Remember that long vacation and how you felt the morning of your first day back to work …when you sort of had that brain freeze or blonde moment of reality setting in.

Monday morning started at 6:00 AM. “Carla we need to treat our week days as work days now, so how about some breakfast for this business man, otherwise known to you as your husband?” Craig announced walking out of the bathroom all dressed and smelling fresh.

Carla kicked off the covers and stood up. “Hmm L’Homme do I get a smooch and squeeze for motivation?” Carla went down to the kitchen started to fix sausage and ran back

“I at least need to brush my teeth, you slave driver.” Carla said laughing, as she ran back to the kitchen. Mental note to self—put toothbrush and mouthwash down here in the powder room.

“Breakfast is ready,” Carla said as she ran out and got the papers, thinking you had
better add sweats to the powder room.

Craig was standing at the door when she came back in with the papers. “Don’t go out there like that again Carla.” He smacked her behind shaking his head.

“I know I’ll make sure I have sweats down here to change into or how about if I wear my big fluffy red robe?”

Craig gave her a serious look “I don’t want any animals getting you, sweats will do,”
kissing her.

“Oh, I didn’t think about that.”

“Breakfast is good, thanks. What are you going to do today?”

“I’m going to start to learn how to be a housewife and I have a lot of work upstairs to do. Of course there are my ING jobs.” Craig tilted his head and gave her a look “the ing jobs” then it dawned on him. “Oh the washing, ironing, cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, cooking what else did I forget Carla?”

“Actually you did real well, just forgot the shopping and gardening. I haven’t figured out eating bonbon’s yet. I think that must be while you’re lying on the coach watching all the TV talk shows; or is it the soap operas.” Carla leaned over and kissed his cheek as Craig smiled.

“So Carla, Howard will be here shortly, you might want to dress!”

“Oh yeah” 15 minutes she returned “Better?”

“Much we need to do this every weekday it is back to reality time, ok?” Craig winked at her as Carla asked.

“Should I plan a lunch for the two of you?”

“Got something you can throw together in a minutes’ notice?”


“Then we’ll see how the day goes and play it by ear.” Craig went back to reading his newspapers.

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