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Secret Closet

Surprises that are unexpected, gives me goosebumps and makes me smile. Things we forgot about, what’s your last surprise?

Housework and attic was intermixed daily for the rest of the week. Carla was able to look in all of the hanging bags, trying on the clothes she wanted to keep, being careful to keep out anything that she needed to question Craig about and what she really liked for her
wardrobe. The resale pile grew.

Carla opened the next bag causing her to gasp as she looked at the gown. “Oh how beautiful!” It was a lavishly beaded pale yellow evening gown, her hands trembling as she touched the gown, thinking there has to be a story behind this bag. “Judith, are you here with me today?” Carla whispered remembering the other time she was seeing Judith’s things and the feeling she had.

Inside the next bag was a military uniform with all the medals and swords attached, her heart was fluttering as she thought how interesting, wool this must be CA’s. There were three more bags with different military uniforms. She hung them separately in the other closet. She went to their bedroom closet thinking to herself, where are his dress
blues. There I can see a difference. She left it hanging on the closet door so Craig could see it.

From those first few bags, Carla became more careful as she looked at everything in the bags and boxes. Thinking there is a lot of history here in this closet that I have to talk to Craig about. I also need to research these things, too. She went to get her laptop, making notations and looking up the uniforms. She also started a special list of the clothing
and accessories that she found.

“Oh, the furs” Carla scrolled through her phone numbers and called Carpenter Furriers

“Bonjour, Mrs. Jones. Your furs should be ready by the first week in October. We have had to restitch the coats the thread was very old. As you requested we are embroidering your name on the linings. You have some real treasures here. We have been trying to figure out the nationality of the original furrier, but I assume you know where these actually came from in Europe.”

“Thank you Mr. Burgoyne, I hope to be able to give you a lot of information about those beautiful furs very soon. I will be looking forward to chilly winters this year. Thank you, please call when they are ready to be picked up.”

“Au re voir Mrs. Jones” Carla smiled “Au re voir.”

Surprise Evening

“Time out, no more today, tonight we eat and rest Carla, come on.” He held his hand out to her as she heard the buzz of the doorbell.

“What a surprise Craig, you were very sneaky when you went for that water. Thanks, todays perfect for pizza and salad. What’s this?” Carla unwrapped the foil package, “Brownies, hmmm.”

“That’s for later Carla, bread stick?” The rain finally had stopped and the sun was trying to peek through the clouds as Craig and Carla headed upstairs.

“Calling it a day already Craig?” Carla asked.

“Yes Mrs. Jones I have a surprise for you.” He took her hand, pushing open the French Doors, there was a faint glow in the southwest window upstairs that night and soft music playing. A gentle breeze blew in off the lake as they sat on the bedroom terrace Craig handed her a glass of champagne with a big ripe strawberry at the bottom.

“Wow, this is a surprise.”

Craig took her hand and pulled her up to stand in front of him “May I have this dance?” Craig asked and they danced.

“This negligee is beautiful Carla, but it’s in my way,” he gently took off the white robe with the big red roses on it and said, “Very pretty and how perfect for you my love.”

Dancing a little more, he handed her a red rose, stopping for a sip of champagne.

Craig twirled her around him as his hand went to her waist to bring her back to face him as they continued to dance on the terrace. He worked in some more of his very slight kisses around her neck, sliding off the shoulder straps of the silk gown . . . “You’ve got my blood simmering . . .”

Craig whispered in her ear “Ooh baby . . . See I can surprise you just like you can surprise me . . .” He picked her up and laid her on the red sheets she said “Ooh Craig . . .”

So Talk

     We all have that special friend that we can tell our secrets to and confess our true feelings knowing it won’t go anywhere…

They finally stopped at Allan’s in New Buffalo breaking the silence in the car. “How did you know how to get here Carla?” Craig asked.

“Your GPS system has it programmed in.”

Carla smiled at Craig as he replied, “Sure I forgot well let’s see if anyone is home.”

Allan opened the door as Duke, their golden retriever bounded out checking out the visitors. “Hello you two, what a welcome surprise. Come in please.”

Mary Kate took Carla out on the porch giving her a hug then said, “I know about yesterday Carla and I know you! So talk. Probably get rid of some anger, like we use to talk after a bad date night.”

Carla put her hands in her lap making a fist then she spoke. “Yes and I couldn’t say these things to Craig. He already knows about more than I ever wanted him to know because of Mark and his fucking camera! Oh I didn’t mean to say that, sorry Mary Kate.”

Mary Kate smiled, “Oh yes you did Carly, I know you so spill it.” Mary Kate urged her on. “Did Mark ever?”

“No never! Mary Kate, he would touch me a lot.” Carla was rubbing her arms and shaking them. “Yucky I need a shower every time I get this feeling . . . and obviously Mark stalked me, the pictures proved that. It was his obsession with everything about me. Why I have no fucking idea!”

“That is what has me really freaking out now. Craig actually came into my crazy life at the right time, when he was around Mark was set straight.”

Waving her arms around and pacing the room, Carla looked out at the lake and continued. “What does not make sense is how he got into my apartment.”

“What was Paula’s problem? Jealousy I suppose, because she would get snippy every time I got flowers, sometimes she’d almost throw them at me . . . She was so bi-polar I never knew how she was going to act when we were together, sisterly or bitch. I can’t help but think she knew about Mark’s obsession with me.”

Carla took a long deep breath “I never once encouraged him in any fucking way, he made my skin crawl, I just wanted to scream anytime he was touching me. I know now he was a sick man, but I can’t forgive him. Am I so bad for feeling like this Mary Kate?”

Carla sat on the floor next to Duke and cuddle up to him, as he licked her hand “Thanks for the puppy kisses Duke.”

She hugged the dog as Mary Kate said. “No Carla, you have every right to feel this way and I’m sure Vanessa will agree with that. Mark and Paula are gone now, it’s over”

Carla stopped, kneeled and crawled over to Mary Kate and took her hand speaking almost in a whisper. “Remember how protective Jake was, even AC would get mad when Mark was around.”

“Yes I do Carla, why is this coming up?” Mary Kate had a serious look on her face.

Carla whispered, “MK just between us, Jake called the other day, told me they were going to testify and that they will take care of this.”

Mary Kate squeezed Carla’s hand “Oh no Carla! Do not mention this to anyone ever again Carla please promise. I think Jake was just using a figure of speech, they are both above that.” Mary Kate patted her hand and held it tight, her mind racing in a theory she did not want to think about, she shook her head thinking; I left this part of my life behind

Friend Who Knows

Have you ever opened a drawer in Grandma’s dresser, looked in a shoe box that’s not where the shoes are, what did  you find?

“Yes they do, I’ve tried on some of the lingerie already.”

“You knew Judith then Lucille?”

“Yes Carla I did. Oh she was the most elegant lady I have ever met, and gracious to a fault. I remember one time CA got hotter than a firecracker because she had given away some of his favorite shirts to the VA for the Viet Nam vets. Judith just said, “It could be Auggy in that hospital you old fool so shut up and write them a check for a grand.” Lucille chuckled.

Carla smiled shaking her head. “Sounds like something I would do. We found a lot of papers in the one bedroom, but I hadn’t come across anything like what you are talking about till today.”

“Lucille I need help going through all this, and truthfully I don’t trust some of the things Mrs. S says. I was thinking maybe I should sell some of these clothes to retro stores or start my own, resale shop. Can you help me?” Carla asked.

“Carla I would be delighted, and I know just the person to help you, Trudy Mullenhaus. She has a shop in Chicago and they’ll be here this weekend.”

“Lucille is there a possibility I could meet her?” Carla asked.

“Of course, just leave it to me my dear. Now show me what you found.” Two hours
later Lucille said, “Carla you need to try all of this on and put back what you want to keep before Trudy sees this.”

“Yes that’s what I thought,” Carla said. “Thanks for everything Lucille, see you later?” Carla said as Lucille got in her car, 3 hours later.

“Any time Carla.” Lucille pulled off.

Carla got in the Chevy as a big red Jeep Grand Cherokee pulled up
behind her blocking her in and she was mad. “Shit” she hit the steering
wheel as she noticed a man approaching.

Secret Closet

Ever get so excited you forgot what you were really talking about, watching someone you realize a certain connection with?

Carla thought to herself about how different Lucille was from Mrs. Smith. Lucille was warm and affectionate, always there to help her or answer any question she had. She is stylish for her age 50’s I guess, petite, shapely, and really pretty with that frosted short and windblown blonde hair. That husband of hers, I bet is a real character because Lucille glows when James looks at her. I hope I glow that way when Craig looks at
me . . .

“Carla,” Lucille said snapping her fingers, “Earth to Carla.”

“Oh I’m so sorry I was lost in my thoughts. Lucille, what did you say?”

“So how was yesterday, did you have fun?” Lucille asked.

“Words can’t describe it. It was so exhilarating. I thought it would be boring but it was
just the opposite.”

Michael served their salads and refilled their water, Carla asked “Michael
may we have two ice tea’s please?”

“Of course, right away Mrs. Jones” He replied and bowed. Carla smiled as he placed the glasses on the table thinking of how much he looked like Craig at that moment.

Carla paid the bill and walked out with Lucille to her car. “Where to
Carla” Lucille asked.

“Our place, please Lucille.”

“What is this about Carla?”

“Lucille, I found Judith Ann’s secret closet, when I was cleaning this morning.”

“Oh wow, her gowns and jewelry?”

“Yes, come on in,” the two headed up the stairs.
“All of her magazines, cards, postcards, scrapbooks, and photo albums” Lucille asked. “Judy never threw anything away there is a lot of history stored in this attic. Judy used to give us things for prizes; and clothing, shoes and hats for theatrical performances at school.” Lucille took a deep breathe. “I was the drama coach. Oh this is exciting
Carla. I bet these things fit you too don’t they, you’re about the same size!”

Private talk?

               Every get so excited about your secret that you forget how others are treated…

Carla grabbed her cell phone and scrolled to Lucille Awls number. “Lucille, Carla Jones, can you meet me for lunch at the Café, say 12:30?”

“Sure honey, see you then.”

“Thanks.” Carla showered and dressed in a long sweater and a pair of slacks. Carla went to the Chevy and prayed please start—she turned the key, nothing then she hit the steering wheel on the Chevy, prayed and it turned over, “Thank you.”

Carla pulled in the Awlsport Café parking lot 10 minutes later. Mrs. Smith was there holding the door open for her “Welcome Mrs. Jones, Craig behind you?”

“Actually Mrs. S he’s working. I’m meeting Lucille, is she here yet? Are
you ok, you’re looking a little tired Mrs. S.”

“I am fine Carla, just haven’t gotten out of here for my daily walk and nap.” Mrs. S said with a wink in her eye.

“Lucille’s right around the corner in the dining room. I’m betting you
want a salad Carla?” Mrs. S followed behind Carla with a water pitcher and
menu just in case.

“That’s correct, the spring mix salad with bleu cheese Mrs. S.” Carla ordered. “And you Lucille?”

“I’ll have the same as well Mrs. S. Thank you!”

Mrs. S. smiled saying “They’ll be coming right up.”

“Lucille, I’m amazed, that’s the shortest conversation I have ever had with Mrs. S.” Carla was intrigued.

“Carla, she doesn’t really like me that well. I’m not in your status.” Lucille replied.

“What status? Oh, I keep forgetting, news has spread about Craig and Howard right?”

“Yes. Now Carla what do you need to talk about, or should we just have lunch and go someplace private?” Lucille asked.

“Yes I think that’s what we should do,” Carla answered with a wink. “Great, I’ll drive.”


                See how Carla’s original reason for making a call, turns into a interesting cash idea… 


Carla worked on the flowerbed since it was a cool day and filled the crock-pot full of stew for dinner. She placed a call to Sylvia Smith, Mark’s mother; she had to return the veil and did not have any information on this Aunt Trudy.

“Mrs. Smith its Carla Jones, I’m sorry to bother you, but Paula loaned me a veil for the wedding. She said it was her Aunt Trudy’s and I need to return it I was hoping you could help me.”

“Oh Carla, are you all right? Mark and Paula did some terrible things to you.”

“Mrs. Smith I’m fine. I hope everything will come out ok for Mark and Paula.” Carla admitted to Mark’s mother.

“Trudy has a big retro clothing store in Chicago, her number is. Actually she’s coming to town this next weekend I could have her stop by.” Sylvia said.
“Maybe, when I get all the old clothes sorted out that would be good. I just need to get this veil returned for the time being. Thank you Mrs. Smith.” Carla thanked her friend’s mother.

“You’re welcome. Keep in touch Carla, you’re a dear.” That was an interesting call, Carla thought.