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Craig walked in the door “Man I’m beat, honey I need a glass of vino or something to shut off my mind. You wouldn’t believe this but I think I went through a whole legal pad today.” Craig placed his briefcase in the library and locked the door.

“Why do you always lock the library door now?” Carla asked.

“Oh, it’s just because of all the legal papers that are scattered around in there right now, it’s just till I get them sorted and put away, ok.” Craig explained placing his arm around her shoulder.

“Just curious, that makes sense. I was worried that you didn’t trust me Craig” Carla smiled and gave him a kiss.

“No just being overly cautious I guess.”

“Honey red, white or hard. I could make you a Vodka Tonic or Martini?”

Carla asked as Craig said, “Just wine please, what’s for supper?”

“Stew, here is some pinot noir” she kissed his forehead, “Rough day Craig?”

“Just information overload, you get to come with us tomorrow, bring your camera and wear your jeans and walking shoes.”

Craig saw the smile appear on Carla’s face as she questioned him “Really, where are we

“To see the oil and gas wells Carla.”

Craig’s phone rang, “Howard.”

“Craig we’re taking the chopper tomorrow, dress in layers see you at 8.” Howard said abruptly, as Craig said “Ok we’ll be ready, anything else?”

Howard remembered and said, “Oh you’re new vehicle is in my shop right now, should be able to drive it home tomorrow! We are legally now partners and I got you a camera
like Tommy’s. His zoom is terrific.”

“See you tomorrow Howard,” Craig said with a big grin on his face and chuckled. He spread out his arms flopping on the couch “Pinch me Carla, I must be dreaming!”