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Wake Up

Trusting that your body will wake you up at the normal time, you forgo setting the alarm cause it was the weekend…

Amy and Blackie arrived Saturday morning at 8 AM for the craft show to find the house quiet. They had to ring the doorbell several times. Craig came down the steps first. “Good morning come on in, sorry we overslept.”

“That’s ok, I’ll start the coffee pot, Craig,” Amy said.

Blackie went out the door saying, “I’ll get your papers. Take your time.”

“Looks like you two have been busy since I was here. You have wrought iron fencing and the whole back yard looks different Craig,” Amy said.

“Yes, a little project turned into a major one, some of this was done before you were her last, I think.”

Carla came down the steps a little less spry than normal “Good morning,” Carla said. Amy poured a big mug of coffee for everyone.

Craig started to tell Amy about the changes. “Billy, Mary, Tommy, Tim, Mary’s Dad, and Howard helped Carla and I finish our jar harvesting, turned out to be more treasure in the flower bed, which had to be moved in order to get the garage built.” Craig said
rubbing his biceps.

“Howard had to lift those angel statues.”

“You would have had to see it to believe it.” Carla said as she started to laugh. “Hope no one had a video camera on us.”

“Sledge hammers going at angels and stepping stones. “We’ll be right back guys,” Craig said as they went up to change.

The foursome headed out for the craft show, chatting as they drove about all the latest news and gossip since they were together last. Parking the car, they started to walk over to the show stopping in front of the restaurant. “Ok, everyone got their phones on, we’ll meet back here at 1,” Blackie said.

“Let the shopping begin,” Amy said taking Carla’s hand. “This looks
like a real fun day.”

Carla winked at her friend. “Remind me that this is a play day Amy,” Carla said smiling.

“Carla, I can do that. You two have really had a busy and rather rough time since you got married. You my dear are one tough cookie. You’d make a good cop, too.” Amy said

“Oh really, Amy I’ve gone through more tissues in a month than I did all year. Yes, what a challenge it has been! I still am having some nightmares over it. With Craig’s help, I am getting over the rough spots. Ooh scarves,” Carla exclaimed pulling Amy into the booth.

The men headed out to the building and equipment area of the show. “So Craig, what caused all the extra construction and fencing, the invasion?”

Secret Treasurs book cover  412796_XLSometimes our lives get all tangled up, a twisted mess and we try to explain what’s happened only to have it backfire or not… 

Well as the say goes, shit happens, for better or worse. But how did this go from emeralds to ducks?

Blackie cleared his throat, “Now I have some other news. Mr. Willson was the head of the ring; fencing the coins as they came to him. He paid kids to check out places where he made appointments. Juan Lopez told us he sat on your deck one night and saw Craig pouring out cans of coins and that Carla was sitting at a computer with bills in front of her.”

Carla shivered “We didn’t see him, the blinds were pulled shut, right Craig?”

“Yes, unless he was sitting at an angle to see in,” Craig stated then stopped. “Carla remember when I stopped by that morning for breakfast, the duck call thing. You didn’t see me sitting right there till you opened the blinds all the way, but I saw you walk by,” he said and started to make a fist again.

Carla grabbed his fist and held it tight. “Carla I am so sorry, I put us at risk.”

“No one got hurt Craig, no harm no foul,” she laughed remembering that morning.

“Oh hush Carla. Blackie so what about the Coin Head Ring,” then Craig started to laugh. “Can’t compete with this story line,” Samuel said, “Please Blackie do tell. I can’t wait to hear about this duck story.”

Blackie was trying to keep a straight face. “They all confessed and you’re coins are here in my pocket. Your bank has received an all clear from us. We got Mr. Willson before he could get out of your apartment complex Carla; had him under surveillance for weeks. We knew he would be there, since his phone was tapped.”

Craig jumped up and took off up the stairs. Carla just sat there with her mouth open. “What the heck” then she heard it. Samuel and Blackie heard it too and realized what he must be doing. “Oh boy, we are going to hear the newest duck story. Samuel, you think this is like the duck hunting trip we took 5 years ago?”

Craig told the story fast. It was not as funny as the other hunting story that happened. That’s a good fireside story for Carla later tonight he thought.

Craig pulled Blackie aside. “What’s the latest on the other?”

“Later Craig now’s not the right time, too many ears.” Blackie said as he waved to Carla. “Night all” Blackie and Samuel left. Craig turned around and said, “Well that was short.”

Carla said “Well do I get to hear the other duck story?”

Craig smiled and put his arm around Carla’s shoulder, “Actually yes, I was in charge of waving this big black triangle piece of fabric. It was supposed to resembled, a duck or goose. I was sitting in a duck blind, with reeds and grass all around me. Howard yelled to lie down. That’s when I saw all the geese around me, and I was trapped till Howard shot off a few rounds and the geese flew away.”

Carla smiled and asked, “So did you get a bird Craig?”

“No my dear had to bring home KFC!” Carla giggled, “Guess you had to have been there.”

“Yes Carla, it’s not as funny as our story. Craig pulled her close into him with a hug “I like the outcome of our story better it was much more satisfying and better eating!”

“Whoa!” Carla turned beet red and fanned herself. “Sure glad you didn’t say that when we had company.”

Who was I married to?

     Family relationships, can be a tangled mess, especially in a small town … People aren’t always who they say they are.

Craig has found out, who his first wife is … Aileen Bergen, Amanda Reanold, and Aileen Fletcher, plus now she is his ex-wife Aileen Jones, all the same person. Some how his father is involved but how?

Craig scratched his head and finally spoke. “Some things she wore all the time and others for special occasions. The best way would be to look in all the photo albums, could take a while. Blackie, how does my father fit into this?”

“Craig this is just speculation he must have seen Aileen with the ring on her hand and confronted her about it.” Carla cleared her throat stopping Blackie’s explanation, “Oh sorry, continue Blackie,” she went for a glass of water as Blackie continued.

“There was a notation on her rap sheet. Aileen was arrested and charged with theft of an emerald ring the charges were dropped. It was filed by Craig A. Jones II being stolen from this address #1 East Lake Road, Awlsport one year before you and Aileen married.”

“No wonder he wouldn’t help me financially or come to our home. Dad was right. Is the ring coming back for Carla?” Craig stopped himself, “No I don’t want her to have that tainted ring!” A growl came out of Craig’s mouth as he slammed his fist down.

“Craig,” Carla grabbed his hand before he could move it again. “Don’t worry; I’ll de-cootie the emerald ring. Then you can just buy a new one that will be for our grandchildren. Can you imagine their little eyes when you tell the story,” Carla started to giggle and had to get up for the coffee pot, jotting down the names Aileen used that Blackie had mentioned.

“Craig, you know Carla’s got something there, with all the jewelry your Grandmother had I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. You know, we do not know where that ring came from anyway. You said you never found a receipt for the purchase; and our Grandfathers did barter a lot,” Blackie commented.

“In fact I bet Mrs. Smith could tell you where and when your grandmother got that emerald,” Carla said. “Aunt Agie’s a real sharp cookie,” Blackie said. “Blackie who is Aunt Agie” Carla asked. “My aunt is Mrs. Smith, Agatha May Riddle she married Tim’s Uncle Frank.”

Carla started to laugh. “This whole town is related, must be something in the water,” it became contagious as everyone was laughing.

“Now that all the laughter is over with; yes Carla, there are a lot of cousins here in Awlsport. That would be an interesting family tree to investigate, but I’m not so sure you would want all that  information released,” Blackie said. Carla tilted her head on that statement and just said “Oh” thinking to herself, I wonder who he’s talking about or what he meant!

Secrets  Cove left side Book option 7.15.2012   196 (2)                                     There are times when you don’t want to answer that unknown phone number, is this the call I’ve been waiting for or more bad news.   Friday’s call was bad news … but then you run into a good friend and hope springs forward again.  Its time to go back to Blackston Lake and see why the police just pulled up the drive…  Is this good news or bad.

Blackie and Samuel pulled into the driveway around 7 PM as dinner was finishing up. “Coffee anyone,” Carla asked as she greeted the men. Blackie looked at Craig, “Better make a pot Carla. Its business, thanks.”

“Hope the kitchen table is ok.” Craig asked clearing off the dishes and pulling out the coffee mugs. “I have no secrets from my bride.”

“Wonderful, by the way Craig everything officially now has Carla’s name on it.” Samuel smiled at Carla and Craig. “As for the ring situation Blackie will be going over that with you two. Please sit Carla.”

Carla was wondering what Samuel was doing there, then she remembered he was involved in the Coin Ring incident.

Craig looked at the others, “Is this good news or bad Blackie? I thought you said it was going to take a couple more days.” Blackie said, “It could have but Aileen was not who we all thought she was. Actually the disagreements were going on with your father and Aileen because, he found out who she really was.”

Craig looked at Blackie “What are you saying Blackie? Who or should I be asking you was Aileen?” Blackie went into Police mode “Amber Reanold aka, Alice Bergen aka, Aileen Fletcher is the woman you married Craig. Craig she’s the daughter of a con artist from Chicago; hence her reluctance to go there.”

Carla’s mouth dropped open as she heard this, she immediately straightened up, and closing her mouth listening intently to what Blackie had to say.

Craig said, “I remember, she said she was ill so I went alone. How does my father fit into all this, and is she the one who took the ring Blackie?”

Blackie sat up and started to explain what the Police had found. “Aileen had her finger prints all over the chest; she must have tried to move it and was spooked. Especially those drawers with the two empty ring Indentations, the emerald, and a larger oval ring print in the opal drawer. Craig how well do you remember your Grandmothers jewelry?”

Blackie’s Dilemma

You’ve already talked with a co worker, but it wasn’t enough…

Who do you go to when you are facing a rough situation revolving around a friend?

Blackie closed the office door, he turned around to his friend, the Chief “Carl this is one case I wish you had and not me.”

“I know Blackie, I know only too well, I was in your shoes on a case years ago just like this it was my screwed up cousin it really sucks. We’ll go out for a coffee and talk, just say the word” Chief Carl Wakesky patted Blackie on the back.

“You got a date Chief, you’re friendship is always appreciated can we go right now?”

“Yes, if that’s what you need let’s take an early lunch Blackie you drive.”

“I really need to talk this one out!”

The Chief and Detective grabbed their coats “We’re out of contact for an hour unless emergency

Samuels, you’re in charge.”


Detective Black

   How would you feel? You have to dig deep into a friends life, after seeing another friends secrets revealed… 

What a position Detective Black is in, follow his actions as the lead on Carla’s stalking case.

Inside the Centerville Police Department, Detective Black and Officer Samuels were putting all the pieces together with the evidence they had acquired from Mark Smith’s car and his stalking of Carla Sharp Jones.

“Guys this is one case I really don’t relish being lead on.” Detective Black remarked. “But the Chief said that you were the only one to lock the door on this, what’s the problem?” Sam asked as he waited for Blackie to reply. “I know the perpetrator personally, never thought I was going to have to arrest him!”

“Blackie, so you know the Joneses as well as this Mark Smith, gosh no wonder you’ve been looking at this case so hard, this sucks!” “Yes Sam it really does. Pull credit card receipts on him and bank statements for the past five years, see if we can place him at the Grill a lot, especially late at night on the weekends. Any word from forensics’ on the car, house, or photos,” Blackie asked.

“Oh Samuels, come here, I need to ask you a question” Blackie asked his friend “Does Mrs. Jones look familiar to you? She thinks you may have come to her rescue or are acquaintances from around the Grill area of Centerville.”

Sam sat and thought before he answered. “Well I must admit she does look familiar, did she live in the apartments over by the Grill the Oakhill on Inland. There were several calls from a single blonde hair lady that lived on the second floor. Early morning calls like 3 or 4 am. Some drunk knocking on her door tall skinny dude a couple times, other times it was a guy who lived next door why Blackie?”

“Thought she recognized you that’s all. Tall skinny dude, look like this guy?” Blackie laid down the picture of Mark Smith in front of Sam.  “Possibly, is this Mark Smith Blackie” Sam asked. “Yep.”

“Black my office please,” Chief Wakesky asked. “Yes Chief.” “I just received a call from Chicago, Jake Covertry and Adam Covertry, have both offered their testimony in this case. Please tell me how you managed to bring Jake Covertry on this?”

Blackie took a deep breath and smiled at Chief Wakesky “He’s was identified by the victim in some of the photos from the car. Seems Jake and AC both have had many confrontations with Mark Smith about harassing Mrs. Jones.”

“Well ok then we can’t blow this one with the Great Jake Covertry willing to testify. Gather everyone you need and don’t leave anything in that house that could blow this Blackie, got it?” “Yes Chief we’re heading out tomorrow morning I have just received the warrants.”


Secrets  Cove left side Book option 7.15.2012   196 (2)I’ve introduced you to the four major male characters that we have in the Blackston Lake Saga last week. The welcome home pajama party is now over, Allan and Marcus are headed back up to Lake Michigan with their ladies, leaving Craig and Howard to talk…      

Carla has confirmed that the occupants of the boat look likes Mark and  Paula Smith, the couple that stood up for them when they went to Vegas. That is the very same Mark that was hurt breaking into his home for some Jack Daniels the night they returned from their honeymoon.

Howard and Craig headed into the library. “Craig, come with me. Let’s see if this security system worked like it was supposed to.” “There, your system has captured them, push this button and you have a print out and your proof.”

“Howard I have questions,” Craig said. “I know. We’ll talk later ok Craig?” “Sure Howard, but, Mark’s car is still on my property right?” Craig asked.

“Yes, Craig why” Howard asked. “Howard if we wore gloves could we check to see if there’s anything in the car to prove he broke in here.”  Howard gave Craig a very serious look “Craig what’s wrong, there’s something bugging you?”

“Carla made a statement when we talked the other day and she’s been tossing a lot since the break in. She was talking in her sleep too ‘leave me alone Mark’ that was Friday about 4 AM and Carla never hit the hooch until later in the afternoon, not at 9 AM. I’m wondering if he was in here and fell trying to leave that morning and that’s why Tim couldn’t find him!” Craig lowered his head and bit his lip.

“Damn Craig, you’re really dead serious aren’t you!” “Yes, Howard.” Howard dialed his phone. “Blackie, I need an accident car gone through, over here at Craig Jones place.”

“Howard, are you talking about Mark Smith’s car?” “Yes, it’s not been removed yet. Blackie it could be used as evidence of a break in.”

“Howard put Craig on the phone please.” “Blackie wants to talk to you Craig.” Howard handed Craig his phone.

“Hello Craig, in your own words what is causing your suspicions?” Craig told Blackie the same thing he had just told Howard. “Ok Craig, has he bothered you since?”

“Yes Blackie, the new security system shows them this morning sitting at the cove entrance. Allan Sullivan, Marcus Orlofsky, Howard Awls, Carla Jones, and I witnessed it today. Carla verified it with the binoculars from our room.” “Ok we’ll get up there this afternoon Craig,” Blackie hung up.

“Craig I’m taking Nichole home and I’ll be back as soon as I can. Better let Carla know that Blackie is coming about the car. We’ll tell her your suspicions when I get back ok?” Craig said, “Sure Howard thanks!”

“Carla Blackie and the police unit are coming to check out Mark’s car this afternoon, there’s something about this whole Mark thing that’s bugging you and now me.” Craig told Carla, “Ok Craig let me know what I need to do.