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Solemn Day

The funeral was solemn and kept very low key. Carla and Craig went right after he finished working. They only wanted to talk with Mark’s parents. Neither of them really knew Paula’s family.

Howard made an appearance, acknowledging Mark’s parents. Craig and Carla ran into him as they were leaving, Howard nodded as they past. They did not want to stick around for any discussions or socializing.

As they were walking out, they ran into Blackie and Amy, “We need to talk a minute Craig.” Blackie looked around and said, “Follow me. Have either of you heard from Samuel?” He asked Craig.

“No, I released him from my employ, why” Craig replying with a questionable look at Blackie.

Carla answered as well. “Blackie I haven’t heard from him either.”

Blackie had his police face on. “Samuel didn’t show up for the court date either, he was listed as the Smith’s attorney. I’m just giving you two a heads up, Craig.”

“There are items that we found while searching their home. Mrs. Smith
may be bringing them to you Carla, just want you to be aware.” Amy said
taking Carla’s hand, “Call if you need to talk any time.”

“Thanks Amy, you too Blackie” Craig said as he took Carla’s hand and
headed to the BMW.

“Craig this is one nightmare I want it to go away really fast, but it keeps
returning!” Carla said as she started to tear up walking to the car, “I
know Honey. Let’s go home!”

Secret Closet

Surprises that are unexpected, gives me goosebumps and makes me smile. Things we forgot about, what’s your last surprise?

Housework and attic was intermixed daily for the rest of the week. Carla was able to look in all of the hanging bags, trying on the clothes she wanted to keep, being careful to keep out anything that she needed to question Craig about and what she really liked for her
wardrobe. The resale pile grew.

Carla opened the next bag causing her to gasp as she looked at the gown. “Oh how beautiful!” It was a lavishly beaded pale yellow evening gown, her hands trembling as she touched the gown, thinking there has to be a story behind this bag. “Judith, are you here with me today?” Carla whispered remembering the other time she was seeing Judith’s things and the feeling she had.

Inside the next bag was a military uniform with all the medals and swords attached, her heart was fluttering as she thought how interesting, wool this must be CA’s. There were three more bags with different military uniforms. She hung them separately in the other closet. She went to their bedroom closet thinking to herself, where are his dress
blues. There I can see a difference. She left it hanging on the closet door so Craig could see it.

From those first few bags, Carla became more careful as she looked at everything in the bags and boxes. Thinking there is a lot of history here in this closet that I have to talk to Craig about. I also need to research these things, too. She went to get her laptop, making notations and looking up the uniforms. She also started a special list of the clothing
and accessories that she found.

“Oh, the furs” Carla scrolled through her phone numbers and called Carpenter Furriers

“Bonjour, Mrs. Jones. Your furs should be ready by the first week in October. We have had to restitch the coats the thread was very old. As you requested we are embroidering your name on the linings. You have some real treasures here. We have been trying to figure out the nationality of the original furrier, but I assume you know where these actually came from in Europe.”

“Thank you Mr. Burgoyne, I hope to be able to give you a lot of information about those beautiful furs very soon. I will be looking forward to chilly winters this year. Thank you, please call when they are ready to be picked up.”

“Au re voir Mrs. Jones” Carla smiled “Au re voir.”

Helpful Talk

“Well let’s get this cleaned up and get ready for breakfast. How about if we get up a few minutes earlier and go for a morning run. I’ve missed that in the morning.” He said with a smile as he helped clean up the kitchen.

“Ok we can do that,” Carla said.

“Show me this mess you found,” he said turning off the lights and locking the door.

“Hmm, we staying upstairs tonight are we?” Carla said with a giggle.

“Yes Mrs. Jones. We are!”

“All these surprises have made me tired,” Carla said.

“Actually I understand exactly what you are saying. I think it was March when the
first treasure was discovered and it hasn’t stopped.” Craig got his laptop open “Let’s see what’s on the calendar. Ok, my next two weeks are showing free except for work appointments.”

Carla checked her laptop “My schedule is the same except for our appointment tomorrow. How about we do leftovers, hit the attic tomorrow, and work until we finish it Craig. That will give us all weekend.”

“It’s a date” Craig agreed and started to laugh, “Hope no one tries to put anything on my calendar this weekend. They’ll have a heck of a time finding the attic won’t they.”

Carla giggled, grabbing some ice cream bars “Let’s enjoy the sunset before we get started, shall we.”

“What’s your appointment tomorrow Carla,” Craig asked Carla.

“Craig it’s just my scheduled monthly appointment that I have with Dr. M, then tomorrow night we see Vanessa at 6PM.”

“Ok.” Their day was uneventful for a change.
“Carla I’m home, are you ready for our appointment?” Craig said hollered.

“Be right down Craig.” Carla came down the stairs with a smile on her face asking. “So how was your day Craig, get that big account you and Howard went out on?”

Craig held the door open for her, “Yes, you drive honey, don’t know where we’re going, but I’m sure, it’s to a happy place.”

“Craig you’re being silly, but thanks, your Carly needs that right now.” She smiled at
him and landed a kiss on his cheek, then headed out for Centerville.

6 PM on the nose Vanessa opened the door welcoming Carla and Craig. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you Craig” Vanessa offered her hand, which he shook with a smile on his face.

“You were very upset the other day when you called.” Vanessa motioned to the couch as she took a chair across from them.

“Is this pertaining to the news I’ve been hearing about the bodies at Blackston Lake and a stalking?” Vanessa questioned Craig and Carla.

“Yes, Carla is involved, Vanessa and we’re worried because she’s not sleeping well and it has affected both of us.” Craig stated. Vanessa listened intently as they talked, agreeing to have another few sessions in the next month after the funeral.

Life Goes On

“Oh Carla, I almost forgot, the phone company is coming today. They are supposed to put a jack on the patio, in the wine cellar and the boathouse. Ask if they can put a jack inside the passageway by the doors like the boathouse one. Would you like that outside the wine cellar there by the laundry area instead? Sorry I forgot to tell you Friday.”

“Howard and I are going to see a client today, till this afternoon honey.”

“I’ll handle it. Sounds like you’re already on information overload.”

“I just got the gray matter shook up a little. I’ll call you at lunch time
and let you know about dinner time I’ve got to run.” Craig held out his
arms and Carla got her big hug and kisses.

“Love you.” Carla said as she opened the door for him. Carla poured herself another cup of coffee and sat down to watch the Today show, she did some laundry, got dressed in pedal pushers and a t-shirt not knowing when the phone company would arrive. By 11 the phone company had arrived, installed all the phone jacks that where requested.

At 12:30 PM, the last load of towels was in the drier when the house phone rang. “Mrs. Jones, this is Mr. Jones, am I speaking to the lady of the house.”

Carla started to laugh, “You are.”

“What are you up to Mrs. Jones, what are you wearing Mrs. Jones,” Craig laughed.

“Oh a t-shirt,” a giggle escaped. “Pedal pushers, oh I have to go Craig, my cell phones

“Carla, Vanessa, I received a call from your husband over the weekend,
are you ok?”

Carla answered, “No can Craig and I see you this week some time?”

“Tomorrow night 6, ok?”

“Yes, we’ll be there.”

An hour later, Craig was having lunch at Bob Evans working on a proposal when he heard, “Craig Jones.”

Craig looked up “Hi Joey, I just took a schematic to a prospective client on the north side of Carpenter. Checking up on me?” Craig said as he shook Joey’s hand.

“No, I just ran into you. How’s it going?”

“Great Joey, surprised at first, don’t know why I thought it would be any different than working anywhere else. Actually I like this arrangement.” Craig said smiling.

“If you need anything call me Craig. Oh any word on the Smiths’ funeral arrangements Craig?” Joey asked.

Craig shook his head, “Don’t know what happened to him?”

“Me either Craig, see you later.”

Craig hit the 1 and Carla’s cell phone rang “Let’s do pizza, I am going to stop at the Corner Pizza, call in what you would like Carla. See you soon, love you.”

45 minutes later, they sat eating pizza. “Something interesting happened today Craig” Carla said.

“What? Please don’t tell me you found more jars?”

“Not exactly, I was pulling out the boxes and things on the floor in the secret closet and found a whole lot of office equipment; in addition, a couple boxed Mont Blanc fountain pens, and assorted supplies, two phones one black and one brass candlestick telephones. And a big stack of used business accounting books for the liquor and furniture stores.”

Carla went on. “I already checked it on the one auction antique site and entered it in the computer with photos. Oh Vanessa called, she can see us at 6 tomorrow night.”

“Great, did you say us?”

“Yes it was your idea and her suggestion, is that a problem Craig?”

“No. It’s probably a good idea.”