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Solemn Day

The funeral was solemn and kept very low key. Carla and Craig went right after he finished working. They only wanted to talk with Mark’s parents. Neither of them really knew Paula’s family.

Howard made an appearance, acknowledging Mark’s parents. Craig and Carla ran into him as they were leaving, Howard nodded as they past. They did not want to stick around for any discussions or socializing.

As they were walking out, they ran into Blackie and Amy, “We need to talk a minute Craig.” Blackie looked around and said, “Follow me. Have either of you heard from Samuel?” He asked Craig.

“No, I released him from my employ, why” Craig replying with a questionable look at Blackie.

Carla answered as well. “Blackie I haven’t heard from him either.”

Blackie had his police face on. “Samuel didn’t show up for the court date either, he was listed as the Smith’s attorney. I’m just giving you two a heads up, Craig.”

“There are items that we found while searching their home. Mrs. Smith
may be bringing them to you Carla, just want you to be aware.” Amy said
taking Carla’s hand, “Call if you need to talk any time.”

“Thanks Amy, you too Blackie” Craig said as he took Carla’s hand and
headed to the BMW.

“Craig this is one nightmare I want it to go away really fast, but it keeps
returning!” Carla said as she started to tear up walking to the car, “I
know Honey. Let’s go home!”

Deep Trouble

“Samuel, how are you?” Mark asked as he answered his phone, walking out of the bedroom where he and Paula were talking.

“Are you in a quiet place to talk, I need to bring you up to speed on Craig?”

Samuel stated, waiting for Mark’s reply. “Yea I can talk now, what’s up? Paula and I are headed to our court dates tomorrow.”

“Here’s the scoop Mark; the bastard fired me, via a fucking voice mail. He didn’t even have the guts to tell me face to face!” Samuel was screaming into the phone.

“Why?” Mark inquired as he could hear something hit the floor.

“All Craig said was he doesn’t believe that I have his best interest at heart anymore and his life’s goals and agenda have changed. It’s Carla I just know it, she’s such a controlling bitch!”

“Wow Samuel, that’s some strong words.”

“She has taken control of our cash cow, watch yourself my friend . . . you know she has him wrapped around her finger. He even has the whole property set up with a security system and a big wrought iron fence. Now you have to ask to get on his property! What the hell, he’s acting like he’s…”

Mark imagined what Samuel looked like right now that balding head turning beat red and pacing the floor, he heard something break. “Samuel calm down. Surely, there is a logical explanation. There was an incident not too long ago.”

“But Howard didn’t do the fencing. I called and asked him. He said that was Craig’s business if he wanted to use someone else.”

“Samuel calm down, surely you have other client’s, just move on!”

“Mark you’re not listening to me damn It HE was my business . . . You can’t live on flimsy
divorce cases from nuts like Aileen, she said he would be worth it, and she was right. I focused on him only, this phone call from him cost me 50 K!”

“What? Samuel you have other clients?”

“NO MARK I’m warning you he’s become tighter than a . . .” “I’m leaving town!”

Mark started talking “But Samuel you’re representing us . . .”

The only sound was the dial tone Mark closed his phone, his legs giving way as he dropped down hard on the floor, and screamed out. “Shit, we’re in deep trouble Paula!”


Wednesday dinner at Turner’s was attended by, Mary Kate, Allan, Craig, Carla, Howard and to everyone’s surprise Samuel. The table ordered coffee and a Jack Daniels on the rocks. The women had their salads, the men steak sandwiches, Samuel a burger and another Jack Daniels on the rocks. The conversation was low key and mainly about weather and politics, after dinner Allan’s phone rang it was Marcus, “Hi guys I am here you may begin.”

Allan took control of the meeting, “Ok, the mystery emails we have been receiving for many years from Riddleman have all been coming from Samuel White. You Samuel have been tormenting and doing damage to our relationships for years with your joke emails and it must stop now. April S Riddle, A May Riddle, W June and C August where all from you. Samuel you’ve never changed you email address . . . the trail is still there.”

“Samuel, why have you been doing this? Furthermore, you never thought about the trail you left with these emails?” Marcus asked. “You lied to all of us.”

Carla sat there shocked with her mouth open, “I can’t believe you. Samuel you lied to me! Looked me in the eye and flat out lied. How can you call yourself a lawyer when you’re incapable of telling the truth?”

Craig stood up taking Carla’s hand, “Thank you for finding out the truth Allan, and thank you for the dinner. Marcus I will be talking with you tomorrow morning at 9 AM sharp. As for you Samuel, you are no longer my friend or my attorney!”

Howard stood up, “Big screw up Samuel, good bye!” “But Craig,” Samuel said, watching as Mr. and Mrs. Jones and Howard Awls left the restaurant.

“Allan, I,” Allan stopped Samuel. “No Samuel, don’t say another word. I believe I speak for everyone that was at this table. Your relationship with us is over.” “I agree. Good bye Samuel,” Marcus disconnected his phone. Allan and Mary Kate got up and left the waiter handed the check to Samuel.

Secret Treasurs book cover  412796_XLSometimes our lives get all tangled up, a twisted mess and we try to explain what’s happened only to have it backfire or not… 

Well as the say goes, shit happens, for better or worse. But how did this go from emeralds to ducks?

Blackie cleared his throat, “Now I have some other news. Mr. Willson was the head of the ring; fencing the coins as they came to him. He paid kids to check out places where he made appointments. Juan Lopez told us he sat on your deck one night and saw Craig pouring out cans of coins and that Carla was sitting at a computer with bills in front of her.”

Carla shivered “We didn’t see him, the blinds were pulled shut, right Craig?”

“Yes, unless he was sitting at an angle to see in,” Craig stated then stopped. “Carla remember when I stopped by that morning for breakfast, the duck call thing. You didn’t see me sitting right there till you opened the blinds all the way, but I saw you walk by,” he said and started to make a fist again.

Carla grabbed his fist and held it tight. “Carla I am so sorry, I put us at risk.”

“No one got hurt Craig, no harm no foul,” she laughed remembering that morning.

“Oh hush Carla. Blackie so what about the Coin Head Ring,” then Craig started to laugh. “Can’t compete with this story line,” Samuel said, “Please Blackie do tell. I can’t wait to hear about this duck story.”

Blackie was trying to keep a straight face. “They all confessed and you’re coins are here in my pocket. Your bank has received an all clear from us. We got Mr. Willson before he could get out of your apartment complex Carla; had him under surveillance for weeks. We knew he would be there, since his phone was tapped.”

Craig jumped up and took off up the stairs. Carla just sat there with her mouth open. “What the heck” then she heard it. Samuel and Blackie heard it too and realized what he must be doing. “Oh boy, we are going to hear the newest duck story. Samuel, you think this is like the duck hunting trip we took 5 years ago?”

Craig told the story fast. It was not as funny as the other hunting story that happened. That’s a good fireside story for Carla later tonight he thought.

Craig pulled Blackie aside. “What’s the latest on the other?”

“Later Craig now’s not the right time, too many ears.” Blackie said as he waved to Carla. “Night all” Blackie and Samuel left. Craig turned around and said, “Well that was short.”

Carla said “Well do I get to hear the other duck story?”

Craig smiled and put his arm around Carla’s shoulder, “Actually yes, I was in charge of waving this big black triangle piece of fabric. It was supposed to resembled, a duck or goose. I was sitting in a duck blind, with reeds and grass all around me. Howard yelled to lie down. That’s when I saw all the geese around me, and I was trapped till Howard shot off a few rounds and the geese flew away.”

Carla smiled and asked, “So did you get a bird Craig?”

“No my dear had to bring home KFC!” Carla giggled, “Guess you had to have been there.”

“Yes Carla, it’s not as funny as our story. Craig pulled her close into him with a hug “I like the outcome of our story better it was much more satisfying and better eating!”

“Whoa!” Carla turned beet red and fanned herself. “Sure glad you didn’t say that when we had company.”

Secrets  Cove left side Book option 7.15.2012   196 (2)                                     There are times when you don’t want to answer that unknown phone number, is this the call I’ve been waiting for or more bad news.   Friday’s call was bad news … but then you run into a good friend and hope springs forward again.  Its time to go back to Blackston Lake and see why the police just pulled up the drive…  Is this good news or bad.

Blackie and Samuel pulled into the driveway around 7 PM as dinner was finishing up. “Coffee anyone,” Carla asked as she greeted the men. Blackie looked at Craig, “Better make a pot Carla. Its business, thanks.”

“Hope the kitchen table is ok.” Craig asked clearing off the dishes and pulling out the coffee mugs. “I have no secrets from my bride.”

“Wonderful, by the way Craig everything officially now has Carla’s name on it.” Samuel smiled at Carla and Craig. “As for the ring situation Blackie will be going over that with you two. Please sit Carla.”

Carla was wondering what Samuel was doing there, then she remembered he was involved in the Coin Ring incident.

Craig looked at the others, “Is this good news or bad Blackie? I thought you said it was going to take a couple more days.” Blackie said, “It could have but Aileen was not who we all thought she was. Actually the disagreements were going on with your father and Aileen because, he found out who she really was.”

Craig looked at Blackie “What are you saying Blackie? Who or should I be asking you was Aileen?” Blackie went into Police mode “Amber Reanold aka, Alice Bergen aka, Aileen Fletcher is the woman you married Craig. Craig she’s the daughter of a con artist from Chicago; hence her reluctance to go there.”

Carla’s mouth dropped open as she heard this, she immediately straightened up, and closing her mouth listening intently to what Blackie had to say.

Craig said, “I remember, she said she was ill so I went alone. How does my father fit into all this, and is she the one who took the ring Blackie?”

Blackie sat up and started to explain what the Police had found. “Aileen had her finger prints all over the chest; she must have tried to move it and was spooked. Especially those drawers with the two empty ring Indentations, the emerald, and a larger oval ring print in the opal drawer. Craig how well do you remember your Grandmothers jewelry?”

Let’s See What Allan and Mary Kate Are Doing

Secret Treasurs book cover  412796_XL

Lake Michigan was really stirred up with large white caps as Allan looked out the window of his home on the beach in New Buffalo, lost in his thoughts and how really early it was for this type of winterish weather. “Back to work Allan Sullivan,” Mary Kate said gently as she walked up behind him, “You’re 100 miles away right now, what’s up?”

“Sorry, the stirred up lake somehow is reminding me of how turbulent Craig’s life has been for so many years. Now I am about to hand him another mess.” Mary Kate said “But this time he has Carla, and she’s his stability now.” Allan answered her reply, “My dear, you would not believe all the stuff Craig has had to endure.”

“Allan I’m here and you can use me for a sounding board if you like. Carla has been my best friend since I moved here and I want her happiness just as much as you want Craig’s.” Mary Kate pulled him away from the window.

“In fact Allan Sullivan, if it wouldn’t be for Carla and Craig getting together, we wouldn’t be together. Yes, we saw each other on many flights overseas. We worked together numerous times. It was our long hours of conversation on this past flight we ended up on together, that is what finally lit the fire.” Mary Kate smiled as she touched his hand, “Ironic isn’t it!”

“Yes Mary Kate, and who knows how we’ll end up. If we keep up like this we might just follow in their footsteps.” Allan stated holding her hand and gazing into her hazel eyes, he shook his head saying, “Back to work Miss Churchill!”

“Ok let’s get to this email business first. Later we can tackle the other battle of siblings’ legitimacy,” Allan ordered, while gazing at Mary Kate. “Ahem,” Allan regained his composure. “Check out the riddleman at xyz email address, where does it start Mary Kate? There are many of these old college email riddles from that address, back to the 1990’s. I can’t believe I actually saved all of these!”

Allan suddenly exclaimed, “Here’s one C August Riddle try that subject line?” “Wow, Allan we have the answer and you were so right on, Samuel White! Isn’t that Craig’s attorney and so called friend?” Mary Kate asked. “Yes the same one, and the one who played that nasty A May Riddle email trick on Craig a few months ago. That son of a bitch! Where’s my phone?” Allan shouted.

“Allan” Mary Kate hollered. “What?” Allan whipped his head around looking at her, realizing he was out of line, “Oh I’m so sorry, Mary Kate you were trying to get me focused again weren’t you?”

Yes! Calm down please, before you call Craig or anyone else please. We still have more information to get for Carla, remember . . . And we don’t want to spoil their big party. ”

“You are so right, let’s document this, and move on. How did you end up working with this stubborn man Mary Kate?” Allan asked looking at the lovely woman that was sitting next to him as Mary Kate patted his hand. “Guess the bureau knew we would be a good match. Oh what a match we have become!”

…I really want to know!

Secret Treasurs book cover  412796_XL

“So tell me about Samuel, and before you ask, yes I really want to know!”

“Samuel White is a few years older than all of us. He took Me, Mark and Joey under his wing our first year at U of I. We came to be friends when we found out we were from the Chicago area, think Samuel was from Skokie. He was a captain on the football team but I don’t remember his position.”

Craig tossed the empty water bottle towards the trash pile and downed the second bottle, wiped his forehead again and continued. “I lost track of Samuel for a while, then connected back with him in the Corps when he was my Staff Sergeant. I would see him around town and looked him up when I got Aileen’s note. Samuel is one of the strong silent types in our little Corps group.”

Carla started to make a statement, thought for a moment before she spoke. “When you needed an attorney, did you check into anyone else or just go to Samuel? Was Samuel always a prankster, Craig?” Craig stretched and said. “Yes, Samuel was a prankster. I went to Samuel for the divorce, I never checked into anyone else, lack of brain cells, too much of the old friend Jack Daniels at the time I guess.”

“Carla I think I have found something. Come over here please,” he said grinning. “Craig is that a chest of drawers?” “Yes my love,” Craig said smiling like a Cheshire cat. The chest was tall and narrow standing about four and a half feet, with drawers that where maybe three inches high, the wood was mahogany. “Open the drawers Carla,” Craig urged her.

“You can’t put much in this,” Carla said as she opened one of the drawers “Ohmigod, these are the most beautiful rubies, earrings, rings, pins, bracelet, and this necklace! Craig this must be your Grandmothers jewelry chest!”