6 Months Ago

“WOW, no I hadn’t thought about that. Right again, it has only been 6 months! Happy anniversary, I really did sweep you off your feet?” Craig reached over and kissed her. Carla smiled placing her arms around his neck.

“That you did Mr. Jones.” She kissed him back pulling him in closer. “Gee let’s see we meet what 3 years ago?”

“Actually, it’s been 4 years Craig.”

“Yeah” Craig laughed, “No wonder Mark said I expanded a florists shop. What did you do with all those flowers Carla?”

“I have a large metal tin full of rose petals; here see.” Carla opened the tin.

“That smells good just like this room does every once in a while.”

“Yes, when I want to change your mood I open this up.”

“Tell you what Carla I always check my financials on the 1st, so after breakfast you will know about our financial situation.” Carla looked in his eyes, running her fingers across his chest and gently kissed him as she slowly caressed his arms, moving into him.

“I only want you, to take advantage of me; I am hungry for my husband.” She parted her
lips giving him a deep sensual kiss that suddenly turned their serious morning into one of passion.

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