Craig’s Ex

How to explain your first marriage mistake…

Craig sat up hugged her and continued “I was on my way back to Vienna and met Aileen Fletcher at a bar she was about 5′ 7″ rail thin actually, now that I think about it she was anorexic. Aileen had long brown hair, fair skin and an hour glass figure with skin tight clothes on, I was horny!”

“As I remember it I must have been really drunk. I kept running into her after I came home and one day I said I love you, marry me. I was lonely and still horny.”

Craig finished his drink and got up to make another one for both of them “Maybe that pitcher would have been a good idea.”

Back on the couch Craig continued. “The first 6 months was fun. Lots of sex, which I thought was good. I know now it was flat and she quit playing. Her attitude towards sex and her husband completely changed. We started fighting a lot. Mainly over money, the apartment was not good enough she needed new furniture, clothes. Basically I was living a night mare 24/7.”

“That’s when I talked to my Dad, who suggested a change of atmosphere and invited us to the lake. That was a disaster, there was the Corps group gathering which was the second disaster. There was no satisfying her. I had my hands full trying to get a job at a good company.
That is where Mark came in. Aileen was furious. She didn’t want to move.”

“After I started at Standard, she started running around with every one under the sun. One night I came home and found her with a biker.”

Craig made a fist which was grabbed by Carla as she flopped herself back into his lap “Is this better Craig?”

Craig hugged her tight. “Yes, you know the rest of the story!”

“Thanks for telling me.” Carla laid a big kiss on his lips. “If I ever start to act like the “B” pounce on me. It will be part of our Deal. I can’t image how you felt, well maybe it was like” . . .

“END of this conversation Mrs. Jones!”  Craig took her in his arms and carried her upstairs . . .

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