Tis the time of year to bring out the Christmas treasures and as the commercial says ‘what’s in your … attic’?  See what awaits Craig and Carla…

Sunday Carla needed a distraction from the downpour. “Let’s get the rest of the attic and closet done today.”

Craig agreed, “Sure honey let’s go.”

“Lucille said Judy never threw anything away.” Carla said as she carefully scooted one of the mirrors “Oh wow, the stacks of Vogue, Ladies Home Journal, and Harper’s Bazaar Lucille told me about.”

“Look Carla Saturday Evening Post stacked as tall as the mirrors. There are years of National Geographic and Field and Stream here, cool” Craig said.

“Craig, open it!” Carla asked “Ok” as he put it down, moving the jewel chest on that wall.

“What’s in this little chest? Oh Judith Ann saved baby clothes.” Carla had tears in her eyes “I think it’s your aunts Craig, their real old.”

“I bet those are the flowers from their funeral, pink roses?” Craig asked.

“Now where are all these letters and cards she kept? I still haven’t found the photo albums,” Carla said.

“Here’s another chest of drawers,” Craig announced, turning it to get it open. “Look Carla, here’s the letters and post cards.” Craig knocked along the wall. “Ah here we go another hiding place,” Craig pressed on the panel with his left shoulder to open it, and then he pushed the chest to get it turned around. “This is turning out to be good
exercise.” The chest was moved just enough to open a small walkway,
three dressers lined the wall.

“These drawers are all full of photo albums Carla. Here’s a chest wedged next to it,” Craig gave it a kick with his foot and it came loose but for some reason it wasn’t opened that day.

That afternoon they looked through the magazines and other things in the closet that they had found. “I can’t believe all of these clothes, they’re from all different eras. I am
willing to bet the hat and shoe boxes are full as well.”

Carla exclaimed as Craig answered with a simple “Yep, I’m willing to place a bet on that.”

Silence was present at the House on the Hill that day as they worked upstairs focusing on the things they found. Craig was sure Carla wanted to talk, but last Friday was a tough one. He was unsure if it was what happened to the Smiths or memories for Carla, he thought, she’ll tell me when she is ready to talk.

“Carla, have you heard back from Vanessa yet,” Craig inquired.

“No not yet she’ll probably call tomorrow, why do you want to go with me?”

“Sure, plus we need US time.” He went to the wine cellar and brought up some wine and champagne, and chilled it. He took out some of the strawberries in the fridge rinsed
them off and put them in the freezer. “Hope this can change the mood around here.”

Craig called in an order for her favorite veggie pizza. “Yes Mr. Jones, anything else,” the server asked as he wrote out the order balancing the phone on his shoulder. Craig asked, “Got any fresh brownies, a fresh salad and bread sticks? Oh please make it delivery.”

The server said, “We’re backed up 1 hour Mr. Jones.”

“Ok, that’s perfect.” Craig shut his phone, grabbed a couple bottles of water and
headed back up the stairs setting his watch for 1 hour.

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