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Lost Relatives

“Jonathon, please down load the pictures from the summer.” Bertha asked.

“What’s the rush Bertie?” Jonathon asked.

“Jonathon, please down load the pictures from the summer.” Bertha asked.

“What’s the rush Bertie?” Jonathon asked.

“Just do as I ask you old coot. I want to see if I’m right! I think I saw Linda Sue’s daughter Carly at Costco . . . remember the craft show?”

“Yes, which one we’ve hit everyone in the Illiana area in the past 3 months?”

“I took lots of pictures of craft items to make and I think she’s in one of those pictures from the shows by U of I?”

“Bertie we didn’t do that one. We went to Amish Acres instead, remember?”

“So please snuggums. I just gotta know Johnny.” Bertie snuggled up to him
grabbing his waist. “I’ll give you something you like.”

“Carly . . . Oh yea, she was Jim and Becca’s granddaughter. The only one to survive the fire . . . didn’t she find out driving home.”

“Yes Johnny and we could be her only living relatives!”

“You remember Carly she stayed with us for 2 years till college, think Johnny!”

“Oh yea, didn’t I call her my little doodle bug, cause she drove me nuts with the car?”


“Didn’t we get a card from her a few years back Johnny? Oh dumfangle, were did I put my glasses.”

Johnny started to laugh. “And you call me an old coot, Mrs. Crazy Crafty, your specs are on the top of your head again and you have another pair on the chain around your neck. Bertie don’t know how you get on so. Ok Bertie here you go I’m going to get us an ice tea while you look. Are you sure, it was her Bertie? We haven’t seen her for what close to 10

“The fact that we might be right here close to that lovely girl, all alone, I just gotta know. It’d be wonderful to see how she’s making out. Where’s the dullie to whip through these, oh dumfangle!”

“Just use these arrows Bertie to flip pages. Honestly I don’t know how you can take these pictures but not know how to do anything else electronic.” Johnny just shook his head.

Bertie and Johnny Kellog spent the next few hours closely looking at the 400 photos for their niece. “Bertie, why do you take all these craft photos?”

“For idea snuggums, I’ve got to have things to do when you go out fishing and then I sell them at the fairs. By the way how much did we make on the fairs this season Johnny?”

“I doubt we covered what you spent Bertie.” He kissed her cheek. “Where is the Champaign Fair,” Bertie asked.

Johnny shook his head. “We didn’t do Champaign. We did Nappanee, Amish Acres instead towards the end Bertie; it was in late August” Johnny held down the key to speed through the photos. “Here, now double click on the first picture there and just slowly look through these.”

“Get my phone I snapped a picture of her when I saw her at Costco this week. Now compare it to this picture. Oh Johnny, blow that up to full page; let me get my specs.”

“That’s her! It is the same girl . . . Oh, she looks just like Linda Sue! Now show me the whole picture, there stop! It was at our booth and she paid with a charge card. We need to look at all my cc things Johnny.” Bertie was beaming.

“Bertie do you mean the credit card receipts? I’ll get your duggie bag, I’m sure they’re still in there,” Johnny walked away in search of the bank bag laughing. “Bertie you need to send these to the companies to get paid you know. Nappanee Amish Acres the right envelope Bertie?”

“Yes, from the picture it looks like she bought a multi colored Doilley long scarf so that’s what the charge ticket would say, of course the name would be Carla.”

“Bertie sit down you’re making me nervous with your toe tapping, there’s a lot of receipts here.” Johnny took out his car keys and shoved them in her hand. “It’s after 2 go get me a strawberry shake and a cheese burger.”

“Okie do key, just find my doilley!”

“I’m back with your treat did you find our Carly, Johnny?”

“Mrs. Carla Jones, she’s the only one that bought your Doilley scarf during the
whole show and the date and time matches your picture date and time stamp. You’re a pretty smart cookie Mrs. Crazy Crafty!”

“Oh you’re the best snuggums! How do we find her Johnny?”

“Let me play on this computer, will see if I can find her.” Johnny put in Carla Sharp Jones
and there she was, with address and phone that was disconnected, but it was a start.


Surprise Evening

“Time out, no more today, tonight we eat and rest Carla, come on.” He held his hand out to her as she heard the buzz of the doorbell.

“What a surprise Craig, you were very sneaky when you went for that water. Thanks, todays perfect for pizza and salad. What’s this?” Carla unwrapped the foil package, “Brownies, hmmm.”

“That’s for later Carla, bread stick?” The rain finally had stopped and the sun was trying to peek through the clouds as Craig and Carla headed upstairs.

“Calling it a day already Craig?” Carla asked.

“Yes Mrs. Jones I have a surprise for you.” He took her hand, pushing open the French Doors, there was a faint glow in the southwest window upstairs that night and soft music playing. A gentle breeze blew in off the lake as they sat on the bedroom terrace Craig handed her a glass of champagne with a big ripe strawberry at the bottom.

“Wow, this is a surprise.”

Craig took her hand and pulled her up to stand in front of him “May I have this dance?” Craig asked and they danced.

“This negligee is beautiful Carla, but it’s in my way,” he gently took off the white robe with the big red roses on it and said, “Very pretty and how perfect for you my love.”

Dancing a little more, he handed her a red rose, stopping for a sip of champagne.

Craig twirled her around him as his hand went to her waist to bring her back to face him as they continued to dance on the terrace. He worked in some more of his very slight kisses around her neck, sliding off the shoulder straps of the silk gown . . . “You’ve got my blood simmering . . .”

Craig whispered in her ear “Ooh baby . . . See I can surprise you just like you can surprise me . . .” He picked her up and laid her on the red sheets she said “Ooh Craig . . .”