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Legal family documents hidden deep in a safe… Hum, a form of protection from others greed, might be how so many keep their secrets?

Craig grabbed his phone and dialed Carla. “No problem.”

Carla answered, “Yes sir.”

“Carla we’re going to need lunch around 1.”

“No problem.” Carla quipped.

“Let’s get started!” Craig said to Howard. “That only took an hour. Done, I’ve signed all the documents. Thanks for the loan of the pen. I may need to buy you a refill for this pen in fact I like this pen.” Craig said admiring the pen as he handed it back.

“Howard, my Father was not the slouch I thought he was. Aileen could not have taken this in the divorce. Do you think she knew and that’s why Samuel was,” Craig’s anger stopped his words.

“So devastated Craig?” Howard asked looking at Craig. “Yes, and the devious actions that he took,” Craig shook his head, “He pulled Mark into his scam!”

“That’s all over and done with Craig. There was no chance of them even knowing about this. AJ Incorporated has always been privately held, paid our taxes and our Dad’s attorney’s father Mr. Bradley Willsmith, was the only one who knew the papers were transferred into your name, and he passed away the year your father did Craig.”

“Should I call Mr. Vanderbilt about this or do you think this should stay with Mr. Willsmith Sr., Howard?” Craig asked as he grabbed the binder and pointed to the safe, “Should I lock it up now or do we still need it out Howard?” He asked.

Howard said, “Yes put it in the safe, that’s your copy. I’ll check with Dad but I’m thinking, first you need to find out more about your Awlsport connection before you get Mr. Vanderbilt involved in this.”

Howard looked at the clock as his phone rang. “Yes Tommy, Ok its 1 now, so you be home by 4.”

“Carla we’re ready for lunch,” Craig said opening the library doors.

“I’ll be right out, just want to check this message from Dad.”

“Craig, Dad has all the other papers ready. Oh he said after we finalize this it might be good to bring in your attorney. Hi Carla, yum your chicken salad, thanks.” Howard said smiling at her as she asked, “You two need water!” Placing down the glasses of water, Carla left them to their privacy.

“Let’s take a town run and pick up those papers. I’d like to really get a good look at this town!”

Carla’s Upset

Secret Treasurs web pg 4.18.13 book cover  412796_XLThe newlyweds decide to tackle the attic and see what  treasures lurk behind the door. They joke about dust bunnies and cooties they would find. However, the direction of their day was about to change.

Craig smiled at her, “We’re probably going to have more dust bunnies bothering us than cooties today my lady!”

“Craig, after everything that happened yesterday I need upbeat music today. Yesterday reminded me of some things I’d rather not remember.” Carla made her request in a low voice hoping he got her intention.

Craig watched her for a few minutes, aware that she had been very quiet after the incident yesterday morning and she was not acting like her normal self. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” He ran upstairs looking for her calendar, checked the date, and decided it was safe for him to pry, something was wrong.

“Carla we don’t have to do the attic today if you’d rather talk something out. You were tossing around a lot in your sleep last night!” Craig asked touching her back.

“I was!” Carla inquired turning around to face him.

“Yes” He nodded his head.

“Well I haven’t done that in a while. Are you a good listener Craig, or should I call my counselor,” Carla asked blushing.

“Choose your beverage and location, I am all ears!” Craig smiled with a somewhat serious look on his face as he waited for her reply.

“Get us two bottles of Bordeaux and meet me upstairs at the big window by our room, I’ll get the glasses.”

“Ok Mrs. Jones, bottles are opened and glasses filled. The floor and view is all yours. Now what should I say.” As Craig sat down at the window seat looking at his wife.

“It’s my turn to go next Craig. This is my session! Oh, how much do you charge for an hour?”

“Depends” Craig smiled kissing her cheek. “Probably nothing since you’re testing my ability, I’ll take it out in trade!”

Carla looked out at the lake before she spoke “When I was a young girl . . . my Mother, Linda Sue died of colon cancer, I think she was 32. I do not remember a lot about her, just the few things Granny told me. She said I looked just like her and I honestly believe she watches over me sometimes.” Carla sipped some wine “Like yesterday, I felt like someone was lying on top of me to keep me still. I wish I had a picture of her to show you.” Craig saw tears welling up in her eyes and patted her hand.

Carla continued after a drink of her wine, “My brother Charlie, Charles Nathan Sharp was a hunk, just like you Mr. Jones. There are things you do especially when were in the water that bring back memories of Charlie. Charlie was a jock in school he lettering in football and basketball. He’s the one who got me interested in running and taught me to swim.”

Empting her glass Carla continued, “He was only 17 when he died. The bus he was in was, hit head on by a semi. It was 3 days before his high school graduation. Our little town just outside of Rockford lost eight good kids that day. I was only 13.” Craig brought some tissues from their bedroom and set them between them. “More wine please,” Carla asked holding out her glass to him.

“Seeing Mark lying there, it was like seeing Charlie. Someone made me holler for you and Howard, maybe it was Charlie. I hope Mark will be ok!” Carla was staring out the window as Craig said “Honey he’s going to be ok, down for the count for a while, but he’ll be ok.”

Family Discussion

Secret Treasurs web pg 4.18.13 book cover  412796_XL

Mark is taken away in the ambulance from his fall and accident. The household is getting back to a calm status. Craig, Carla and Howard sit drinking coffee.

“Jeez what a morning,” Howard said running his hands through his hair and sat down on the stool. “Howard, I think today we should have that family discussion about how you and I are so connected. Carla thinks you’re her personal body guard,” Craig said laughing. “Can we buy you breakfast, partner?” Craig asked as Howard looked up “Yes Craig, you can, I’m famished.”

“I heard that. Craig you hit the shower. Howard, relax with a cup of hot coffee. I’m cooking!” Carla said smiling at Howard, “It would be my pleasure Mrs. Jones,” Howard said. “I’ll be right back,” Craig said as he ran up the stairs. “So what are we cooking Carla?” Howard asked as Carla proceeded to fix breakfast and talk to Howard. “My Granny’s fried breakfast scramble. It’s onions, home fries, crispy bacon, eggs, and cheese; I’m starved.”

Howard watched her work sipping his coffee and made a comment “Adrenalin will make you that way, so will stress. How’s your heart rate now?” he asked. “I’m ok, Howard.” Craig said, “I’m back put me to work.” “Jeez did the water even get hot Craig,” Howard asked. “NO just lukewarm, you’ll like this dish.”

Over breakfast Howard spoke, “Carla, soon you will be able to really understand why, I seem to be your body-guard. Briefly Carla, my family and Craig’s have been meshed together for almost a century. We are partners, both important to each other and this town. It will all make sense later when all of us sit down and go through all this. Craig, even you will finally understand why I’m your big brother. Today none of us need that.”

“Is this clearing up the curiosity of Howard and me now, Carla?” Craig asked. “Yes I am starting to understand, thanks Howard” Carla smiled and touched his hand. “Ok then I need a nap, talk with you two later, thanks for breakfast.” Howard said as he stood up to leave.

Howard turned to Craig “Oh as you have probably figured out already, I have a key to the house,” he laid it on the table. Craig replied as he walked him out. “Howard you’re the only one I trust to have that key, keep it for emergency purposes.”