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We left the house on the hill residence with a house full of friends having breakfast. All wondering what all these fancy wrapped gifts from the wedding reception could be and why.  Unwrapping the surprise is where we begin…        girls were busy unwrapping and documenting the gifts and cards.

Allan walked over to Craig “There is so much food! What on earth is all this.” “Well Craig and Carla you have the pleasure of awarding all this food to the church pantry.” Howard said butting in and nodding his head to Allan.

Blackie joined in “What you have before you is Aunt Agie’s Magic. You see anytime there is a big wedding or any celebration here in Awlsport and the Café is involved, Aunt Agie turns herself into Santa’s little helper. If you will look in last week’s paper Craig, you will find an announcement for a food drive.” Blackie asked.

“Sure what day, Blackie” Craig asked as Tim chimed in. “It’s usually Sunday’s paper.” Craig handed it to Blackie, “Here you go.” He soon handed the page back to Craig who read it aloud. “It says here Food Drive please have all items boxed together, wrapped for a special occasion and brought to the Awlsport Café on August 24th.”

Craig looked at Tim. “That fit what you found out yesterday Tim.” “Actually this says it all” Tim handed a paper to Craig for him to read to all, “It says Craig and Carla’s wedding reception, please come help us celebrate. Well that answers that question.”

“So Mrs. Smith does this all the time for the church’s food pantry?” Carla asked. “She takes in all sorts of other things for the church as well,” Mary said answering Carla.

Mary Smith explained to Carla “Yes. We all take our old items there when they are no longer of use or just get tired of them. No Goodwill here, everyone donates to the church, summer is a very good time, and the neighbors around the lake leave a lot. I help the church with collection and distribution.”

“Now, you know why Mrs. S made an appointment with you for today,” Howard said. “I guess we had better help the girls out here. I just saw Santa’s sleigh pull up the drive,” Blackie said.

“Craig will you please come with me to greet Mrs. S,” Carla said holding out her hand. “Afternoon Mrs. S won’t you please come in,” Craig offered her his arm. “My goodness what do we have here?” Mrs. S said as she walked in the door.

“Gigs up Aunt Agie,” Blackie said. “Ok, so I can’t fool you guys anymore but we can still have parties and food drives right?” Mrs. S asked as Blackie and Tim went over to her “Of course, but we have to change things.”

Blackie spoke first, “I was thinking we could do this for Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day picnics. We could put a big notice in the paper and even have a raffle with the proceeds going to the church pantry.”

Tim took over, “Aunty I thought of a great fund raiser ‘A Bake Sale’. I understand we have a new neighbor that is wonderful in the kitchen.”

Mrs. S stood up and hugged her nephews. “Does this mean you would all be able to help?” Everyone said, “Of course.” Agie just stood there all smiles and clapping her hands like a little girl would over a new doll “Oh thank you all.”

“Ok boys; let’s get this sleigh loaded up. Mrs. S. where does this need to be delivered today,” Howard asked. “Over to the ‘The Children’s Home’ please Howard.” Agie’s voice suddenly turned to Mrs. Smith as Carla wondered if anyone else noticed that as much as she did.

Wouldn’t it make our world much better if we had more Aunt Agie’s or if you want you can call her Mrs. S

Where Did This Come From?

Back to Blackston Lake, we find Craig and Carla having their wedding reception after Craig’s surprise birthday celebration that morning.  I didn’t bother to include the pages of info about who and what was going on during both.

Reason for this is because there was something going on in the background. Gifts are being brought in by people Craig and Carla don’t know. We’ve heard of wedding crashers but these people are a little different…

Tim finds a note on the door of the Awlsport Café.  “Thanks Tim, I kind of thought that was what brought in these unfamiliar faces,” he said.

“But they all brought a gift Craig. Tim is this some sort of tradition here?”

Mary joined them “Yes Carla, Mrs. Smith did her magic again.”

“Mary what do you mean?” Carla asked. “Oh now I remember,” Craig said. “I’ll tell you later Carla. Thanks Mary, Tim” Craig said.

Mary leaned over “We’ll be over at 10 tomorrow to help, Carla.”

See You Later

The birthday party was a surprise for Craig Jones that morning, walking out on the landing in his white tuxedo shirt with the sapphire blue button studs, cufflinks and tie. His bride in her white dress.. ready to head out to their wedding reception.   Only to hear all his buddies yelling SURPRISE. 

Ok you know about birthday parties, especially with a bunch of guys who grew up together and were 47in the Marine Corps.  So I’m not going to bore you with the details of the cake being cut with a sword, a Nerf football flying through their house… 

What I am going to do is say the rest of this chapter we started is all about their wedding reception, people dancing and eating you know all about that right? 

See you in a few days.

Party Surprise

Left you hanging there, sorry but holiday memories got to me. 

It  is Craig and Carla wedding reception day , plus …

Carla went to her dresser, pulled out the Tiffany box, and handed it to Craig. “Open it Mr. Jones,” Craig was speechless . . . “These Sapphire cuff links and studs look a lot like your sapphire’s Mrs. Jones. I’m overwhelmed I’ve never had any real cufflinks!” Craig grabbed her in a deep embrace, “Thank you.”

“I’m glad you like them, I got them for you when we were in Vegas. Let me help you with those. There now you are dressed as the Lord of the Manor.” Carla placed the sapphire blue vest and bow tie on Craig as she grabbed a peak at the clock, she went for the lint roller, “Just a second there’s some lint on your pants there now you’re ready.”

They stood in front of their mirror all dressed and smiled “Mr. and Mrs. Craig Augustus Jones” Craig said as he smiled. “Look out world here we come!” Craig held out his arm for Carla to take as they headed to the stairs.

Howard and Tommy had already arrived at 11 with all his cameras. He would take the pictures of everyone with for the happy newlyweds. Flashes went off as the couple came on to the open landing at 11:15 AM. “Look Craig, the Corps has landed and they brought their families,” Carla said with a smile. “Their early” he said. “No they are right on time, Mr. Jones.”

Happy Birthday Craig,” everyone shouted. “How did you pull this off and when Carla,” Craig asked. “Later my husband go and enjoy your morning,” Carla said. Thinking to herself how easy this had been, thanks to Marcus’s help with the cake and her cell phone, she actually did surprise him.