Change of Plans

The phone rang around 8 AM and Carla picked it up. “Carla, its Amy, how are you?”

“I’m fine Amy, and you? Is this a personal or business call?” Carla asked.

“Personal, heard from Mary Smith that you are a crafty girl. Your dress at the reception was terrific. Big craft show at Amish Acres this coming weekend. Believe it or not Blackie is a lover of these shows, and we are both off this weekend, would you and Craig like  to join us?”

“Well, let me check with Craig. I would love to go. We were supposed to go to the one over at U of I with the Smith’s but that is not about to happen in this century. Can I call you right back, or you want to hold on?”

“Just call my cell any time today.”

“Sorry Craig, back to this financial business.”

“What did Amy want Carla?”

“Craft show in Amish Acres this weekend. Blackie loves them, want to go with them?” She asked secretly hoping he would say yes.

“Sure we can go, I’m ok with that, call her back and get the time.”

Carla hit redial on the phone “Amy you can count us in, what time?”

“8, we stop on the way for chow, ok”

“See you Saturday at 8.”

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