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Goodbye Samuel

  So you’ve just heard about someone you trusted has betrayed you, adding to that gut wrenching feeling you, found out you may have a brother.    Personally don’t think I could sleep, could you?  Read on how Craig Jones handles this latest development in his life.

Tossing and turning all night, Craig finally got up at 4:30 AM going down to his library and closing the door. Craig thought, shit I hate this but I have to do it today. He turned on the hand held recorder and dialed the phone, placing the call he had been dreading.
“Mr. Samuel White, This is Craig Augustus Jones the III. I have to inform you that I will no longer be using your services. I do not believe that you have my best interest at heart anymore and my life goals and agenda have changed. Thank you for your services.
Please forward all documents and personal items to my residence at
#1 East Lake Road, Awlsport, IN forthwith.”
He turned off the recorder, thinking to himself. I used to value your
advice and your friendship but you are not who I thought you were
Samuel, you betrayed me!
Craig turned his chair to the window and sat there with his hands folded
and watched as the sunrise developed and said. “Oh Lord, My Maestro,
erase my sadness and paint me some joy, thanks for putting Carla in my
life to show me who my real friends are.”
“Craig,” Carla said knocking softly on his door. “Yes honey, you can
come in perfect timing coffee and my sugar!” He wrapped his arms
around her and nibbled on her neck causing her to moan and squirm.
“Morning” she said softly, “I missed you.” “No problem I’m here now,”
kissing her as he backed her up to the sofa . . .


It’s been a year since I’ve posted… had no social media for that time frame, today I am working on getting back up to speed.

FYI thanks to those who purchased my books in the past year.

Now in 2017 I am working on the next Blackston Lake Saga – in the mean time I will get back up to speed on blogging where I left off in Secret Treasures of Blackston Lake.

Now where are those notes …  this may take longer than I thought.