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Legal family documents hidden deep in a safe… Hum, a form of protection from others greed, might be how so many keep their secrets?

Craig grabbed his phone and dialed Carla. “No problem.”

Carla answered, “Yes sir.”

“Carla we’re going to need lunch around 1.”

“No problem.” Carla quipped.

“Let’s get started!” Craig said to Howard. “That only took an hour. Done, I’ve signed all the documents. Thanks for the loan of the pen. I may need to buy you a refill for this pen in fact I like this pen.” Craig said admiring the pen as he handed it back.

“Howard, my Father was not the slouch I thought he was. Aileen could not have taken this in the divorce. Do you think she knew and that’s why Samuel was,” Craig’s anger stopped his words.

“So devastated Craig?” Howard asked looking at Craig. “Yes, and the devious actions that he took,” Craig shook his head, “He pulled Mark into his scam!”

“That’s all over and done with Craig. There was no chance of them even knowing about this. AJ Incorporated has always been privately held, paid our taxes and our Dad’s attorney’s father Mr. Bradley Willsmith, was the only one who knew the papers were transferred into your name, and he passed away the year your father did Craig.”

“Should I call Mr. Vanderbilt about this or do you think this should stay with Mr. Willsmith Sr., Howard?” Craig asked as he grabbed the binder and pointed to the safe, “Should I lock it up now or do we still need it out Howard?” He asked.

Howard said, “Yes put it in the safe, that’s your copy. I’ll check with Dad but I’m thinking, first you need to find out more about your Awlsport connection before you get Mr. Vanderbilt involved in this.”

Howard looked at the clock as his phone rang. “Yes Tommy, Ok its 1 now, so you be home by 4.”

“Carla we’re ready for lunch,” Craig said opening the library doors.

“I’ll be right out, just want to check this message from Dad.”

“Craig, Dad has all the other papers ready. Oh he said after we finalize this it might be good to bring in your attorney. Hi Carla, yum your chicken salad, thanks.” Howard said smiling at her as she asked, “You two need water!” Placing down the glasses of water, Carla left them to their privacy.

“Let’s take a town run and pick up those papers. I’d like to really get a good look at this town!”

Who was I married to?

     Family relationships, can be a tangled mess, especially in a small town … People aren’t always who they say they are.

Craig has found out, who his first wife is … Aileen Bergen, Amanda Reanold, and Aileen Fletcher, plus now she is his ex-wife Aileen Jones, all the same person. Some how his father is involved but how?

Craig scratched his head and finally spoke. “Some things she wore all the time and others for special occasions. The best way would be to look in all the photo albums, could take a while. Blackie, how does my father fit into this?”

“Craig this is just speculation he must have seen Aileen with the ring on her hand and confronted her about it.” Carla cleared her throat stopping Blackie’s explanation, “Oh sorry, continue Blackie,” she went for a glass of water as Blackie continued.

“There was a notation on her rap sheet. Aileen was arrested and charged with theft of an emerald ring the charges were dropped. It was filed by Craig A. Jones II being stolen from this address #1 East Lake Road, Awlsport one year before you and Aileen married.”

“No wonder he wouldn’t help me financially or come to our home. Dad was right. Is the ring coming back for Carla?” Craig stopped himself, “No I don’t want her to have that tainted ring!” A growl came out of Craig’s mouth as he slammed his fist down.

“Craig,” Carla grabbed his hand before he could move it again. “Don’t worry; I’ll de-cootie the emerald ring. Then you can just buy a new one that will be for our grandchildren. Can you imagine their little eyes when you tell the story,” Carla started to giggle and had to get up for the coffee pot, jotting down the names Aileen used that Blackie had mentioned.

“Craig, you know Carla’s got something there, with all the jewelry your Grandmother had I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. You know, we do not know where that ring came from anyway. You said you never found a receipt for the purchase; and our Grandfathers did barter a lot,” Blackie commented.

“In fact I bet Mrs. Smith could tell you where and when your grandmother got that emerald,” Carla said. “Aunt Agie’s a real sharp cookie,” Blackie said. “Blackie who is Aunt Agie” Carla asked. “My aunt is Mrs. Smith, Agatha May Riddle she married Tim’s Uncle Frank.”

Carla started to laugh. “This whole town is related, must be something in the water,” it became contagious as everyone was laughing.

“Now that all the laughter is over with; yes Carla, there are a lot of cousins here in Awlsport. That would be an interesting family tree to investigate, but I’m not so sure you would want all that  information released,” Blackie said. Carla tilted her head on that statement and just said “Oh” thinking to herself, I wonder who he’s talking about or what he meant!