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Bad Feeling

“Can I go? Need a camera man?” Carla asked.

Howard immediately answered “Sure, it’s cool out so grab a jacket and let’s roll!
We’re flying guys. That’s going to be much easier to see by air.”

Howard dialed home. “Tommy warm up the chopper and grab your camera. We
found something I need you with a clean disk and grab one for Craig as well ETA 10 minutes.”

“Yes sir.”

“Everyone ready, buckled in, headset on?” Howard quizzed, getting three
replies of “Roger,” he said “Here we go.”

Howard made some changes to the dial and said, “Tommy, Carla” no response, “Craig.”

“Good it’s only you and me, Craig, listen I have a bad feeling.”

“Me too I recognize that car Howard.”

“Do you have Betsy?”

“Yes I’m putting you on the ground, get close enough to call in that plate to Blackie. I’m lifting back up for pictures to keep Carla and Tommy away from the car till we know.”

“Understood, I’m ready.” Craig confirmed instructions.

“Head down Craig, till you’re clear of the blades, go.” Craig jumped out and started to
run over to the car, opening his phone and calling Blackie.

“You two start taking photos, wide angle and zoom of the tire tracks, car, everything around the area here.” Howard took the chopper back up.

“Dad there’s a body lying just inside the woods due east, at 3 o’clock from Mr. Jones.”

“Craig, 3 o’clock east straight ahead, body.”


“Yes Craig”

“Plate is verified, never showed up for court, forensics, and police en-route.”

“Is the body Mrs.?”

“Yes, Howard, I can’t look any more.”

“Flag us down out in the field away from the evidence Craig, I see the police coming up to 500 S headed to the entrance road.”


  What was your last exploration, sometimes you get in the car and just drive down a street you’ve never been on…. what do you see?  Old cemetery you wander through,  trees you have to stop and walk over to see its true beauty only to look up into the orange leaves, there is the biggest wasp nest ever right over your head.                 Needless to say I walked very fast back to my car after taking a photo. Now let’s see what Craig and Carla find? 


The group headed out at 10 Wednesday morning for their exploration. Tommy and Carla were in back with their cameras, Tommy showing her how the camera worked.

“Did you have anything special in your plans for today Carla?” Howard asked as Carla replied to him.

“I thought about cleaning and see what else we missed in the attic but, this sounds like more fun. I’ve never been in a helicopter before.”

They took photos of all the gas wells. Walking around Carla and Tommy kept the camera up taking photos of everything. Tommy showed Carla how to keep her finger on the shutter and make a video, flying low enough for the cameras to be shooting the whole trip.

Howard and Craig talked and walked over all the property. They continued the same
procedure over at the oil wells property.

While in the air, Carla and Tommy played with the zoom on the cameras, taking pictures of everything they flew over, especially the town and lake.

“Howard that roof looks bad.” Craig advised pointing down.

“Yes is the address or street visible to anyone?”

Howard asked as Tommy answered, “I got it Dad.”

Carla inquired, “Howard what’s that corner where the trees are? Across from the Café I don’t see anything there?”

Craig started to answer as Howard looked at him with his sinister grin and a wink, slowing shaking his head, before he answered her question. “Carla, it’s just 2 vacant lots
right now, we haven’t found out who it belongs to yet.”

“Thanks Howard. It would make a real nice little park.”

Craig noticed the smile Howard had now; I wonder what he’s up too. Craig tilted his
head as he looked at Howard. Craig jotted a note on his tablet, ‘HA can
I get an explanation on that’ and showed it to Howard, who just nodded
his head this time.

“Ok partner where to next,” Howard asked.

“Take a flight over my place Howard, all the land. I’d like to get a picture of it especially those jetties and the woods. Roger that Craig,”

“You two back there pictures left Tommy, Carla right.”

“Roger that.”

“There are a few buildings down there on my side Mr. Jones.” Tommy stated.

“Craig I have big tire tracks down on the north side” Carla said.

“I see that, maybe that was from all the construction, have to investigate that later” Craig replied.

“Barn next, I’m hungry Dad,” Tommy asked.

Howard replied to his son “Will all go get pizza after we land and get the chopper put to bed. Call the Corner and order us a meat lovers and a veggie Carla, it should be ready by the time we head that way.”


Arresting Development

Boy someone wasn’t using their brain cells this morning…


“Attempted assault of a police officer Paula Smith is a serious offense.” Officer Samuels read Paula the Miranda Law “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand these rights I have just read to you?” Officer Samuels waited to hear Paula say “Yes” with her head down and tears rolling down her cheek.

“Mark Smith bribery of a police officer, failing to report an accident, and stalking are all the charges already made against you.” Detective Black read the Miranda Law to Mark  …  Do you understand these rights I have just read to you?” Mark hung his head as he said “Yes.”

Detective Black turned to the forensics team and other officers “Bring in all electronics and disks, memory and photos. And Sam, all of Mrs. Smith’s as well, jewelry, clothing anything unusual!” “Yes Detective. Check the vehicles as well. Dust everything, even strange clothing no stone unturned orders from the Chief.”

“Detective Black, you said strange jewelry, clothing, and electronics?”  “Yes. Sam, anything old vintage silks 20’s and 30’s styles etc.” “Oh yeah I got it.”

Mark and Paula were processed and fingerprinted, locked up for bribery, failure to report an accident and leaving the scene, and assault for the present time until all the other evidence was processed.

“Black my office please” Blackie made a straight line into the Chiefs office.

“Yes sir,” Blackie was waiting to see what Chief Wakesky wanted. “Black, all went well on the arrest of Mark Smith?” “Not as well as planned the wife Paula Smith showed her bad side and tried to use her frying pan on my head.”

Blackie said as he sat down across from his Chief, “Ouch, so that explains why she has been processed and booked.

“What have they found in the house so far?”



         Ever have one of those days when you said a word and realized to late how stupid that statement was…

Tuesday morning the Centerville Police Department rolled out of the lot with Detective Black’s car in the lead followed by two other squad cars plus a forensic van, destination was the residence of Mark Smith.

A couple of hard knocks on the door brought Mark out of his fixation of the movie on TV he opened the door as Blackie switched on his recording device. “Mark Smith, my I come in.” Blackie smelled the Jack Daniels on Mark’s breath and made a mental note of the time on his recorder. “Sure Blackie, what brings you around at 8 AM, get lost?”

“Mark Smith I am Detective Black here on official business for the Centerville Police Department. Have you been drinking already this morning Mr. Smith?” No reply, was received so Detective Black continued, “You failed to report an automobile accident on private property.” Detective Black just waited to see what he would say.

After several minutes and no explanation Detective Black continued “Craig Jones is pressing changes for damages to his property at #1 East Lake Road where you hit and damaged his fencing and mailbox with your car, which was still sitting there as of two days ago, Mr. Smith!”

Still no reply from Mark “You have also been stalking his residence and his wife Carla Sharp Jones. I need to see all of your cameras Mark and your memory disks. Shall we go get them peacefully Mr. Smith or do I need to call in the officers waiting outside!”

“Ok Blackie. Who put you up to this joke, is it for the MDA or some organization, here’s a 20 dollar bill!” At that immediate moment Mark said that statement he regretted it. The doors all opened and the house was full of police. “Oh fuck.”

Paula Smith came running into the room in a rage, frying pan in her hand, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing Blackie Riddle.” She screamed as she swung her hand at him and was  immediately hand cuffed by Officer Samuels as the others cuffed Mark.