Carla’s Shock

“What’s next Craig?”

“Fidelity, ready” Craig asked putting in the password.

“Oh my, is this your IRA?” Carla inquired.

“Yes one of them.” Carla was in awe at what she was seeing. “Now I understand Craig, is
this a Money Market?”

“Somewhat, but my age controls withdrawals, so it’s untouchable now except for deposits. Fill up our cups. We have a few more to check.”

Carla returned with the thermos “Ready to go Craig.”

“USAA, this is from Grand Dad CJ, passed to my Dad Auggy, and now it has mine added to it. It’s never been touched Carla, ready?”

“Yep I think so, is this just investment or more Craig?” She asked him, “This is investment plus, there’s insurance, banking, retirement and a Visa card.”

“Craig, how do you keep track of all this, I’d be so confused.” Carla said scratching her head.

“That’s the reason I have Marcus.” Craig smiled “Ready” he asked


“Waukegan Trust, CAJ III Trust fund.”

“Craig you have a trust fund too.”

“Yes Carla, Dad told me that CA & Judith started it the day I was born, I’ve never touched it, hold on Mrs. Jones.” Craig took her hand, hit the enter key.

“Holy Cow,” her mouth fell open and her eyes got huge squeezing his hand.

“You ok Carla?”

She closed her mouth and swallowed, “Yes, just in a state of shock, when we talked before the wedding, you said I would never have to worry, that was the understatement!” They both drank their coffee in silence.

“Awlsport Bank, this bank account is new to me Carla, Howard just told me about it the other day. Before we look at this, let me see if I can explain this. There are 3 businesses that I’m partners with Howard in—AJ Inc., JC, and now H & A.”

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