. You never expect that you will have that trust destroyed!       Suddenly it sinks in that’s why you aren’t with that person any longer, hesitating on what to do. You find yourself wondering if you can trust anyone…

“Ok let’s talk, Craig and Carla, I welcome you to H&A Security! I am James Awls, CEO of H&A Security. Howard is the President, Allan is the Vice President, Marcus is CFO, Craig Jones you are now IT Specialist, Mary Kate is Logistics, Maureen is secretary, Carla you may be our planner and or historian if you would like, and work closely with Maureen and Mary Kate as well. Legal is missing now but you will also be working with Blackie and Amy.”

“First business, Email Mystery Allan,” James asked waiting for Allan to respond. “Yes the infamous A May Riddle email that was sent out the first part of June.” “What’s going on here,” Craig asked. “It’s simply the answer to who is A May Riddle and who sent out the nasty email that was detrimental to you Craig.” Allan replied to Craig as Carla looked on and listened intently.

“We have a dinner reservation at Turner’s for 6 PM on Wednesday night to confront the culprit of the mysterious email,” Allan announced. “Allan, its Samuel isn’t it?” Craig asked. “Yes, why is something wrong Craig?”

“You know that he probably won’t show now!” Craig stated as Allan gave him a stern look he said. “Oh yes, it was Samuel and yes Samuel is no longer a part of your life as of last week, correct Craig?”

“Wrong, not completely out.” Craig said taking Carla’s hand. “Howard, please talk with your partner, he’s being obstinate.” Allan said as Craig and Carla both looked at each other and said “What?”

Howard looked at James and then Allan who both nodded their heads. “Craig and Carla believe it or not, we really are your best friends! I have just received information from Centerville Police the A May Riddle email was forwarded to Carla from Paula Smith. It wasn’t sent to Carla by Samuel,” Howard said.

“Ok, but Samuel still initiated that email,” Allan stated. “And he needs to be confronted, agreed?” Everyone at the table said, “Yes.”

“Ok, we all are in agreement on Wednesday’s dinner. Samuel will be confronted and all strings attached will be cut at that time, right Craig?” James said looking at Craig with a parental eye as he asked the question.

“Yes, sorry guys this is new for me.” “We know Craig, don’t worry we’ll get you through this, that’s why we’re all here,” Allan said in a gentle voice.

“James, Allan, and Howard, after our dinner I promise it will be all resolved with Samuel. I needed to make sure he had filed the papers for Carla before I did the deed!” Craig said as he looked at each person.

James stood up and looked at Craig with the same sinister look Howard gave him the day he stopped Craig from going after Carla’s date at the Delta years ago. “Craig you have to dismiss Samuel ASAP! Have Mr. Vanderbilt re-file everything, we have looked at all the paperwork filed and it is not correct. He left out Carla’s middle initial and name. Here look,” James showed Craig all of the paperwork.

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