Honeymoon Over

Monday Carla was Girl Friday to Howard, Marcus, Allan, Craig, Blackie, and James. All in the library talking with Craig about all the work he will be doing. At the family room table, Marcus and Allan were busy working on the laptops. At night, it was James and Howard with Craig about all the things regarding his involvement in Awlsport and Blackston Lake.

Carla had cooked and served the breakfast and lunch and kept the coffee and water going. Monday late afternoon Lucille came over with a big apple pie and pot roast. After dinner, Allan and Marcus took off for home, Carla got a chance to talk with Lucille as Howard, James, and Craig went back to the Library.

“Lucille I’m so confused,” Carla said as Lucille sat down next to her on the sofa. “Let’s see if I can help clear up this mud for you. James helped Howard start H&A Security. It snowballed faster than they ever expected, so with all these men knowing about the legal, finance, IT and logistics they brought in Allan, Marcus, Blackie and now Craig for all their expertise. Carla you also are a very important part in H&A as well as what the men are talking about now. I understand you’re really good at planning and historical things.”

They talked a little while longer waiting for the men to finish up. Lucille patted Carla’s hand and continued trying to help her understand. “Carla it’ll be confusing for a short time but you’ll be perfect for this, you’ll see. Some wedding present hah.”

Carla said “Lucille that was a big understatement. I’ve been married to Craig for little over a month now and it’s been a circus so far, a big wonderful circus. Scary at times, but so was our courtship. I just want us to be happy and start a family together.” Finally, she was realizing what everything was all about at H&A and how she and Craig fit in to the puzzle.

“That I promise we will do soon, Mrs. Jones, meetings over. Craig said as he came up and gave Carla a hug and kiss on her cheek. “Thanks Lucille for keeping my girl company and bringing her up to speed think I can take over now!”

“Good night you two, thanks for everything Carla.” Howard and James said. “Good night.” Craig closed the door, “Carla we only need breakfast tomorrow, just me Howard and James.” Craig said as he took Carla in his arms.

“Wow, what a day Honey. I need something to bring my mind back to neutral how about you?” Craig said as he grabbed the remote control for the drapes and the one for the TV.

“What’s with the TV? This isn’t my husband, we’re not couch potatoes.” Carla looked at Craig and giggled, “Although after today we just might be, some pre-season football and popcorn sound good?” Craig smiled and took her hand pulling her close. “Yes mama as long as I don’t have to think about anything but you!”

“Oh before I forget, 6 AM wakeup Carla. Can you set the coffee pot while you’re in there I’m back to work, honeymoon is over.”

“Oh say it ain’t so, no more whoopee!” Carla exclaimed in horror. “Not a chance of that Mrs. Jones as long as I’m above ground!”

Carla giggled, “Thank God, I thought someone took my insatiable hubby away and left me with an imposter; you were MIA for quite a while today Mr. Jones” Carla walked in with hot popcorn and 2 beers, “See if this helps?”

“Perfect” Craig took a drink and handful of popcorn after he found some football and sat back on the sofa letting out a long sigh. “Got anything to fix that’s easy for breakfast tomorrow?”

“Always, there is left over casserole and coffee cake, plus Lucille left the lasagna and pot roast from the last two evenings, said it would come in handy for tomorrow and she was right, I’ll just add some salad and sit back and relax.”

“Got that all planned out don’t you, well how about doing some house work?” “Why Craig Jones, are you saying I’m not a good housewife” Carla started to tickle Craig but he stopped her before she could start. “Not right now, and no you’re a great housewife, just teasing Honey . . . got mush for brains.” “I know, just relax.”

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