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         Ever have one of those days when you said a word and realized to late how stupid that statement was…

Tuesday morning the Centerville Police Department rolled out of the lot with Detective Black’s car in the lead followed by two other squad cars plus a forensic van, destination was the residence of Mark Smith.

A couple of hard knocks on the door brought Mark out of his fixation of the movie on TV he opened the door as Blackie switched on his recording device. “Mark Smith, my I come in.” Blackie smelled the Jack Daniels on Mark’s breath and made a mental note of the time on his recorder. “Sure Blackie, what brings you around at 8 AM, get lost?”

“Mark Smith I am Detective Black here on official business for the Centerville Police Department. Have you been drinking already this morning Mr. Smith?” No reply, was received so Detective Black continued, “You failed to report an automobile accident on private property.” Detective Black just waited to see what he would say.

After several minutes and no explanation Detective Black continued “Craig Jones is pressing changes for damages to his property at #1 East Lake Road where you hit and damaged his fencing and mailbox with your car, which was still sitting there as of two days ago, Mr. Smith!”

Still no reply from Mark “You have also been stalking his residence and his wife Carla Sharp Jones. I need to see all of your cameras Mark and your memory disks. Shall we go get them peacefully Mr. Smith or do I need to call in the officers waiting outside!”

“Ok Blackie. Who put you up to this joke, is it for the MDA or some organization, here’s a 20 dollar bill!” At that immediate moment Mark said that statement he regretted it. The doors all opened and the house was full of police. “Oh fuck.”

Paula Smith came running into the room in a rage, frying pan in her hand, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing Blackie Riddle.” She screamed as she swung her hand at him and was  immediately hand cuffed by Officer Samuels as the others cuffed Mark.

Blackie’s Dilemma

You’ve already talked with a co worker, but it wasn’t enough…

Who do you go to when you are facing a rough situation revolving around a friend?

Blackie closed the office door, he turned around to his friend, the Chief “Carl this is one case I wish you had and not me.”

“I know Blackie, I know only too well, I was in your shoes on a case years ago just like this it was my screwed up cousin it really sucks. We’ll go out for a coffee and talk, just say the word” Chief Carl Wakesky patted Blackie on the back.

“You got a date Chief, you’re friendship is always appreciated can we go right now?”

“Yes, if that’s what you need let’s take an early lunch Blackie you drive.”

“I really need to talk this one out!”

The Chief and Detective grabbed their coats “We’re out of contact for an hour unless emergency

Samuels, you’re in charge.”


Detective Black

   How would you feel? You have to dig deep into a friends life, after seeing another friends secrets revealed… 

What a position Detective Black is in, follow his actions as the lead on Carla’s stalking case.

Inside the Centerville Police Department, Detective Black and Officer Samuels were putting all the pieces together with the evidence they had acquired from Mark Smith’s car and his stalking of Carla Sharp Jones.

“Guys this is one case I really don’t relish being lead on.” Detective Black remarked. “But the Chief said that you were the only one to lock the door on this, what’s the problem?” Sam asked as he waited for Blackie to reply. “I know the perpetrator personally, never thought I was going to have to arrest him!”

“Blackie, so you know the Joneses as well as this Mark Smith, gosh no wonder you’ve been looking at this case so hard, this sucks!” “Yes Sam it really does. Pull credit card receipts on him and bank statements for the past five years, see if we can place him at the Grill a lot, especially late at night on the weekends. Any word from forensics’ on the car, house, or photos,” Blackie asked.

“Oh Samuels, come here, I need to ask you a question” Blackie asked his friend “Does Mrs. Jones look familiar to you? She thinks you may have come to her rescue or are acquaintances from around the Grill area of Centerville.”

Sam sat and thought before he answered. “Well I must admit she does look familiar, did she live in the apartments over by the Grill the Oakhill on Inland. There were several calls from a single blonde hair lady that lived on the second floor. Early morning calls like 3 or 4 am. Some drunk knocking on her door tall skinny dude a couple times, other times it was a guy who lived next door why Blackie?”

“Thought she recognized you that’s all. Tall skinny dude, look like this guy?” Blackie laid down the picture of Mark Smith in front of Sam.  “Possibly, is this Mark Smith Blackie” Sam asked. “Yep.”

“Black my office please,” Chief Wakesky asked. “Yes Chief.” “I just received a call from Chicago, Jake Covertry and Adam Covertry, have both offered their testimony in this case. Please tell me how you managed to bring Jake Covertry on this?”

Blackie took a deep breath and smiled at Chief Wakesky “He’s was identified by the victim in some of the photos from the car. Seems Jake and AC both have had many confrontations with Mark Smith about harassing Mrs. Jones.”

“Well ok then we can’t blow this one with the Great Jake Covertry willing to testify. Gather everyone you need and don’t leave anything in that house that could blow this Blackie, got it?” “Yes Chief we’re heading out tomorrow morning I have just received the warrants.”


     Your deepest thoughts and secrets you’ve guarded so carefully, suddenly out there. Do you pray and plea forgiveness for what you think is your tragic life… only it turns out to be a trigger for the memory for another.  The next thing flying thought in your mind.

Will he still love me?  ??????????

Carla leaned into Craig with a kiss and hug keeping her head on his shoulder she said, “I should have told you about this before we got married, but I never thought this would ever be revealed, it was so long ago.”

Craig pulled her closer and rubbed her back as he kissed her, “Carla that’s why he looked so familiar and you know what, I think I remember you from the Grill, you served us one night, seeing these old pictures, reminded me. I still wore my uniform, because it was just before I got out of the service. I had met Mark there to talk about going to work for Standard on one of his boys’ night out away from Paula.”

Craig snickered then continued his train of thought “You know even back then Paula was gossip queen. It’s a small world isn’t it babe,” Craig hugged her and planted a soft kiss.

“Craig you are the only man I have ever loved, and will ever love. Take me up stairs and love me like I hope you still want to.”

Craig smiled “No problem there, I’ve always wanted you Carla from the first time I saw you I was in lust. Your wishes Carla Marie Sharp Jones, I will always grant” the wine glasses where set down and Craig carried Carla up to their room.