Helpful Talk

“Well let’s get this cleaned up and get ready for breakfast. How about if we get up a few minutes earlier and go for a morning run. I’ve missed that in the morning.” He said with a smile as he helped clean up the kitchen.

“Ok we can do that,” Carla said.

“Show me this mess you found,” he said turning off the lights and locking the door.

“Hmm, we staying upstairs tonight are we?” Carla said with a giggle.

“Yes Mrs. Jones. We are!”

“All these surprises have made me tired,” Carla said.

“Actually I understand exactly what you are saying. I think it was March when the
first treasure was discovered and it hasn’t stopped.” Craig got his laptop open “Let’s see what’s on the calendar. Ok, my next two weeks are showing free except for work appointments.”

Carla checked her laptop “My schedule is the same except for our appointment tomorrow. How about we do leftovers, hit the attic tomorrow, and work until we finish it Craig. That will give us all weekend.”

“It’s a date” Craig agreed and started to laugh, “Hope no one tries to put anything on my calendar this weekend. They’ll have a heck of a time finding the attic won’t they.”

Carla giggled, grabbing some ice cream bars “Let’s enjoy the sunset before we get started, shall we.”

“What’s your appointment tomorrow Carla,” Craig asked Carla.

“Craig it’s just my scheduled monthly appointment that I have with Dr. M, then tomorrow night we see Vanessa at 6PM.”

“Ok.” Their day was uneventful for a change.
“Carla I’m home, are you ready for our appointment?” Craig said hollered.

“Be right down Craig.” Carla came down the stairs with a smile on her face asking. “So how was your day Craig, get that big account you and Howard went out on?”

Craig held the door open for her, “Yes, you drive honey, don’t know where we’re going, but I’m sure, it’s to a happy place.”

“Craig you’re being silly, but thanks, your Carly needs that right now.” She smiled at
him and landed a kiss on his cheek, then headed out for Centerville.

6 PM on the nose Vanessa opened the door welcoming Carla and Craig. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you Craig” Vanessa offered her hand, which he shook with a smile on his face.

“You were very upset the other day when you called.” Vanessa motioned to the couch as she took a chair across from them.

“Is this pertaining to the news I’ve been hearing about the bodies at Blackston Lake and a stalking?” Vanessa questioned Craig and Carla.

“Yes, Carla is involved, Vanessa and we’re worried because she’s not sleeping well and it has affected both of us.” Craig stated. Vanessa listened intently as they talked, agreeing to have another few sessions in the next month after the funeral.

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