“Carla, you ok look a little pale?” Craig commented as they drove home.

“Yes, and I want a long hot shower. This feeling is worse than the cooties.” Carla said as she held onto Craig’s hand.

“I’m in total agreement with you there, right behind you.” He locked the door and
headed up the stairs holding her hand.

They stood in the shower for a long time. Holding each other tight, he heard her sobbing. Both sat quietly looking out at the lake through the big window upstairs, Carla still holding his hand said, “We should eat.”

Carla nodded her head “I know, ok one of your sweet tooth specials.”

“Come with me, Carly” Craig took her hand walking down the stairs
to the kitchen. Craig fixed them his special sandwich “Here you go one
chunky sandwich and glass of milk special just for Carly. Want to talk?”

He asked as Carla shrugged her shoulders. “Just thinking how beautiful this lake is, and how our life together, seems so wonderful and perfect. Then something like today  happens to bring us back into reality.” Craig said putting his arm around Carla’s shoulder.

She turned and looked in his eyes asking. “What happened to the couple we knew Craig?”

“That is a question neither of us can answer Carla. I’m not even sure Blackie can answer that, only God knows the truth. I’m just glad we’re Wok.”

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