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Where’s Summer Gone?

2013 Summer is almost over, and I’m finding myself wondering where the past 3 months went.

I know I was working a few days a week for the past couple months.  It was wonderful seeing so many people every day and sharing in their adventures, trials, and joys.

I’ve had a few wonderful weekend mornings of enjoying my little patio and nature.  Meet a lot of new people, I hope to have in my life for quite some time. Just can’t shake the feeling that I am still missing something in your life?

I am in that state of what’s missing right now. I’ve change my office décor,  cleaned the house thoroughly..

Should I run away for a few days.  Or read a new book and ignore everything around me, but that doesn’t feel like what I need to do.   I’m willing to face the fact that isn’t what I’m missing.

I realize now that it’s companionship, the face to face of loved ones and the friends that I see on Facebook and read about in all my email.   That’s what is missing in my life, all of you.

LIBRA Tilt-A-Whirl

Remember riding on a tilt-a-whirl… Now you know how the Libra feels when those scales get tilted.

That’s sort of how this Libra’s life has been for the past couple weeks.  Actually it’s sort of been since the start of August.  Having to constantly change the day around, mostly for the better.  Then there’s the personal changes…   I’m getting dizzy.

Anyway, I’m working on getting the scales level again. So stay with me, as I manage to get the changes to my Blog set up for the new book.  Secret Treasures Of Blackston Lake.

For those fans out there, thanks.   Look for the update by Sunday… fingers crossed it’ll be done.


Craig and Carla are in the airport and their name is called over the PA. Only three people know where they are headed. Craig made sure to watch the limo pull away with Mark and Paula, somewhat mystified at being left.

“Mr. and Mrs. Craig Jones please go to the British Airways Lounge party is waiting there”. “What” Craig looked at Carla “Don’t look at me, Mary Kate went home, maybe she here”? “Mary Kate hi”, Carla hugged her and turned around as she was tapped on the shoulder “Allan”! “Craig, Carla you both look beautiful, marriage is agreeing with you two. We just landed”.

“How did you know we where here Allan”? “Howard, it’s a long story which we can talk about later. We’re driving back together so we have some time to talk. How was the wedding, there’s a little bistro close to the gates you leave from let’s go there, shall we”? Allan took Mary Kate and Craig took Carla, to a pleasant surprise visit with their best friends.

At 8:50 they were on a flight for Miami and Key Largo’s Grande Hilton. Mrs.  Jones got her wish swimming and walking the beaches the Atlantic in the morning and the Gulf in the evening.

If you want to know the rest you’re just going to have to read it…  page 243


You just need to let your imagination go about the honeymoon in Vegas, all I will say is Mr. & Mrs. Jones were unavailable by door or phones for 2 days.

Craig made reservations for their get away that only 3 other people knew about before they connected back with Mark and Paula.  They packed all they could into the last day with Mark and Paula and took the red-eye back to Chicago.

On the ground Craig made sure about the changed arrangements with the limo driver as he removed their luggage and placed it on a cart, Craig handed him a 50 dollar bill “Thank you”. “Yes Mr. Jones, instructions understood, and congratulations”!

“See you later”! They waved as Craig and Carla disappeared inside the terminal at O’Hare. Leaving Mark and Paula standing at the limos door with their mouths open. “What they just left us here”!

The limo driver spoke “I have instructions to take you to the Delta in Carpenter for breakfast and then to your residence Mr. Smith”. Mark and Paula just looked at each other dumbfounded!