The town you grew up in, lots of memories … but what do your eyes see years later?

Craig grabbed his legal portfolio and extra pens. “Carla will be back, fyi the library is locked.”

“Thanks see you later.”

“I’ll explain as we drive. You take your notes. Hope I can remember it all.” Howard said with his head tilted and a grin.

“Sometimes you look so sinister with that grin of yours Howard.” Craig laughed.

They turned south on East Lake Rd, Howard described in detail. “On this corner is the farm property that CA & JW bought in the early 30’s, 200 acres. We’re on East Lake Rd and 500 South.”

Craig said, “Howard that has some potential, I have an idea. What’s next?” He started writing out his idea and flipped the page.

“Where are the wells you mentioned, Howard?” Craig asked.

“That’s another road trip, down by the Kankakee, if I remember right. Craig, I will have to look at the map. I have not been there in 20 years, we’ll drive down there later this week.”

“Ok, that sounds like fun.” Craig said writing. Craig looked up at the road asking, “While it’s on my mind, where are the vehicles that you mentioned stored at Howard?”

“There over in the barn at the Tudor, Tommy’s new project; clean them up and get photos for the Museum’s web site.”

Craig snickered, “Good hiding place Howard. Tommy sounds just like his Dad!”

“The vehicles we’ll get to later this week along with the wells. That will be our exploration day. Might take Tommy and Carla with us,” Howard suggested.

“Great that will be a casual day,” Craig agreed.

“Sort of but we better have Betsy too in case of animals. Target practice included at
no extra charge,” they both laughed.

“Here’s the south end of Blackston, corner South East Lake Rd and 500 South. We own this whole wooded area.”

Howard said pulling into the short turn around as Craig questioned, “Howard isn’t this where the plane crashed a couple of months ago?”

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