Car Issues

      When was the last time you went car shopping determined to get the car of your teen ager dreams…

The gate intercom buzzed startling Carla, as she was deep in the closet; she looked out and saw Tim’s truck. “Well hello Tim, what brings you over today?” Carla asked.

“Just wanted to let you know we’re bringing in the brick to finish the garage, the weather’s put us behind schedule by a week. I thought you might want to move your car.”

“Ok thanks let me get my keys” she let Tim through the gate. Carla dialed Craig’s cell, “Craig can you talk now?”

“Sure honey what’s up?”

Carla tensed up and said, “I want to go to International Motors.”

“Why, what’s wrong?” Craig asked, hearing her take a deep breath.

“The BMW and I’m ok, just let me know when you’re on your way home.”

“Ok.” Craig scrolled to I-Motors on his phone.

“Bob Rida, here” Craig smiled.

“Hi Bob, Craig Jones I am bringing in my wife. I’m not sure what’s up, but I think she wants something sporty. I want the best whatever she picks. We should be there before 5.”

Bob said, “I’ll check out the inventory and be waiting Craig.” Bob starting searching his inventory, he remembered that Carla had been looking at a few sporty convertibles, when she was in for the oil change last month.

“What’s up Craig, you look a little bewildered?” Howard asked.

“Carla wants me to take her to International Motors, and won’t give me a

“Want an opinion, Craig” Howard asked.

“Yes boss I do the past couple weeks she’s been . . .”

Howard stopped Craig. “Don’t tell me any more ok, if I was a betting man I would go with that clock thing.”

Craig looked at Howard with a furrowed brow. “What? Oh you’re thinking about the fact that once she’s a Mom, she won’t be able to play like she can now,” Craig agreed.

“Sort of,” Howard said shrugging his shoulders.

“Ok, but I’m still having the birthday party!” Craig hit the intercom as he pulled onto the drive, “It’s me Carla,” beeping the horn as he pulled up to the front door. He opened the
door for her and said. “Well Mrs. Jones slight change in our plans for the night, Steak N Shake or Mickey D’s.” Craig explained as they started down the road he asked. “Please tell me why you want another car Carla?”

“It’s simple Craig, I love the Beemer and all the class, but I want to have something I can just run into town for a spool of thread or the bank without standing out.” Carla stated as she sighed, “Mrs. S is treating me different. I love everything about my new life just want something I can play in. Besides I have the cash to buy it, I want a Miata convertible. I’ve
always wanted one.”

“Ok, if Bob’s got one you get it!”

“Love you,” she said.

Craig thought her pouty look, telling me you are in trouble now, will see about that and
just said. “We’ll see who’s in trouble.”

“What Craig?”

“Oh nothing.” Pulling onto the car lot, Bob Rida came out, greeting them. Bob stood
about 5’10 muscular build, bald, and smiling, very personable, of course he was a Marine.

“Mrs. Jones I have picked out 4 different vehicles that match your husband’s criteria, right this way.”

Carla looked over each of the models and drove two, Craig waited in the lounge.
Craig walked out when they came back in the Miata, he just listened standing back.

“I want that one Bob,” Carla said pointing to the used Silver Gray 2001 Mazda Miata convertible with tan interior and top, and luggage rack.

“Are you sure Carla, can I see it” Craig asked.

“Sure Craig, I really want this one, I love the color.”

Craig looked over the engine and inside, “Got some miles already, and not much room for golf clubs.”

Bob cleared his throat, “Actually you can get 2 sets in there Craig, if you’re not using the pro bags. And this is very low miles and a one owner.”

This must be a macho thing Carla thought shaking her head.

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