Secret Treasures Of Blackston Lake

Well, let’s see how this page works.  So far so good.

Another lightning strike plunged the house into darkness, all you could see was the intense lightning, and Craig was awake now and looked at the clock. “No power.” Carla was shaking, burrowing further under the covers. “Honey, we’re ok. What’s the matter, are you afraid?” Craig placed his arms around her. “Yes!” Something hit the wall and you could hear the crunch. “OK, we’ll go down to the cellar.”

They grabbed their phones and flashlights making their way to the steps Craig put his arm out to stop her. “That wasn’t outside” he whispered. “Don’t move Carla.” Craig was back in a flash with his gun, “If I say freeze, honey get down. We’re not alone.”

He pulled Carla behind him as they headed out on the landing. Carla could hear the slide of the clip going into the chamber of his Glock as Craig slumped down on his haunches, “Oh shit! Lay down flat,” he whispered.

Carla texted HELP to Howard; he was on her speed dial, while hiding the phones light with her long hair Carla kept hitting the call button and send.

Craig carefully directed his flashlight on the floor with his finger on the trigger calling out “FREEZE, down on your face now” Craig commanded. Carefully he walked down a few more stairs. He could not see the person but he could hear them breathing, “Don’t move a muscle or you’ll be dead!”

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