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Friend Who Knows

Have you ever opened a drawer in Grandma’s dresser, looked in a shoe box that’s not where the shoes are, what did  you find?

“Yes they do, I’ve tried on some of the lingerie already.”

“You knew Judith then Lucille?”

“Yes Carla I did. Oh she was the most elegant lady I have ever met, and gracious to a fault. I remember one time CA got hotter than a firecracker because she had given away some of his favorite shirts to the VA for the Viet Nam vets. Judith just said, “It could be Auggy in that hospital you old fool so shut up and write them a check for a grand.” Lucille chuckled.

Carla smiled shaking her head. “Sounds like something I would do. We found a lot of papers in the one bedroom, but I hadn’t come across anything like what you are talking about till today.”

“Lucille I need help going through all this, and truthfully I don’t trust some of the things Mrs. S says. I was thinking maybe I should sell some of these clothes to retro stores or start my own, resale shop. Can you help me?” Carla asked.

“Carla I would be delighted, and I know just the person to help you, Trudy Mullenhaus. She has a shop in Chicago and they’ll be here this weekend.”

“Lucille is there a possibility I could meet her?” Carla asked.

“Of course, just leave it to me my dear. Now show me what you found.” Two hours
later Lucille said, “Carla you need to try all of this on and put back what you want to keep before Trudy sees this.”

“Yes that’s what I thought,” Carla said. “Thanks for everything Lucille, see you later?” Carla said as Lucille got in her car, 3 hours later.

“Any time Carla.” Lucille pulled off.

Carla got in the Chevy as a big red Jeep Grand Cherokee pulled up
behind her blocking her in and she was mad. “Shit” she hit the steering
wheel as she noticed a man approaching.

Secret Closet

Ever get so excited you forgot what you were really talking about, watching someone you realize a certain connection with?

Carla thought to herself about how different Lucille was from Mrs. Smith. Lucille was warm and affectionate, always there to help her or answer any question she had. She is stylish for her age 50’s I guess, petite, shapely, and really pretty with that frosted short and windblown blonde hair. That husband of hers, I bet is a real character because Lucille glows when James looks at her. I hope I glow that way when Craig looks at
me . . .

“Carla,” Lucille said snapping her fingers, “Earth to Carla.”

“Oh I’m so sorry I was lost in my thoughts. Lucille, what did you say?”

“So how was yesterday, did you have fun?” Lucille asked.

“Words can’t describe it. It was so exhilarating. I thought it would be boring but it was
just the opposite.”

Michael served their salads and refilled their water, Carla asked “Michael
may we have two ice tea’s please?”

“Of course, right away Mrs. Jones” He replied and bowed. Carla smiled as he placed the glasses on the table thinking of how much he looked like Craig at that moment.

Carla paid the bill and walked out with Lucille to her car. “Where to
Carla” Lucille asked.

“Our place, please Lucille.”

“What is this about Carla?”

“Lucille, I found Judith Ann’s secret closet, when I was cleaning this morning.”

“Oh wow, her gowns and jewelry?”

“Yes, come on in,” the two headed up the stairs.
“All of her magazines, cards, postcards, scrapbooks, and photo albums” Lucille asked. “Judy never threw anything away there is a lot of history stored in this attic. Judy used to give us things for prizes; and clothing, shoes and hats for theatrical performances at school.” Lucille took a deep breathe. “I was the drama coach. Oh this is exciting
Carla. I bet these things fit you too don’t they, you’re about the same size!”

Private talk?

               Every get so excited about your secret that you forget how others are treated…

Carla grabbed her cell phone and scrolled to Lucille Awls number. “Lucille, Carla Jones, can you meet me for lunch at the Café, say 12:30?”

“Sure honey, see you then.”

“Thanks.” Carla showered and dressed in a long sweater and a pair of slacks. Carla went to the Chevy and prayed please start—she turned the key, nothing then she hit the steering wheel on the Chevy, prayed and it turned over, “Thank you.”

Carla pulled in the Awlsport Café parking lot 10 minutes later. Mrs. Smith was there holding the door open for her “Welcome Mrs. Jones, Craig behind you?”

“Actually Mrs. S he’s working. I’m meeting Lucille, is she here yet? Are
you ok, you’re looking a little tired Mrs. S.”

“I am fine Carla, just haven’t gotten out of here for my daily walk and nap.” Mrs. S said with a wink in her eye.

“Lucille’s right around the corner in the dining room. I’m betting you
want a salad Carla?” Mrs. S followed behind Carla with a water pitcher and
menu just in case.

“That’s correct, the spring mix salad with bleu cheese Mrs. S.” Carla ordered. “And you Lucille?”

“I’ll have the same as well Mrs. S. Thank you!”

Mrs. S. smiled saying “They’ll be coming right up.”

“Lucille, I’m amazed, that’s the shortest conversation I have ever had with Mrs. S.” Carla was intrigued.

“Carla, she doesn’t really like me that well. I’m not in your status.” Lucille replied.

“What status? Oh, I keep forgetting, news has spread about Craig and Howard right?”

“Yes. Now Carla what do you need to talk about, or should we just have lunch and go someplace private?” Lucille asked.

“Yes I think that’s what we should do,” Carla answered with a wink. “Great, I’ll drive.”


                See how Carla’s original reason for making a call, turns into a interesting cash idea… 


Carla worked on the flowerbed since it was a cool day and filled the crock-pot full of stew for dinner. She placed a call to Sylvia Smith, Mark’s mother; she had to return the veil and did not have any information on this Aunt Trudy.

“Mrs. Smith its Carla Jones, I’m sorry to bother you, but Paula loaned me a veil for the wedding. She said it was her Aunt Trudy’s and I need to return it I was hoping you could help me.”

“Oh Carla, are you all right? Mark and Paula did some terrible things to you.”

“Mrs. Smith I’m fine. I hope everything will come out ok for Mark and Paula.” Carla admitted to Mark’s mother.

“Trudy has a big retro clothing store in Chicago, her number is. Actually she’s coming to town this next weekend I could have her stop by.” Sylvia said.
“Maybe, when I get all the old clothes sorted out that would be good. I just need to get this veil returned for the time being. Thank you Mrs. Smith.” Carla thanked her friend’s mother.

“You’re welcome. Keep in touch Carla, you’re a dear.” That was an interesting call, Carla thought.


               How wonderful to finally be able you have a brother! Or perhaps it’s a friendship that becomes so close and dear to your heart you can call them your brother or sister. Here’s a snip of Carla and Jake Covertry react together.

“Mrs. Carla Jones, please hold on for  Mr. Covertry.”


“Jake, how are you?” Carla asked feeling goose bumps all over.

“I’m fine but that’s immaterial, how are you?” Jake asked explaining his sudden call, “I received a call from Detective Black of Centerville Police Department, seems AC and I are prime witnesses to a case against your stalker.”

“Really Jake, you’re going to help me?” Carla exclaimed putting her hand over her mouth.

“Damn straight we are, that son of a bitch, excuse my French that pea brain is so stupid to think he can mess with my friends!” Jake stated.

“Carla I need to find out if you’re ok, I’ve cleared the next hour to talk to you. I want you to describe your husband in terms I will understand.”

Carla giggled and smiled as she answered his question, “Ok Jake, still breeding your Portuguese Water Dogs?”

“Yes Carla why” Jake replied.

Carla knew how to describe Craig now, “Ok Craig Augustus Jones III: active, tall, strong, agile, intelligent, loyal, obedient, protective, rescuer, true, dependable, tenacious, benefactor, romantic and stellar.”

Jake sat back smiling and said “Well Carla, that’s quite an animal so to speak, where’d you find him?”

Laughing Carla finally said “Jake you’re not going to believe this. Work, I’ll do a summation for you. A weekly long stem red rose every Monday for 2 years. A 1943 bottle of Dom chilled to perfection, the cork popped, your lover and you still in the glow, ready for some bubbly, and all he can say is “vinegar . . . no bubbles babe just baubles.”

Jake started to laugh “So then what.”

Carla continued with her story, “Well the bottle held rough cut diamonds, I now have two tennis bracelets and matching earrings complete with a wine cellar in a 30’s mansion. I stepped foot in his ‘old relic’ as he called it about 7 months ago, after helping with the decorating and remodel during the late winter, spring bloomed and so did we. Jake the man never touched me for 4 months and when he did, we were married 2 months later. I honestly feel like I’m starring in a 40’s movie.” Carla felt a warm blush rise up in her face and smiled, remembering the beginning of their love.

“Carla, Detective Black said they found a few bottles of that 1943 Dom in Mark’s car.”

“Yes among other things, as you are now aware of or we wouldn’t be talking.”

“Carla, Craig makes you happy in all things?” Jake inquired.

“Yes Jake, in all areas, he even had H&A Security install electronic fencing around all the property and house just to make us more secure. Jake, I love you but nothing like the love I have now for Craig. We we’re different, more brother-sister love.”

Carla giggled when Jake said, “I know, but we had fun!”

“Yes we did Jake.”

“Don’t worry Carly AC and I will handle this, hope to see you soon.” Jake stated in brotherly fashion.

“You too Jake, thanks.” Carla grabbed a few tissues, but the tears never came as she expected.


Anyone out there spend a day at Wrigley watching a double header and the Cubs won both game? 

“Blackie, where are we?” “Just coming into Valpo, Aurelio’s to be precise, thought a little nostalgia would be fun, since were only an hour away from home. Beer and Pizza anyone” Blackie asked.
It was almost 9 when they got home. “How about Awlsport Café for breakfast tomorrow, and a Cubs game, I’ve got 4 free tickets,” Blackie asked.

“Sounds great, what time 8?” Craig asked. “We’ll be ready this time.”

Blackie helped Craig unloaded the purchases and said good night. Carla fixed the coffee pot before she took off her shoes. “No doorbells tomorrow.” The Joneses slowly walked up the stairs, set the bedside alarm, fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

6:30 the alarm went off, Carla went down to fill 2 cups of coffee as Craig hit the shower. Carla greeted him in the doorway with a cup of coffee as he came out of the bathroom. “Morning sunshine, I saved the hot water for you today.” kissing Carla as they passed.

“I didn’t get the papers yet,” Carla said.

8 AM, sharp Amy drove up in her new SUV Craig and Carla where ready and walked out the door to meet them. “Nice ride Amy, Blackie getting the day off today?”

“Yep, she wanted to drive.” They all laughed heading to Awlsport Café for their famous breakfast buffet and Craig bought breakfast since Blackie had bought dinner last
night.  They headed out “Wrigley Field here we come!”

They had a beautiful day in Chicago at the ballpark. The weather was 80 with perfect blue sky and a slight breeze coming off the lake mixed in with the hot dogs and beers.

There was a double header and the Cubbies’ won, their dinner was at the pub across from the ballpark. Everyone was laughing and having fun. The group arrived back home early evening and sat on the patio with beer watching the sun go down and talking. “Amy and Blackie, thanks so much for including us in your weekend. It was a real pleasure, lots of fun and a wonderful diversion,” Craig said holding Carla’s waist.

“It was fun and will have to do it again real soon, take care, Craig you too, Carla, see you later!” Blackie said as Amy waved “Bye.”

Craig whisked Carla up in his arm. “Wow Craig, you got some raging hormones going on.” “Yes Carla I do and it’s all because of you!”

“Ooh Craig . . .

Wake Up

Trusting that your body will wake you up at the normal time, you forgo setting the alarm cause it was the weekend…

Amy and Blackie arrived Saturday morning at 8 AM for the craft show to find the house quiet. They had to ring the doorbell several times. Craig came down the steps first. “Good morning come on in, sorry we overslept.”

“That’s ok, I’ll start the coffee pot, Craig,” Amy said.

Blackie went out the door saying, “I’ll get your papers. Take your time.”

“Looks like you two have been busy since I was here. You have wrought iron fencing and the whole back yard looks different Craig,” Amy said.

“Yes, a little project turned into a major one, some of this was done before you were her last, I think.”

Carla came down the steps a little less spry than normal “Good morning,” Carla said. Amy poured a big mug of coffee for everyone.

Craig started to tell Amy about the changes. “Billy, Mary, Tommy, Tim, Mary’s Dad, and Howard helped Carla and I finish our jar harvesting, turned out to be more treasure in the flower bed, which had to be moved in order to get the garage built.” Craig said
rubbing his biceps.

“Howard had to lift those angel statues.”

“You would have had to see it to believe it.” Carla said as she started to laugh. “Hope no one had a video camera on us.”

“Sledge hammers going at angels and stepping stones. “We’ll be right back guys,” Craig said as they went up to change.

The foursome headed out for the craft show, chatting as they drove about all the latest news and gossip since they were together last. Parking the car, they started to walk over to the show stopping in front of the restaurant. “Ok, everyone got their phones on, we’ll meet back here at 1,” Blackie said.

“Let the shopping begin,” Amy said taking Carla’s hand. “This looks
like a real fun day.”

Carla winked at her friend. “Remind me that this is a play day Amy,” Carla said smiling.

“Carla, I can do that. You two have really had a busy and rather rough time since you got married. You my dear are one tough cookie. You’d make a good cop, too.” Amy said

“Oh really, Amy I’ve gone through more tissues in a month than I did all year. Yes, what a challenge it has been! I still am having some nightmares over it. With Craig’s help, I am getting over the rough spots. Ooh scarves,” Carla exclaimed pulling Amy into the booth.

The men headed out to the building and equipment area of the show. “So Craig, what caused all the extra construction and fencing, the invasion?”