French Maid

Carla got up early to prepare for her surprise for Craig, looking over the kitchen table. Oh, I almost forgot she grabbed the scissors and ran out to cut a few blooms off the rose bush. Hmm she took a mental list, let’s see ham, coffee cake, potatoes, need the juice and I’ll get the eggs ready when he comes down.

“Craig, breakfast is ready,” Carla chimed.

“What’s this Carla, looks wonderful, you’re not . . .”

“No Craig, I just want to pamper you today.”

“Ok” Craig took a forkful. “Yum, these are different, I like!”

Carla explained “There baked eggs Craig. You have been working non-stop this week and you need a break, so it starts now.”

“Thanks sweetie, any other surprises?”

“Yes after you finish your breakfast and newspapers. Upstairs is off limits for now. I’ll be back?” She changed the bed to the red satin sheets and spread the rose petals about. Changed into the French Maid Halloween costume she found in her closet along with the special undies she had bought with Paula.

She ran the water into the whirlpool, added the chocolate bubble bath, and turned on the heater. Grabbed the remote for the draperies and set the alarm, finally taking the house phone off the hook. She headed half way down the stairs.

“Bonjour Monsieur Jones Mon nom est Carlina votre femme de chamber,” Carla called out, knowing Craig would be around the corner in a second.

“Wow what are you doing in my castle?” Craig asked.

“Oui Monsieur Jones, viennent de cette facon.”

Craig followed her up the stairs, “Mademoiselle oh la-la what have we here?”

“Oui ouis-je vous deshabiller,” Carla asked as she approached him she slowly unbuttoning his shirt and pulled him into the bath area. “S`il vous plait me suivre `a votre salle de bain.”

Carla motioned to the whirlpool, and came up with a handful of chocolate scented bubbles. “Vous like Monsieur Jones? Qu`est-ce, grand dur.”

Craig asked “oh my brownies.”

“Non they not warm Monsieur Jones.”

Craig said, “Help me.”

“Oui,” Carla said, “Au re voir.”

“Carlina whatever you just said to me get in here now and finish this off please.”

“Oui” She joined him in the tub.

“Damn girl talk about ignition!”


“Oui if that means yes!”

“Embrasser.  Kiss me you fool!” Carla was giggling under his weight.


“Now I know how to get my way with you Mr. Jones.”

“That you do, now who’s the insatiable and crazy one?”

“But you liked it?”

“Oui this is not in Dr. M’s book.”

“Nope, I found my old costume from a Halloween party and added a few treats for you. And that’s all the French I know thanks to Google Translate.”

“I love you,” Craig said kissing her neck . . .

Carla whispered “Ditto.”


“Mrs. Carla Jones.”

Carla had her hand on the crowbar under her seat. “Craig you scared the shit out of me!”

Craig opened the door helping her get out of the old Chevy. “Follow me please,” he opened the door for her.

“What’s up Craig?” Carla asked as she buckled her seat belt.

“I need your help getting my BMW home; this is my new vehicle for business use. I’m red Howard is black, Allan’s silver, Marcus green and James gold. The ladies are all in blue cars. Carla, please close your mouth. Sorry more shock and awe.”


“What were you doing in town Carla?”

“Craig I found another secret closet today and asked Lucille for lunch and her advice. She just dropped me back at my car when you pulled up.”

“What’s in the closet Carla” Craig asked.

“Clothes, Craig a lot of clothes in hanging bags, hat and shoe boxes. All 15 feet of it in the bedroom that backs up to the attic.”

“Carla I wonder how come we didn’t find it earlier?”

“There’s a tall standing mirror in front of the door Craig. You wouldn’t know it was there unless you moved the mirror!”

“That huge tall oak mirror, you moved that!”

“Yep, I was careful” Carla replied.

“You know you’re not supposed to move things.” Craig glared at her shaking his
head. “I guess you’ll be busy for a while.”

“Yes I will.”

“Now we have to go get my car.”

Craig cleared his throat. “Actually you have officially been changed over on the insurance policy to drive the Beemer. Carla why haven’t you told me about the car issues you’ve been having?”

“Howard told you?”


“Don’t laugh too loud, I was trying to get my money’s worth out of the

“Well Howard will see if he can get you anything for it. Do we
need to clean out any valuables”

“Just some CD’s.”

“Ok have you got any dinner ready or should we just go back in to town.”

“Turn around, the maid didn’t show up today, she got lost in the attic;
so we’ll have to eat out Mr. Jones.”

“Carly strikes again, any time I’m stressed you come up with the wackiest things.”

“Maybe tomorrow I’ll help you find the maid.”

“Ok the cars all cleaned out, keys in the ashtray, got the plate off Craig?
Let’s roll I’m hungry for a steak!” Craig threw a red-jeweled C key chain
at her.


“Yours.” They headed to the Delta and dinner. “Carla I’m off work tomorrow, got any plans besides the attic?”

“Not yet, maybe a massage . . .”

Friend Who Knows

Have you ever opened a drawer in Grandma’s dresser, looked in a shoe box that’s not where the shoes are, what did  you find?

“Yes they do, I’ve tried on some of the lingerie already.”

“You knew Judith then Lucille?”

“Yes Carla I did. Oh she was the most elegant lady I have ever met, and gracious to a fault. I remember one time CA got hotter than a firecracker because she had given away some of his favorite shirts to the VA for the Viet Nam vets. Judith just said, “It could be Auggy in that hospital you old fool so shut up and write them a check for a grand.” Lucille chuckled.

Carla smiled shaking her head. “Sounds like something I would do. We found a lot of papers in the one bedroom, but I hadn’t come across anything like what you are talking about till today.”

“Lucille I need help going through all this, and truthfully I don’t trust some of the things Mrs. S says. I was thinking maybe I should sell some of these clothes to retro stores or start my own, resale shop. Can you help me?” Carla asked.

“Carla I would be delighted, and I know just the person to help you, Trudy Mullenhaus. She has a shop in Chicago and they’ll be here this weekend.”

“Lucille is there a possibility I could meet her?” Carla asked.

“Of course, just leave it to me my dear. Now show me what you found.” Two hours
later Lucille said, “Carla you need to try all of this on and put back what you want to keep before Trudy sees this.”

“Yes that’s what I thought,” Carla said. “Thanks for everything Lucille, see you later?” Carla said as Lucille got in her car, 3 hours later.

“Any time Carla.” Lucille pulled off.

Carla got in the Chevy as a big red Jeep Grand Cherokee pulled up
behind her blocking her in and she was mad. “Shit” she hit the steering
wheel as she noticed a man approaching.

Secret Closet

Ever get so excited you forgot what you were really talking about, watching someone you realize a certain connection with?

Carla thought to herself about how different Lucille was from Mrs. Smith. Lucille was warm and affectionate, always there to help her or answer any question she had. She is stylish for her age 50’s I guess, petite, shapely, and really pretty with that frosted short and windblown blonde hair. That husband of hers, I bet is a real character because Lucille glows when James looks at her. I hope I glow that way when Craig looks at
me . . .

“Carla,” Lucille said snapping her fingers, “Earth to Carla.”

“Oh I’m so sorry I was lost in my thoughts. Lucille, what did you say?”

“So how was yesterday, did you have fun?” Lucille asked.

“Words can’t describe it. It was so exhilarating. I thought it would be boring but it was
just the opposite.”

Michael served their salads and refilled their water, Carla asked “Michael
may we have two ice tea’s please?”

“Of course, right away Mrs. Jones” He replied and bowed. Carla smiled as he placed the glasses on the table thinking of how much he looked like Craig at that moment.

Carla paid the bill and walked out with Lucille to her car. “Where to
Carla” Lucille asked.

“Our place, please Lucille.”

“What is this about Carla?”

“Lucille, I found Judith Ann’s secret closet, when I was cleaning this morning.”

“Oh wow, her gowns and jewelry?”

“Yes, come on in,” the two headed up the stairs.
“All of her magazines, cards, postcards, scrapbooks, and photo albums” Lucille asked. “Judy never threw anything away there is a lot of history stored in this attic. Judy used to give us things for prizes; and clothing, shoes and hats for theatrical performances at school.” Lucille took a deep breathe. “I was the drama coach. Oh this is exciting
Carla. I bet these things fit you too don’t they, you’re about the same size!”

Private talk?

               Every get so excited about your secret that you forget how others are treated…

Carla grabbed her cell phone and scrolled to Lucille Awls number. “Lucille, Carla Jones, can you meet me for lunch at the Café, say 12:30?”

“Sure honey, see you then.”

“Thanks.” Carla showered and dressed in a long sweater and a pair of slacks. Carla went to the Chevy and prayed please start—she turned the key, nothing then she hit the steering wheel on the Chevy, prayed and it turned over, “Thank you.”

Carla pulled in the Awlsport Café parking lot 10 minutes later. Mrs. Smith was there holding the door open for her “Welcome Mrs. Jones, Craig behind you?”

“Actually Mrs. S he’s working. I’m meeting Lucille, is she here yet? Are
you ok, you’re looking a little tired Mrs. S.”

“I am fine Carla, just haven’t gotten out of here for my daily walk and nap.” Mrs. S said with a wink in her eye.

“Lucille’s right around the corner in the dining room. I’m betting you
want a salad Carla?” Mrs. S followed behind Carla with a water pitcher and
menu just in case.

“That’s correct, the spring mix salad with bleu cheese Mrs. S.” Carla ordered. “And you Lucille?”

“I’ll have the same as well Mrs. S. Thank you!”

Mrs. S. smiled saying “They’ll be coming right up.”

“Lucille, I’m amazed, that’s the shortest conversation I have ever had with Mrs. S.” Carla was intrigued.

“Carla, she doesn’t really like me that well. I’m not in your status.” Lucille replied.

“What status? Oh, I keep forgetting, news has spread about Craig and Howard right?”

“Yes. Now Carla what do you need to talk about, or should we just have lunch and go someplace private?” Lucille asked.

“Yes I think that’s what we should do,” Carla answered with a wink. “Great, I’ll drive.”

Mirror, Mirror on the wall …

Imagine in what you would find, being silly dusting the room as you always do, yet your hand discovers a crack in the wall, that goes from the floor up to the top of this tall mirror  … 

Carla carefully moved the big standing mirror to clean up the dust and noticed that there seemed to be a slight crack in the wood. She ran her hand along the crack, looking up she saw that there was a cut across the wood and realized it was too smooth for a crack.

No that looks like a door she thought, she pushed on one side of the section of wood as it opened.

“Ohmigod,” Carla exclaimed, putting both hands up to her mouth, there was a string coming from a light bulb in the ceiling, and she pulled it, looking all around the narrow length of the room. Carefully she pushed the dress bags apart and pushed on the wall where the faint light showed on the floor. She was now in the attic.

The room was only 4 feet wide but ran the whole length of the bedroom, a steel pole holding up the garment bags with a heavy wooded board above it with stacks of shoe and hat boxes.

Carla was so excited that tears started flowing down her cheeks as she used her hand to fan herself. She was energized, able to scoot the chest to the doorway cleaned it off and put WD40 on the lock, a smack with the rubber mallet and it opened the first time.

Carla held up the black negligee and then the red one talking to whoever was there to listen to her. “Oh these are in perfect shape and they feel like silk. Well, I guess I know where these will be hanging, better try them on. Craig’s going to love these.”

A few minutes later Carla was in the hall with the black one on. “They fit. I must be Judith Ann’s size.” The whole trunk was full of vintage lingerie in all colors of silk. The prettiest was a white set with big red roses on the robe and gown. “How appropriate” Carla said giggling. There were several pairs of slippers that Carla tried on, “They all fit,”
she exclaimed.

“What is this? It looks like cameos. I have never seen any this exquisite before. This one looks like its coral!”

Carla exclaimed then she turned around but no one was there, yet she felt as if someone had touched her shoulder; she shivered rubbing her arms she said “Judith are you in here with me?”

She went to the doorway as she said. “Craig, can you come up here please.” No reply, yet she felt a presence.



  What was your last exploration, sometimes you get in the car and just drive down a street you’ve never been on…. what do you see?  Old cemetery you wander through,  trees you have to stop and walk over to see its true beauty only to look up into the orange leaves, there is the biggest wasp nest ever right over your head.                 Needless to say I walked very fast back to my car after taking a photo. Now let’s see what Craig and Carla find? 


The group headed out at 10 Wednesday morning for their exploration. Tommy and Carla were in back with their cameras, Tommy showing her how the camera worked.

“Did you have anything special in your plans for today Carla?” Howard asked as Carla replied to him.

“I thought about cleaning and see what else we missed in the attic but, this sounds like more fun. I’ve never been in a helicopter before.”

They took photos of all the gas wells. Walking around Carla and Tommy kept the camera up taking photos of everything. Tommy showed Carla how to keep her finger on the shutter and make a video, flying low enough for the cameras to be shooting the whole trip.

Howard and Craig talked and walked over all the property. They continued the same
procedure over at the oil wells property.

While in the air, Carla and Tommy played with the zoom on the cameras, taking pictures of everything they flew over, especially the town and lake.

“Howard that roof looks bad.” Craig advised pointing down.

“Yes is the address or street visible to anyone?”

Howard asked as Tommy answered, “I got it Dad.”

Carla inquired, “Howard what’s that corner where the trees are? Across from the Café I don’t see anything there?”

Craig started to answer as Howard looked at him with his sinister grin and a wink, slowing shaking his head, before he answered her question. “Carla, it’s just 2 vacant lots
right now, we haven’t found out who it belongs to yet.”

“Thanks Howard. It would make a real nice little park.”

Craig noticed the smile Howard had now; I wonder what he’s up too. Craig tilted his
head as he looked at Howard. Craig jotted a note on his tablet, ‘HA can
I get an explanation on that’ and showed it to Howard, who just nodded
his head this time.

“Ok partner where to next,” Howard asked.

“Take a flight over my place Howard, all the land. I’d like to get a picture of it especially those jetties and the woods. Roger that Craig,”

“You two back there pictures left Tommy, Carla right.”

“Roger that.”

“There are a few buildings down there on my side Mr. Jones.” Tommy stated.

“Craig I have big tire tracks down on the north side” Carla said.

“I see that, maybe that was from all the construction, have to investigate that later” Craig replied.

“Barn next, I’m hungry Dad,” Tommy asked.

Howard replied to his son “Will all go get pizza after we land and get the chopper put to bed. Call the Corner and order us a meat lovers and a veggie Carla, it should be ready by the time we head that way.”