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Carla & James

“Craig” Carla opened the door a crack knocking,“Howard and James are here.”

“Come on in guys” Craig said.

“Morning Craig, just so you know I will behave myself out on the fairway today. Carla and I will be back after 18 and lunch. You boys behave and remember to play nice now,” James smiled and started laughing.

“Carla, excuse me James I need to give her one piece of advice”

“Yes Craig?”

“Remember to drive like you did for me the first time!”

“Come on James, let the kids play, salads are in the fridge.”

“Carla, have you ever played at Carpenter?”

“No James but I understand it’s great, and I’m up for the challenge.”

“Good because everything we talk about will be good news my dear, only all good news I promise. So what’s that drive Craig was talking about?”

Carla answered, “James if we are only talking good stuff today you probably won’t see that drive. But just in case, it was dead center 250 yards straight out.”

“Wow Carla, I may be in for a real match today.”
“Yes James!”

Running Away

Marcus called at 9 sharp. “Craig I’m calling as you asked last night, anything wrong?”

Craig asked, “No not anymore, I just have one question Marcus, why did you leave the U.S.?”

Marcus laughed, “Oh, I decided to follow in your footsteps, a terrific woman!”

“So it wasn’t because anyone was causing you any trouble?” Craig inquired.

“No why, Craig” Marcus asked.

Craig continued, “Damn all these changes and to boot the Mark, Paula, and Samuel thing, plus it appears I may have some relation here. Exactly just how easy is it to disappear from everyone Marcus?”

“Craig a piece of advice buddy get through all this new training on the job and all the stuff your partner needs you to know. Give it time to all sink in to your gray matter, and for the police to do their job. If you still want to run that’s a job for H&A Security, with you working for us now, it can be simple as packing your bags for a holiday.”

“Thanks Marcus, you are a great friend. Oh have I changed everything with you to show Carla?”

“Craig she’s been added to all your accounts that I have anything else?”

“No thanks Marcus see you soon.”

Dreaded Work

After breakfast, Carla asked, “More dreaded work Craig?”

“Yes, but this won’t take long,” and he went back to his library and closed the door, he still had more calls to make.  “Morning, Allan.”

“Hey Craig, what’s going on. Its only 7:30 AM,” Allan said.

“I just wanted to bring you up to date on your advice. It’s been taken. I have recorded the call I made to Samuel at about 5 AM this morning, and will be notifying Mr. Vanderbilt. He’s on my payroll now as well as amending all the documents.”

“Great, I know that wasn’t easy to do Craig. How goes the security?”

“Great it has been worth every penny Howard’s service has been great and Carla is ecstatic. First weekend free well be up for dinner, let Mary Kate know.”

“Will do, I’ll talk to you later.”

“Thanks Allan” Craig hung up. The next call went to Mr. Vanderbilt. “Morning Craig, how can I help you?”

“I have made the recorded phone call to Mr. White, so you are now my official legal advisor.” Craig stated.

“Craig, as we have discussed that was a wise decision. I will get all those papers revised and ready for your signatures. You were very wise in taking Mr. Sullivan’s advice. I will see you tomorrow at 11. Is there any other issues you would like to discuss?” Mr. Vanderbilt asked.

“Not at this time, thank you.”