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Table Talk

Dining with friends  you wonder if you should soak in all you hear, times you don’t know if you should reply or not.  Then part of the conversation sinks deep into your mind causing a smile, your mind navigates what this business talk is about. Friend and business partners talking about the value of your knowledge and ideas …

“Today’s special is stew and you can’t get it this good anyplace, don’t know what or who cooks this but it’s the best I’ve ever had, better than mine.” Craig dialed Carla “We’re bringing supper, set the table for 3.”

“Howard is this talk going to be a mind blower for Carla,” he asked.

“Not really, just some clarification for her as to how this is going to influence your lives Craig,” Howard said.

“Oh, so we need wine too?” Craig pointed to the liquor store.

“That probably would help, get a big bottle Craig, Bordeaux works perfect with
the stew.” Howard said nodding his head as he pulled in the lot.

Carla had put out placemats and set the utensils and glasses out, not knowing what Craig was bringing she just set plates down. She went back to watching one of the Thin Man movies on TCM. Thinking to herself, I really should find something to be doing besides sitting here watching a movie.Howard hit the horn as he pulled up to the door; she jumped and said, “Be still my heart,” she said opening the door.

“Howard you scared the crap out of me” Carla said as she went to pick up the throw that fell to the floor when she jumped up.

“Ah, caught you napping Mrs. Jones,” Craig inquired.

“No I was watching William Powell in the Thin Man till you scared me with that horn. Now I don’t know, who done it!” Carla took the remote and switched the TV off, “So what’s for supper?”

“Beef stew, salad, fresh baked bread and Bordeaux. Carla Awlsport Café makes the best stew, let’s eat shall we?” Howard stated.

“Well then I better get some bowls for the stew,” Carla said grabbing the bowls and
soupspoons. The dinner conversation was about Howard explaining all the new things
to be in the life of Craig and Carla for the next hour . . .

Howard finished his train of thought “So to put all this in a nutshell for you two Craig you and Carla are just as important as CA and Judith were all those years ago. After a few more weeks, you will understand all of the material in that binder. We’ll all sit down with James at that time.”

“Then what happens, Howard?” Carla asked sipping her wine.

Howard looked over at Craig and Carla and said “The Mayor, otherwise known to me as Dad and you two as James, will tell us all what we have to do next. I’m not sure but, I understand that he has plans for Awlsport and Blackston Lake that he hasn’t spoken about yet to anyone.”

That night Carla had to pull Craig away from his desk, which he went to after Howard left.

Craig kept putting his thoughts down about the resort and golf course; something told him this was part of what Howard had eluded to over dinner. It was an idea that would not leave his mind.

“Craig it’s almost 11, come on up to bed. The papers will wait, like Howard and James both said they have been waiting for years.

“You’re right Honey.”


        Remember that long vacation and how you felt the morning of your first day back to work …when you sort of had that brain freeze or blonde moment of reality setting in.

Monday morning started at 6:00 AM. “Carla we need to treat our week days as work days now, so how about some breakfast for this business man, otherwise known to you as your husband?” Craig announced walking out of the bathroom all dressed and smelling fresh.

Carla kicked off the covers and stood up. “Hmm L’Homme do I get a smooch and squeeze for motivation?” Carla went down to the kitchen started to fix sausage and ran back

“I at least need to brush my teeth, you slave driver.” Carla said laughing, as she ran back to the kitchen. Mental note to self—put toothbrush and mouthwash down here in the powder room.

“Breakfast is ready,” Carla said as she ran out and got the papers, thinking you had
better add sweats to the powder room.

Craig was standing at the door when she came back in with the papers. “Don’t go out there like that again Carla.” He smacked her behind shaking his head.

“I know I’ll make sure I have sweats down here to change into or how about if I wear my big fluffy red robe?”

Craig gave her a serious look “I don’t want any animals getting you, sweats will do,”
kissing her.

“Oh, I didn’t think about that.”

“Breakfast is good, thanks. What are you going to do today?”

“I’m going to start to learn how to be a housewife and I have a lot of work upstairs to do. Of course there are my ING jobs.” Craig tilted his head and gave her a look “the ing jobs” then it dawned on him. “Oh the washing, ironing, cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, cooking what else did I forget Carla?”

“Actually you did real well, just forgot the shopping and gardening. I haven’t figured out eating bonbon’s yet. I think that must be while you’re lying on the coach watching all the TV talk shows; or is it the soap operas.” Carla leaned over and kissed his cheek as Craig smiled.

“So Carla, Howard will be here shortly, you might want to dress!”

“Oh yeah” 15 minutes she returned “Better?”

“Much we need to do this every weekday it is back to reality time, ok?” Craig winked at her as Carla asked.

“Should I plan a lunch for the two of you?”

“Got something you can throw together in a minutes’ notice?”


“Then we’ll see how the day goes and play it by ear.” Craig went back to reading his newspapers.

Good News and Bad News

This winter has been rough on all of us; there is this flu bug, oh wait there’s this other bug too!  Oh and the flu shot isn’t working.  What’s a person to do.  Well personally you end up with one or the other or both…  Some time’s it may not be the bug.

You know what that’s what Carla was going through right after the vacation.  Only she couldn’t shake it.  Craig’s out-of-town and they talk back and forth on their cell phones.  My what did we do before the cell phones?

Craig’s had a voice in his head that kept saying ‘she needs you my son’.  Then there is a plane crash at Blackston Lake one morning, that voice and crash sends him running back up to Carla.

Junior go home she needs you. Craig kept hearing this voice all day Monday and it was later in his deep sleep that he heard Listen to me Craig Augustus Jones the III Carla needs you go home you little shit. Get your lazy butt out of the sack and home now! “Dad” Craig said sitting straight up in bed. It was 4 AM, he jumped in the shower, packed up his clothes, called Fred “I have to get home something is wrong”! At 6, he stopped at the Starbucks, grabbing a donut and a Grande with double shot and headed up I-65 for home.

Carla was feeling stronger, she fixed a little cereal and tea, turning on the TV, it was 6:45 AM. “If this stays down I’ll go in the office today”. There was a special news bulletin on so she turned up the volume as she sipped her tea. The usual spiel about ‘just in’ and then “we have just received notice that a small aircraft has crashed into a lake somewhere in the southern part of the city, we will be breaking in with any further information as soon as we have news.”

Carla grabbed the phone and hit redial “Craig have you been listening to the news”? Carla asked cautiously, anxious for his reply. “Yes I just heard about a plane crashing in a lake south of the city. I am trying to reach Howard or Tim right now. There is only one lake south of the city. Carla, I’m coming home right now! Honey I’ll call you back as soon as I have any information.” Craig hung up and Carla sat there praying the news had the wrong direction.

“Please God let everyone survive this accident.” Carla paced around the apartment picking up this and that, fluffing pillows and waiting.

An hour later the phone rang, “Carla everyone in our little town is ok and the pilot was the only one on the plane, Howard said he was ok, had some big bumps and cut up a little. He ran out of gas, coasted in on a prayer, and aimed for the field on the south side of the lake. Want to take a ride? I’m coming straight to you, should be 45 minutes.” “Sure Craig I’ll be ready.”

“I won’t be in Fred” her breakfast was gone already, “What is wrong with me”?

As usual, Craig was almost on time, but Carla wasn’t, she opened the door, Craig saw her red eyes and a tear drop on her cheek. “Carla, are you ok, what’s wrong honey”? Craig pulled her close to him “You’re shaking Carla, tell me what is wrong”? Craig was not sure what happened and that is when he saw the blood. “Carla where did this blood come from, honey are you hurt”? “Craig all of a sudden I got a terrible pain, the room started to spin, I think I lost our baby” Carla collapsed in his arms.

Craig gently picked up Carla in his arms grabbed her purse and walked out the door locking it behind them. “Oh God please let Carla be ok she is my whole life now, God” he said softly as he shut her car door. The hospital was only two miles away; he pulled up to ER and ran in behind the orderly.

Craig called Allan he was crying “I don’t know what’s wrong” “Craig what hospital, Carpenter ER” “I’m on my way, strength and prayer Craig”. Craig started to pace that’s when he say Mary Kate “Craig, don’t know if you remember me”? “I do, you’re Mary Kate right”? “Yes, Roger, my cousin just called telling me something had happened to Carla”. “How did he know”? “Her gown Craig, the blood stain. What happened”? “She thinks she lost our baby”! Craig started to cry Mary Kate put an arm around him, and they sat there waiting for the doctor.