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Info Overload

The more we know somehow feels like overload,  yet our grey matter opens up to process something else we don’t know… 

Howard parked in front of the town hall and they walked into the Mayor’s office to see Lucille. “After noon Lucille is the Mayor in?”

“Yes Mr. Awls, he is waiting for the two of you, go on in.”

“Afternoon Mayor Awls” Craig said holding out his hand as they walked in the door.

James took Craig’s hand and pulled him in close, “Craig my boy, how are you? Howard, my son” James hugged him.

“So what have the two of your discovered today? Is your mind all mush Craig from the information Howard’s been pouring on you?” James asked pointing to the chairs for the two to sit in as he went behind his desk. “You here to pick up those papers I assume.”

“Yes sir, and yes to your previous questions. But the information is starting to sink in slowly.” Craig stated as he shifted in his chair. “I’m discovering my Dad wasn’t such a . . .” Craig couldn’t think of the right word to say.

“Craig I think I know what you’re trying to say. Auggy wasn’t all drink, he was a smart cookie when he was sober, wasn’t he?” James stated looking over at Craig.

“Yes so I am discovering. I will probably be asking you questions about him in the future. You Mr. Awls are my so called lifeline, you knew Dad and CJ, plus you knew CA as well.” Craig admitted.

“Yes Craig, anytime just ask.”

“Here are those papers Howard, you two need anything else, let me know. Otherwise, I will be seeing you two Monday morning. Hope we get to have some of that wonderful coffee cake for our break. Gotta run to a meeting, see you later” James stood putting some papers in his portfolio.

“How much more Howard” Craig asked as they got in the Hummer.

“A lot” Howard smiled.

“Let me guess, The Children’s Home?” Craig asked as Howard nodded his head, “Yes that’s the old Beardsley home.”

Craig nodded “I assume the General Store on Center and Lake is ours.”

“Yes and we built the church too.”

“Now I’m starting to understand,” Craig said as Howard smiled.

“So I see, Craig.” Howard pulled into the Awlsport Café and ran in leaving Craig in the Hummer with his note pad writing. “What have you got there, Howard?”

Mind Blowing

       There are different family inheritance treasures, never the same, always interesting, once in a while you  think you know your relatives, then you discover their unknown secrets …  

      “Yep, I’ve always thought this would be a good area for a resort, since it is so close to Chi Town by way of US 41!” Craig was nodding his head as he started writing on the legal pad. “Notation made, your partner is in agreement. I can almost envision it. Can we walk around the property Howard? How many acres are there?” Craig asked.

“Sure got walking shoes on Craig?”

Howard asked as Craig looked down at his shoes, “Ah no, how about tomorrow for a walk?”

“Ok that’s better. You know I would like to walk that farm land too, see how it would fit a golf course Craig.”

“Ditto on that partner.”

“I’m not sure Jonesy about the acreage, our papers should tell us that exactly.”

“Ok I made a note. This is giving me a great idea here Howard. Resort possibility is endless here, let’s drive into town slowly.” Craig patted Howard’s back.

“Got it, you might want to jot down the corners, trust me it’s going to come in handy Craig.” Howard slowed down and pulled in an empty parking place.

“This corner of Center and James; I own north and south, Craig you own east and west.” “Howard you mean AJ Inc. owns this corner?”

“Yep, we own the property, not all the buildings, just like the bank building here on Ohio and Center, some of these businesses are on a 100 year lease. We just renewed some of them. The corner where the VFW is, Center and Main, we own the property and building.” Howard
said then looked over at Craig who was feverously writing as he was listening. Howard raised an eyebrow, and shift in his position in the seat with that sinister look of his he smiled.

Craig suddenly looked up at Howard, “What? This is mind blowing I had no idea. Gee why did we live in Waukegan, when we had all this here?” Craig was now scratching his head and shaking it. He gazed out the window in silence.

“Howard I had no idea. I’ve not found much about this in all the papers so far!”

Howard nodded his head and said “Craig that’s because your Dad had everything important put into my Dad’s safe.”

Craig eyes lit up as a wide smile formed on his face, “So he really did clean stuff out of the house before he closed it up!”

Howard smiled, “Yes Craig and when we get back I have something very interesting to
show you and Carla. Now let’s get those papers, it’s starting to rain, the walk will have to wait Craig.”


Promptly at 8, Howard pulled in with a big briefcase in hand. “Morning ready to learn, Craig?” Howard asked as he said, “Carla we need coffee and water, no interruptions, I’ll call your cell if we need you ok.”

“Yes, Mr. Awls.”

Craig and Howard walked into the library and closed the big oak pocket doors behind them. Craig sat at the big desk as Howard pulled up the gold library chair up to the front keyhole of the old oak desk to face Craig.

“So Howard tell me, just how dependent is this town on me?” Craig asked.

Howard suggested, “Grab a pen and legal pad partner.”

“This is more than the oil and gas wells then.”

“Yes sir it is!”

“Here is how we are so deeply involved.” Howard said pulling out a large binder from his big briefcase and putting it on the desk with a thud.

“Wow” Craig said as he closed his mouth. “Do I need to make copies of this?”

“Nope it’s your papers! This is what we have to go over and make sure that we have this set up as partners. This was in Dad’s safe, everything in there has your name on it already; your Father had transferred all of it to you when he got sick, all the proceeds have been in the trust fund. That is the Awlsport account I just showed you the other day.”

Howard laid down a report in front of Craig, “This is all current as of this morning?”

Craig looked up, “This is the Awlsport Bank account, but how come the dollars are higher than the other day Howard?” Craig asked as he looked over the report and went to his laptop.

“Craig this account fluctuates daily depending on what the wells production is and the price per barrel. When Dad first explained this, I drove myself nuts looking at it every day. Now once a month I look at it, then move some over when I need to.”

“OK!” Craig pushed back his chair and pointed to the table. “We had better move all this to the table so we can spread out. Let’s see how well I understand this, and get this into my gray matter Howard!”

“This may take all day Craig.” Howard said as he handed Craig his black & gold Mont Blanc roller ball pen.


“WHAT,” Craig shouted his eyes darting from Howard to Carla then to Allan. “No excuse me, just who are you talking about?” Craig asked Howard who said, “Craig you have been around all of the people involved all your life, you don’t notice what a stranger can see.”

Howard went over to Craig and touched his shoulder gently. “There’s a possibility that Michael Smith is your brother!” Craig jerked his head around and up at Howard with that terrible frown on his forehead.

“That frown that is on your forehead at this very moment is obviously a family trait! Carla picked up on, it after looking at Michael one afternoon when he was in a confrontation with Mrs. Smith. Craig we are still checking this out, but you need to be aware of this fact.”

“Jesus . . . How could that be Michael is what 25 and Mom passed in 1980, this does not make sense!” Craig’s face was red, his blood pressure was high, Carla handed him a glass of something. “Down this Craig” he did and puckered up and was shaking his head. “Damn Carla what the hell was that?”

Carla stood there with her hand on Craig’s shoulder for  a few minutes. Craig’s red face was fading and Howard nodded at her. Carla said, “Check his pressure Howard.”

“Almost back to normal, didn’t believe you Carla, but it really works. Jonesy you’re a medical miracle!” Howard said with a smile. “Water please, Carla!”

“Ok Howard, so we start talking about all this until we get it all out in the open, even if it takes all night and tomorrow until I can get my arms around all this.” Craig said as he looked at Howard and Allan.

“Craig, tomorrow morning I will be over and we’ll talk about AJ and JC and H & A. Dad is taking Carla golfing and to lunch, so you will both be up to speed. Ok?”

“Yes Howard, put please be gentle; this hard head is turning to mush this week with this information overload.” Craig looked up at the man in front of him, held out his hand and Howard took it, pulled  Craig into a bear hug “That I will promise Craig.”

“Everything’s going to be ok Craig, let’s get some sleep!” “Ok Carla, I sure hope your right. What was that you gave me anyway?” “Apple Cider Vinegar Craig, it’s an old remedy for high blood pressure.” Carla said running her hands over Craig’s back. “Oh another Granny thing” Craig asked, “Yes.”


Howard, Craig, and Carla climbed in the Hummer. “Now Howard, this is the time to talk!” Craig said holding Carla who was upset.

Howard replied, “Like I said Craig, I am your best friend, H&A Security is part Allan’s, and part AJ Inc., our company. Yes I have been looking after you a lot, it’s a precaution.”

“Why Howard” Carla asked. “It’s simple, Samuel is not the only one you need to be leery of Craig, and you too Carla. There are some very jealous people who would do anything to have what you two have, and I’m not just talking about the treasures!”

“We’re talking about this tonight aren’t we Howard?” Craig commanded, “Yes Jonesy, we are?” Craig turned to look behind them “So I see!”

Once all vehicles and passengers were all inside the house and gate shut, Carla and Mary Kate returned with a bottle of cognac and five snifters, “Let’s get this over with guys” Craig said pouring each a glass as the laptops where opened up.

Howard was running his fingers through his hair. Allan was looking out at the lake. Craig was making fists and frowning. “I thought we went through all this Sunday,” Craig asked.

“What, who, and why Allan” Carla asked. “Mark and Paula Smith; Samuel White and Aileen Fletcher for starters,” Howard answered Carla. “Craig you may also have a brother! Carla your gut feeling turned out correct. Craig, close your mouth please.” Allan stated.


Wednesday dinner at Turner’s was attended by, Mary Kate, Allan, Craig, Carla, Howard and to everyone’s surprise Samuel. The table ordered coffee and a Jack Daniels on the rocks. The women had their salads, the men steak sandwiches, Samuel a burger and another Jack Daniels on the rocks. The conversation was low key and mainly about weather and politics, after dinner Allan’s phone rang it was Marcus, “Hi guys I am here you may begin.”

Allan took control of the meeting, “Ok, the mystery emails we have been receiving for many years from Riddleman have all been coming from Samuel White. You Samuel have been tormenting and doing damage to our relationships for years with your joke emails and it must stop now. April S Riddle, A May Riddle, W June and C August where all from you. Samuel you’ve never changed you email address . . . the trail is still there.”

“Samuel, why have you been doing this? Furthermore, you never thought about the trail you left with these emails?” Marcus asked. “You lied to all of us.”

Carla sat there shocked with her mouth open, “I can’t believe you. Samuel you lied to me! Looked me in the eye and flat out lied. How can you call yourself a lawyer when you’re incapable of telling the truth?”

Craig stood up taking Carla’s hand, “Thank you for finding out the truth Allan, and thank you for the dinner. Marcus I will be talking with you tomorrow morning at 9 AM sharp. As for you Samuel, you are no longer my friend or my attorney!”

Howard stood up, “Big screw up Samuel, good bye!” “But Craig,” Samuel said, watching as Mr. and Mrs. Jones and Howard Awls left the restaurant.

“Allan, I,” Allan stopped Samuel. “No Samuel, don’t say another word. I believe I speak for everyone that was at this table. Your relationship with us is over.” “I agree. Good bye Samuel,” Marcus disconnected his phone. Allan and Mary Kate got up and left the waiter handed the check to Samuel.

Party Surprise

Left you hanging there, sorry but holiday memories got to me. 

It  is Craig and Carla wedding reception day , plus …

Carla went to her dresser, pulled out the Tiffany box, and handed it to Craig. “Open it Mr. Jones,” Craig was speechless . . . “These Sapphire cuff links and studs look a lot like your sapphire’s Mrs. Jones. I’m overwhelmed I’ve never had any real cufflinks!” Craig grabbed her in a deep embrace, “Thank you.”

“I’m glad you like them, I got them for you when we were in Vegas. Let me help you with those. There now you are dressed as the Lord of the Manor.” Carla placed the sapphire blue vest and bow tie on Craig as she grabbed a peak at the clock, she went for the lint roller, “Just a second there’s some lint on your pants there now you’re ready.”

They stood in front of their mirror all dressed and smiled “Mr. and Mrs. Craig Augustus Jones” Craig said as he smiled. “Look out world here we come!” Craig held out his arm for Carla to take as they headed to the stairs.

Howard and Tommy had already arrived at 11 with all his cameras. He would take the pictures of everyone with for the happy newlyweds. Flashes went off as the couple came on to the open landing at 11:15 AM. “Look Craig, the Corps has landed and they brought their families,” Carla said with a smile. “Their early” he said. “No they are right on time, Mr. Jones.”

Happy Birthday Craig,” everyone shouted. “How did you pull this off and when Carla,” Craig asked. “Later my husband go and enjoy your morning,” Carla said. Thinking to herself how easy this had been, thanks to Marcus’s help with the cake and her cell phone, she actually did surprise him.