Carla & James

“Craig” Carla opened the door a crack knocking,“Howard and James are here.”

“Come on in guys” Craig said.

“Morning Craig, just so you know I will behave myself out on the fairway today. Carla and I will be back after 18 and lunch. You boys behave and remember to play nice now,” James smiled and started laughing.

“Carla, excuse me James I need to give her one piece of advice”

“Yes Craig?”

“Remember to drive like you did for me the first time!”

“Come on James, let the kids play, salads are in the fridge.”

“Carla, have you ever played at Carpenter?”

“No James but I understand it’s great, and I’m up for the challenge.”

“Good because everything we talk about will be good news my dear, only all good news I promise. So what’s that drive Craig was talking about?”

Carla answered, “James if we are only talking good stuff today you probably won’t see that drive. But just in case, it was dead center 250 yards straight out.”

“Wow Carla, I may be in for a real match today.”
“Yes James!”

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