Craig Tells All

                     Every one has a past… what are you ashamed to admit? 

Driving back to the house from Craig’s meeting, Carla was quiet. “Craig I want to talk about . . .”

“What Carla, you’re the one with a frown on her face now, what’s wrong,” Craig asked.

“I want to know about Aileen. She’s surfaced and I want to . . .” Carla asked praying it
was not going to be a mistake.

Craig said, “Ok, let’s sit at the breakfast bar and I’ll fix us a Mimosa. It’s my turn to talk.
Fair warning Honey, I get upset over this. Come sit by me.”

“Are you sure you want to sit here and not on the couch, or the patio, it might be more comfortable Craig.”

“Well you might be right. I’m not use to sitting on bar stools talking much anymore.” Carla asked him. “Do we need a pitcher of drinks?”

Craig shook his head. “No I think one tall one will be enough.” Craig got comfortable on the loveseat looking out to the woods, patted his lap for Carla to sit sipped his Mimosa then kissed her.

“The mood I was in at the time was . . . dark. Dad’s drinking had gotten bad. I had no word from Allan and Marcus, except they were both in the Navy and only God knew where. I wanted to go to the front, but instead I had been assigned to Embassy’s all over Europe. That was interesting, seeing parts of the world I probably never could have seen otherwise; but all the friends I had where out there in the action and I was far away from everyone.”
Craig sipped his Mimosa.

Carla asked “Just where were you stationed at Craig?”

Craig took a deep breath, “I started out in Kuwait City for a few months then I was sent to
Europe, first it was Luxembourg. Next, I was sent to Bern, Switzerland then over to Helsinki, Finland and Copenhagen. If I remember right Vienna was the longest tour I had, I even spent a couple months in China or was it Japan, hell I don’t remember I know I was only there a short time and ended up back in Europe.”

“Occasionally a letter came from Dad, or maybe Howard, Marcus or Allan. I was alone feeling sorry for myself drinking Jack Daniels straight. My life was a mess. Honestly, the drinking only made matters worse it was hard enough trying to remember what language I was supposed to be speaking. Carla it was not just one day it was years.” Craig took a
drink of the Mimosa.

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