How many times to you get a document and file it before reading it?   Guilty?   I know I am.   You need to change something, only to realize your stuck and can’t change it …

“Damn!” Craig said looking over the copies, “I’ll call Mr. Vanderbilt first thing in the morning and get this re-filed. I didn’t even look at the papers.” “That’s ok, just handle it tomorrow,” James said smiling and patted Craig on the back.

Allan continued “Now, as for Mrs. Smith aka Mrs. S aka Agie, three in one, and from what I saw today, a woman with personality issues. A shrewdness in some respects and yet there is an enchanter or sorcerer to her, and yet today I even saw a child. Like you said Carla, the event’s she has told you are not from her adult lifetime, and yet she can rattle off these events as if they were yesterday. I suspect that, she heard these stories repeatedly over her lifetime, by her mother. We can check this out further for you.”

“Carla I probably can help with this issue, we can take Mrs. Smith off the table for now if you will grant me some time.” James asked, “Of course James.” She replied reaching for Craig, and finding his hand, he gave her hand a squeeze.

“Yes, I am not sure anyone else is noticing her changes, but it was quite obvious today, she went from a woman of 60 to a child,” Allan commented. “Carla why are you so concerned with Mrs. S” Craig asked. “Craig she knows things that don’t fit, and she knew exactly where things are in this house. I need to know why, it’s almost scary!” Carla stated with a shrug.

“Now Craig we’re all here for your training today, my sweet Lucille is heating up our lunch. Shall we see what she has for us? We can answer all your questions during our meal,” James adjourned the meeting.

“Yum Lasagna everyone grab a plate and dig in,” Howard said. “I have a question?” Carla asked. “I thought Craig was working for M Company?” “Carla I am, Joey called and told me that I was on loan indefinitely to H&A Security.” Craig answered as Howard chimed in. “It’s just easier to have you still with M Company. Your pay and your benefits will come from them at this time. They loan out IT people just as Manpower does. I’ll explain it all later.”

Everyone went back to the table and meeting which lasted another couple hours. Craig and Carla were both on information overload and had a deer in the headlights look when James looked at his watch and spoke up. “Well, it’s getting late, we better head on home.”

Carla said, “You know something told me to leave the sheets on those beds.” “Ok I’ll stay,” Allan spoke first. “I’ll stay Carla but, Maureen needs to get back up to St. Joe.” Marcus stated. Mary Kate spoke “I’ll go up with you Maureen.” “Thanks Mary Kate, we had better get moving then, let’s get our bags and head out before it gets dark, will call when we get in.”

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