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“WHAT,” Craig shouted his eyes darting from Howard to Carla then to Allan. “No excuse me, just who are you talking about?” Craig asked Howard who said, “Craig you have been around all of the people involved all your life, you don’t notice what a stranger can see.”

Howard went over to Craig and touched his shoulder gently. “There’s a possibility that Michael Smith is your brother!” Craig jerked his head around and up at Howard with that terrible frown on his forehead.

“That frown that is on your forehead at this very moment is obviously a family trait! Carla picked up on, it after looking at Michael one afternoon when he was in a confrontation with Mrs. Smith. Craig we are still checking this out, but you need to be aware of this fact.”

“Jesus . . . How could that be Michael is what 25 and Mom passed in 1980, this does not make sense!” Craig’s face was red, his blood pressure was high, Carla handed him a glass of something. “Down this Craig” he did and puckered up and was shaking his head. “Damn Carla what the hell was that?”

Carla stood there with her hand on Craig’s shoulder for  a few minutes. Craig’s red face was fading and Howard nodded at her. Carla said, “Check his pressure Howard.”

“Almost back to normal, didn’t believe you Carla, but it really works. Jonesy you’re a medical miracle!” Howard said with a smile. “Water please, Carla!”

“Ok Howard, so we start talking about all this until we get it all out in the open, even if it takes all night and tomorrow until I can get my arms around all this.” Craig said as he looked at Howard and Allan.

“Craig, tomorrow morning I will be over and we’ll talk about AJ and JC and H & A. Dad is taking Carla golfing and to lunch, so you will both be up to speed. Ok?”

“Yes Howard, put please be gentle; this hard head is turning to mush this week with this information overload.” Craig looked up at the man in front of him, held out his hand and Howard took it, pulled  Craig into a bear hug “That I will promise Craig.”

“Everything’s going to be ok Craig, let’s get some sleep!” “Ok Carla, I sure hope your right. What was that you gave me anyway?” “Apple Cider Vinegar Craig, it’s an old remedy for high blood pressure.” Carla said running her hands over Craig’s back. “Oh another Granny thing” Craig asked, “Yes.”