Mr. V

“So how do I fit into the plans next week Craig? James sort of explained this when we went golfing; I’m assuming that his talk was about the AJ, JC, & H & A part, he didn’t go into a lot of this financial details.”

“I really don’t know what Howard has in the works for you to do; Girl Friday mainly I think, maybe some meals.”

Craig logged off stating, “I have to get going to see Mr. Vanderbilt’s at 11. Want to come along, I’ll buy you lunch at the Delta.”

“Sure be ready in a flash I haven’t seen Mr.V since the reception.”

“Greeting Mr. & Mrs. Jones please come in.” Mr. Vanderbilt motioned them into his office.

“This won’t take long Craig, just need to look over all these papers and insure Carla’s name is correct. I’ll buy lunch when we finished, if you like the Delta.”

“That be great Mr. V, I haven’t seen you in a while. How’s my paperwork and investments coming along,” Carla cautiously questioned Mr. Vanderbilt.

“Just fine, have you thought of changing things over for the business name Carla?”

“Mr. V. not yet, I’m tossing around a few names now. Do we need to do that before the end of the year or sooner?”

“End of the year for tax purposes, take your time Carla.”

“These all look great, let’s eat.” Craig stood taking Carla’s hand as Mr. Vanderbilt led them out to his Lincoln opening the door for them.

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