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Table Talk

Dining with friends  you wonder if you should soak in all you hear, times you don’t know if you should reply or not.  Then part of the conversation sinks deep into your mind causing a smile, your mind navigates what this business talk is about. Friend and business partners talking about the value of your knowledge and ideas …

“Today’s special is stew and you can’t get it this good anyplace, don’t know what or who cooks this but it’s the best I’ve ever had, better than mine.” Craig dialed Carla “We’re bringing supper, set the table for 3.”

“Howard is this talk going to be a mind blower for Carla,” he asked.

“Not really, just some clarification for her as to how this is going to influence your lives Craig,” Howard said.

“Oh, so we need wine too?” Craig pointed to the liquor store.

“That probably would help, get a big bottle Craig, Bordeaux works perfect with
the stew.” Howard said nodding his head as he pulled in the lot.

Carla had put out placemats and set the utensils and glasses out, not knowing what Craig was bringing she just set plates down. She went back to watching one of the Thin Man movies on TCM. Thinking to herself, I really should find something to be doing besides sitting here watching a movie.Howard hit the horn as he pulled up to the door; she jumped and said, “Be still my heart,” she said opening the door.

“Howard you scared the crap out of me” Carla said as she went to pick up the throw that fell to the floor when she jumped up.

“Ah, caught you napping Mrs. Jones,” Craig inquired.

“No I was watching William Powell in the Thin Man till you scared me with that horn. Now I don’t know, who done it!” Carla took the remote and switched the TV off, “So what’s for supper?”

“Beef stew, salad, fresh baked bread and Bordeaux. Carla Awlsport Café makes the best stew, let’s eat shall we?” Howard stated.

“Well then I better get some bowls for the stew,” Carla said grabbing the bowls and
soupspoons. The dinner conversation was about Howard explaining all the new things
to be in the life of Craig and Carla for the next hour . . .

Howard finished his train of thought “So to put all this in a nutshell for you two Craig you and Carla are just as important as CA and Judith were all those years ago. After a few more weeks, you will understand all of the material in that binder. We’ll all sit down with James at that time.”

“Then what happens, Howard?” Carla asked sipping her wine.

Howard looked over at Craig and Carla and said “The Mayor, otherwise known to me as Dad and you two as James, will tell us all what we have to do next. I’m not sure but, I understand that he has plans for Awlsport and Blackston Lake that he hasn’t spoken about yet to anyone.”

That night Carla had to pull Craig away from his desk, which he went to after Howard left.

Craig kept putting his thoughts down about the resort and golf course; something told him this was part of what Howard had eluded to over dinner. It was an idea that would not leave his mind.

“Craig it’s almost 11, come on up to bed. The papers will wait, like Howard and James both said they have been waiting for years.

“You’re right Honey.”


Legal family documents hidden deep in a safe… Hum, a form of protection from others greed, might be how so many keep their secrets?

Craig grabbed his phone and dialed Carla. “No problem.”

Carla answered, “Yes sir.”

“Carla we’re going to need lunch around 1.”

“No problem.” Carla quipped.

“Let’s get started!” Craig said to Howard. “That only took an hour. Done, I’ve signed all the documents. Thanks for the loan of the pen. I may need to buy you a refill for this pen in fact I like this pen.” Craig said admiring the pen as he handed it back.

“Howard, my Father was not the slouch I thought he was. Aileen could not have taken this in the divorce. Do you think she knew and that’s why Samuel was,” Craig’s anger stopped his words.

“So devastated Craig?” Howard asked looking at Craig. “Yes, and the devious actions that he took,” Craig shook his head, “He pulled Mark into his scam!”

“That’s all over and done with Craig. There was no chance of them even knowing about this. AJ Incorporated has always been privately held, paid our taxes and our Dad’s attorney’s father Mr. Bradley Willsmith, was the only one who knew the papers were transferred into your name, and he passed away the year your father did Craig.”

“Should I call Mr. Vanderbilt about this or do you think this should stay with Mr. Willsmith Sr., Howard?” Craig asked as he grabbed the binder and pointed to the safe, “Should I lock it up now or do we still need it out Howard?” He asked.

Howard said, “Yes put it in the safe, that’s your copy. I’ll check with Dad but I’m thinking, first you need to find out more about your Awlsport connection before you get Mr. Vanderbilt involved in this.”

Howard looked at the clock as his phone rang. “Yes Tommy, Ok its 1 now, so you be home by 4.”

“Carla we’re ready for lunch,” Craig said opening the library doors.

“I’ll be right out, just want to check this message from Dad.”

“Craig, Dad has all the other papers ready. Oh he said after we finalize this it might be good to bring in your attorney. Hi Carla, yum your chicken salad, thanks.” Howard said smiling at her as she asked, “You two need water!” Placing down the glasses of water, Carla left them to their privacy.

“Let’s take a town run and pick up those papers. I’d like to really get a good look at this town!”

Banking Talk

“Now back to business Mrs. Jones, focus here ok?” Craig said pointing to his computer screen. “Yes Mr. Jones, I’m ready to learn.”

“Carpenter Bank & Trust: Money Market, Certificates of Deposit, Checking, Visa, Safe Deposit Box. I pay the bills with this account here in Bill Pay.” Craig opened the account up on-line. Where she could see all the balances of each as he checked the item, moving to each one after Carla acknowledged she understood.

“Ok, this is our joint account, so this where all the bills come into, because I haven’t seen any in the mail?” She asked looking to Craig for an answer.

“Yes I’m all electronic for bills. Hate the taste of stamps and filing papers don’t need to with Bill Pay.”

“Any questions, Carla?”

“Just one Craig this is the account I draw from for cash and when I use the ATM card? Cause I haven’t been putting it down anywhere.” Carla shrunk down in her chair, her teeth showing tightly together and made a face that said oh I am in so much trouble.

“That’s ok: I’ve got it all right here on the computer, just be sure to ask if it’s going to be a really large amount. Actually, I think you can’t get more than 500 a day with that card. I doubt you’d be using it for that amount anyway, right? Of course this has to be used at Costco or the AE card.”

“Yes Craig, I’m sorry I’ll remember to place the receipts on your desk so you can record them in the ledger, Carla kissed his cheek, move on Craig.”

Craig smiled and continued. “Centerville Savings Bank: Checking, Savings, CD’s, and Master Card.” “Ok this isn’t your main account and it’s not a joint account?”

“I know we need to change this one, next time we go to Centerville. I think we should go to the Grill and take care of this.”

“I agree move on,” Carla said.