Howard, Craig, and Carla climbed in the Hummer. “Now Howard, this is the time to talk!” Craig said holding Carla who was upset.

Howard replied, “Like I said Craig, I am your best friend, H&A Security is part Allan’s, and part AJ Inc., our company. Yes I have been looking after you a lot, it’s a precaution.”

“Why Howard” Carla asked. “It’s simple, Samuel is not the only one you need to be leery of Craig, and you too Carla. There are some very jealous people who would do anything to have what you two have, and I’m not just talking about the treasures!”

“We’re talking about this tonight aren’t we Howard?” Craig commanded, “Yes Jonesy, we are?” Craig turned to look behind them “So I see!”

Once all vehicles and passengers were all inside the house and gate shut, Carla and Mary Kate returned with a bottle of cognac and five snifters, “Let’s get this over with guys” Craig said pouring each a glass as the laptops where opened up.

Howard was running his fingers through his hair. Allan was looking out at the lake. Craig was making fists and frowning. “I thought we went through all this Sunday,” Craig asked.

“What, who, and why Allan” Carla asked. “Mark and Paula Smith; Samuel White and Aileen Fletcher for starters,” Howard answered Carla. “Craig you may also have a brother! Carla your gut feeling turned out correct. Craig, close your mouth please.” Allan stated.

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