Craig Talks

Every guy has a buddy he talks with, usually a childhood friend that’s always been there for them…  it’s Craig’s turn to vent about Mark.

Craig and Allan sat at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. Allan said, “I heard about yesterday, how’s Carla, Craig?”

“Quiet Allan, very quiet, she has tossed and turned every night since the break in. Last night was real bad think our stopping in was on purpose. She needs Mary Kate.”

Allan touched Craig’s arm “And what about you my friend?”

Craig thought for a moment before he spoke, “Actually I am ok, it was freaky Allan. Mark had a real problem! Mark had pretty much destroyed our relationship in the past year as it was. He had stalked Carla for years . . . stole from us!”

“If it were not for his obsession and drinking, he would never have been caught or arrested; Blackie was just there to question him!” Craig looked up to the ceiling and back at Allan.

Craig stood up, looked out towards the lake, he saw Carla looking out also the he walked around the table as he explained. “Allan I really am surprised at my lack of emotion towards this. Mark changed, or did I, who knows?”

“All I know is now he is gone and I will never be able to ask him why he did this to Carla or me. I actually wonder what else he did behind my back. Now that really fucking bothers me.” Craig sat back down in the chair shaking his head.

Allan questioned him. “What do you mean Craig, did he give you reason to think that?”

Craig looked into Allan’s eyes. “Yes, he talked to himself and I heard him say ‘Damn I never had a chance at Carla’. I can’t help but wonder.”

“Craig you just remember that? If so that should be told to the police, could be evidence of his stalking” Allan ordered.

“You have a point there, but what good would it do now.” Craig commented. He felt
calmer now. “You know Allan 3 years ago I would have just laughed all this off and
saluted Mark with another Jack on the Rocks. The blonde sitting out on your porch changed all that. The truth may never be known as to who did in whom. I just wish it could have been anyone else but us to find them. Allan all I can say is that scene yesterday worked better than any cold shower ever did!”

Allan’s head tilted, “What Craig?”

“My bride was very playful yesterday, then the pictures showed up and I have to admit it’s doubtful for today.”

They both laughed as Allan touched the door and Mary Kate just waved her hand at him.

So Talk

     We all have that special friend that we can tell our secrets to and confess our true feelings knowing it won’t go anywhere…

They finally stopped at Allan’s in New Buffalo breaking the silence in the car. “How did you know how to get here Carla?” Craig asked.

“Your GPS system has it programmed in.”

Carla smiled at Craig as he replied, “Sure I forgot well let’s see if anyone is home.”

Allan opened the door as Duke, their golden retriever bounded out checking out the visitors. “Hello you two, what a welcome surprise. Come in please.”

Mary Kate took Carla out on the porch giving her a hug then said, “I know about yesterday Carla and I know you! So talk. Probably get rid of some anger, like we use to talk after a bad date night.”

Carla put her hands in her lap making a fist then she spoke. “Yes and I couldn’t say these things to Craig. He already knows about more than I ever wanted him to know because of Mark and his fucking camera! Oh I didn’t mean to say that, sorry Mary Kate.”

Mary Kate smiled, “Oh yes you did Carly, I know you so spill it.” Mary Kate urged her on. “Did Mark ever?”

“No never! Mary Kate, he would touch me a lot.” Carla was rubbing her arms and shaking them. “Yucky I need a shower every time I get this feeling . . . and obviously Mark stalked me, the pictures proved that. It was his obsession with everything about me. Why I have no fucking idea!”

“That is what has me really freaking out now. Craig actually came into my crazy life at the right time, when he was around Mark was set straight.”

Waving her arms around and pacing the room, Carla looked out at the lake and continued. “What does not make sense is how he got into my apartment.”

“What was Paula’s problem? Jealousy I suppose, because she would get snippy every time I got flowers, sometimes she’d almost throw them at me . . . She was so bi-polar I never knew how she was going to act when we were together, sisterly or bitch. I can’t help but think she knew about Mark’s obsession with me.”

Carla took a long deep breath “I never once encouraged him in any fucking way, he made my skin crawl, I just wanted to scream anytime he was touching me. I know now he was a sick man, but I can’t forgive him. Am I so bad for feeling like this Mary Kate?”

Carla sat on the floor next to Duke and cuddle up to him, as he licked her hand “Thanks for the puppy kisses Duke.”

She hugged the dog as Mary Kate said. “No Carla, you have every right to feel this way and I’m sure Vanessa will agree with that. Mark and Paula are gone now, it’s over”

Carla stopped, kneeled and crawled over to Mary Kate and took her hand speaking almost in a whisper. “Remember how protective Jake was, even AC would get mad when Mark was around.”

“Yes I do Carla, why is this coming up?” Mary Kate had a serious look on her face.

Carla whispered, “MK just between us, Jake called the other day, told me they were going to testify and that they will take care of this.”

Mary Kate squeezed Carla’s hand “Oh no Carla! Do not mention this to anyone ever again Carla please promise. I think Jake was just using a figure of speech, they are both above that.” Mary Kate patted her hand and held it tight, her mind racing in a theory she did not want to think about, she shook her head thinking; I left this part of my life behind

Stormy Tears

Events in our lives cause tears to flow from male and female, the unexplained that will never be answered…  Sadly we all know only to well, just think about all that has happened in our country in the past couple months, personal loss that tugs at the hearts of all even though we don’t know everyone involved. Yet we still feel heartache, grabbing tissues to wipe our eyes even though we’re miles away it touches all of us.

Saturday morning the thunderstorm woke them. The rain pounded the earth, and the lightning was relentless. Craig took the Hummer to get the paper. “Carla we have to go out in this to take the Hummer back to Howard and you’ll have to follow me in the BMW, are you hungry or should we just go now?”

“Just give me a few minutes to dress.”

“Morning Howard, Hummer drives really nice,” Craig said, placing the keys on the counter.

“Thanks Craig, want to come in for breakfast, just fixing up some for Tommy?” Howard asked as he saw Craig shake his head, “Not today, we don’t really have an appetite today, see you later.”

“I understand.”

Craig ran to the car. “Craig, I just want to drive,” Carla stated as he closed the door.

“You’re at the wheel, wherever you want to go. Need to talk I’m here.” Craig placed his arm on her shoulder and gave her a slight squeeze.

“Is Tommy ok?” Carla probed.

“Howard was fixing him breakfast so I’m assuming he’s ok. The connection for him was not like ours. You like Tommy Carla?” Craig asked touching her arm as he thought about his own nightmare and the friend he loss yesterday, fighting back the tears that were in his eyes.

Carla pointed to the tissue box as she said, “Yes Craig, he reminds me of Charlie.” She too was fighting back the tears as she drove trying to escape yesterday.

“This incident, brought you a night mare last night, you tossed a little.” Craig said handing her a tissue.

“Craig I’m not surprised, you did too. Monday I’ll call Vanessa and make an appointment, think that will help.” Carla made herself a mental note, focused on the road to get her mind off the sorrow she felt, glancing over to see Craig dab the tears in his eyes with a tissue.

Jake called

“Oh” Carla sniffled and wiped a tear away.

“Yes Craig we’re ok. With everything that’s been going on I forgot to tell you something Craig. I need a hug please.” Craig squeezed her tight and wouldn’t let go.

Carla continued, “The other day I had a phone call from Jake Covertry. He wanted to make sure I was happy and to tell me that he would be there as well as AC to testify.”

Craig lessened his hold and put his arm around her. “Was the call good for you to finalize things with him?”

“Yes we parted as friends the first time and I usually hear from him at least once a year. In fact, Howard’s towing away the Chevy finalized everything. He gave me that car to start my first job. It was used. So you don’t have to worry about Jake or any feelings I still have for him. I’m yours and only yours.”

Craig kissed her cheek and pulled her close. “Let’s hit the sack. I’m wasted.” Craig explained.

Carla said, “Mr. Jones, I didn’t take the red sheets off.”

“That’s ok I just want to hold you all night anyway, we can use them again. Actually I miss those black ones, they were comfy.”


“Carla, you ok look a little pale?” Craig commented as they drove home.

“Yes, and I want a long hot shower. This feeling is worse than the cooties.” Carla said as she held onto Craig’s hand.

“I’m in total agreement with you there, right behind you.” He locked the door and
headed up the stairs holding her hand.

They stood in the shower for a long time. Holding each other tight, he heard her sobbing. Both sat quietly looking out at the lake through the big window upstairs, Carla still holding his hand said, “We should eat.”

Carla nodded her head “I know, ok one of your sweet tooth specials.”

“Come with me, Carly” Craig took her hand walking down the stairs
to the kitchen. Craig fixed them his special sandwich “Here you go one
chunky sandwich and glass of milk special just for Carly. Want to talk?”

He asked as Carla shrugged her shoulders. “Just thinking how beautiful this lake is, and how our life together, seems so wonderful and perfect. Then something like today  happens to bring us back into reality.” Craig said putting his arm around Carla’s shoulder.

She turned and looked in his eyes asking. “What happened to the couple we knew Craig?”

“That is a question neither of us can answer Carla. I’m not even sure Blackie can answer that, only God knows the truth. I’m just glad we’re Wok.”

Body Found

“Howard just you and me please” Craig asked, “Ok Craig.”

“It is the Smith’s.” Howard had switched the dial to include for Craig and Carla
“Carla, it’s the Smith’s. I need you to stay in here with Tommy, please. Are you ok Carla?”

“Roger, yes I’m ok Howard.” Once on the ground Carla and Tommy stayed in the chopper and held hands. They took off their helmets as Howard walked over to Craig and the police.

“Their dead aren’t they Mrs. Jones?”

“Yes Tommy it’s bad. Your Dad wants us to stay right here. Do you want to talk.”

“No I’m ok just don’t like being the one to find it,” Tommy said holding his head down, Carla squeezed his hand and said.

“We both did, but truthfully, the camera’s lens found them, we just kept hitting the button as we were told to do Tommy.”

“Mrs. Jones, that’s Mr. Riddle’s coming this way.” Tommy announced
pointing to Blackie approaching them.

“Mrs. Jones, Tommy, we need your Memory cards please.”

“Of course Detective,” they handed the memory cards to Detective Black.

“Mrs. Jones I’ll be in touch.”

“Thank you Detective Black.”

After a few minutes, Craig and Howard were back in the chopper. “Buckle up helmet and headset on. We’re out of here everyone.”

It was a silent trip back, until Tommy spoke. “I need to eat something Dad, my
stomach is upset.”

“Roger, we’re home.” Carla finally let go of Tommy’s hand.

Craig helped Carla out of the chopper “Ok Honey?”

She nodded her head and mumbled, “Yes, a little sad, upset but I’m ok.”

“See you guys tomorrow, go home and continue what I interrupted. Craig, take the
Hummer home.”

Howard threw the keys to Craig. “Later.”

Bad Feeling

“Can I go? Need a camera man?” Carla asked.

Howard immediately answered “Sure, it’s cool out so grab a jacket and let’s roll!
We’re flying guys. That’s going to be much easier to see by air.”

Howard dialed home. “Tommy warm up the chopper and grab your camera. We
found something I need you with a clean disk and grab one for Craig as well ETA 10 minutes.”

“Yes sir.”

“Everyone ready, buckled in, headset on?” Howard quizzed, getting three
replies of “Roger,” he said “Here we go.”

Howard made some changes to the dial and said, “Tommy, Carla” no response, “Craig.”

“Good it’s only you and me, Craig, listen I have a bad feeling.”

“Me too I recognize that car Howard.”

“Do you have Betsy?”

“Yes I’m putting you on the ground, get close enough to call in that plate to Blackie. I’m lifting back up for pictures to keep Carla and Tommy away from the car till we know.”

“Understood, I’m ready.” Craig confirmed instructions.

“Head down Craig, till you’re clear of the blades, go.” Craig jumped out and started to
run over to the car, opening his phone and calling Blackie.

“You two start taking photos, wide angle and zoom of the tire tracks, car, everything around the area here.” Howard took the chopper back up.

“Dad there’s a body lying just inside the woods due east, at 3 o’clock from Mr. Jones.”

“Craig, 3 o’clock east straight ahead, body.”


“Yes Craig”

“Plate is verified, never showed up for court, forensics, and police en-route.”

“Is the body Mrs.?”

“Yes, Howard, I can’t look any more.”

“Flag us down out in the field away from the evidence Craig, I see the police coming up to 500 S headed to the entrance road.”