Trying to get into a new routine isn’t always pleasant, but, you grin and bear it.

As the saying goes for better or worse …….

Tuesday went smoothly, Carla kept the food and drinks coming for James, Howard and Craig, they finally wrapped things up about 4 PM, thanking her for all her hard work as they left with a kiss on her cheek.

Craig went to cleaning up the library as Carla ran upstairs she changed and came back down. She went to the fridge and pulled out the cocktail shaker, martini glasses, putting them on a tray, added some cheese and crackers, stabbed the olives and poured the drinks as Craig walked into the room.

“What’s this Carla?” “Well thought you could use a cocktail after your hard day at the office, please sit down and enjoy, tell me about your day at the office.” Carla handed him a drink, napkin and the plate of munchies “Is it ok?”

“I don’t remember ever having a martini like this?” “It’s made with vodka not gin, like it?” Craig shook his head “Yes I do, I’ll tip you later” he winked at her.

“Dinner is ready whenever you are.” “Please don’t tell me its lasagna or pot roast. I’m tired of both after three days in a row.” “No problem it’s neither, it is one of your favorites with a twist.”

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