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Goodbye Samuel

  So you’ve just heard about someone you trusted has betrayed you, adding to that gut wrenching feeling you, found out you may have a brother.    Personally don’t think I could sleep, could you?  Read on how Craig Jones handles this latest development in his life.

Tossing and turning all night, Craig finally got up at 4:30 AM going down to his library and closing the door. Craig thought, shit I hate this but I have to do it today. He turned on the hand held recorder and dialed the phone, placing the call he had been dreading.
“Mr. Samuel White, This is Craig Augustus Jones the III. I have to inform you that I will no longer be using your services. I do not believe that you have my best interest at heart anymore and my life goals and agenda have changed. Thank you for your services.
Please forward all documents and personal items to my residence at
#1 East Lake Road, Awlsport, IN forthwith.”
He turned off the recorder, thinking to himself. I used to value your
advice and your friendship but you are not who I thought you were
Samuel, you betrayed me!
Craig turned his chair to the window and sat there with his hands folded
and watched as the sunrise developed and said. “Oh Lord, My Maestro,
erase my sadness and paint me some joy, thanks for putting Carla in my
life to show me who my real friends are.”
“Craig,” Carla said knocking softly on his door. “Yes honey, you can
come in perfect timing coffee and my sugar!” He wrapped his arms
around her and nibbled on her neck causing her to moan and squirm.
“Morning” she said softly, “I missed you.” “No problem I’m here now,”
kissing her as he backed her up to the sofa . . .


“WHAT,” Craig shouted his eyes darting from Howard to Carla then to Allan. “No excuse me, just who are you talking about?” Craig asked Howard who said, “Craig you have been around all of the people involved all your life, you don’t notice what a stranger can see.”

Howard went over to Craig and touched his shoulder gently. “There’s a possibility that Michael Smith is your brother!” Craig jerked his head around and up at Howard with that terrible frown on his forehead.

“That frown that is on your forehead at this very moment is obviously a family trait! Carla picked up on, it after looking at Michael one afternoon when he was in a confrontation with Mrs. Smith. Craig we are still checking this out, but you need to be aware of this fact.”

“Jesus . . . How could that be Michael is what 25 and Mom passed in 1980, this does not make sense!” Craig’s face was red, his blood pressure was high, Carla handed him a glass of something. “Down this Craig” he did and puckered up and was shaking his head. “Damn Carla what the hell was that?”

Carla stood there with her hand on Craig’s shoulder for  a few minutes. Craig’s red face was fading and Howard nodded at her. Carla said, “Check his pressure Howard.”

“Almost back to normal, didn’t believe you Carla, but it really works. Jonesy you’re a medical miracle!” Howard said with a smile. “Water please, Carla!”

“Ok Howard, so we start talking about all this until we get it all out in the open, even if it takes all night and tomorrow until I can get my arms around all this.” Craig said as he looked at Howard and Allan.

“Craig, tomorrow morning I will be over and we’ll talk about AJ and JC and H & A. Dad is taking Carla golfing and to lunch, so you will both be up to speed. Ok?”

“Yes Howard, put please be gentle; this hard head is turning to mush this week with this information overload.” Craig looked up at the man in front of him, held out his hand and Howard took it, pulled  Craig into a bear hug “That I will promise Craig.”

“Everything’s going to be ok Craig, let’s get some sleep!” “Ok Carla, I sure hope your right. What was that you gave me anyway?” “Apple Cider Vinegar Craig, it’s an old remedy for high blood pressure.” Carla said running her hands over Craig’s back. “Oh another Granny thing” Craig asked, “Yes.”

Family Discussion

Secret Treasurs web pg 4.18.13 book cover  412796_XL

Mark is taken away in the ambulance from his fall and accident. The household is getting back to a calm status. Craig, Carla and Howard sit drinking coffee.

“Jeez what a morning,” Howard said running his hands through his hair and sat down on the stool. “Howard, I think today we should have that family discussion about how you and I are so connected. Carla thinks you’re her personal body guard,” Craig said laughing. “Can we buy you breakfast, partner?” Craig asked as Howard looked up “Yes Craig, you can, I’m famished.”

“I heard that. Craig you hit the shower. Howard, relax with a cup of hot coffee. I’m cooking!” Carla said smiling at Howard, “It would be my pleasure Mrs. Jones,” Howard said. “I’ll be right back,” Craig said as he ran up the stairs. “So what are we cooking Carla?” Howard asked as Carla proceeded to fix breakfast and talk to Howard. “My Granny’s fried breakfast scramble. It’s onions, home fries, crispy bacon, eggs, and cheese; I’m starved.”

Howard watched her work sipping his coffee and made a comment “Adrenalin will make you that way, so will stress. How’s your heart rate now?” he asked. “I’m ok, Howard.” Craig said, “I’m back put me to work.” “Jeez did the water even get hot Craig,” Howard asked. “NO just lukewarm, you’ll like this dish.”

Over breakfast Howard spoke, “Carla, soon you will be able to really understand why, I seem to be your body-guard. Briefly Carla, my family and Craig’s have been meshed together for almost a century. We are partners, both important to each other and this town. It will all make sense later when all of us sit down and go through all this. Craig, even you will finally understand why I’m your big brother. Today none of us need that.”

“Is this clearing up the curiosity of Howard and me now, Carla?” Craig asked. “Yes I am starting to understand, thanks Howard” Carla smiled and touched his hand. “Ok then I need a nap, talk with you two later, thanks for breakfast.” Howard said as he stood up to leave.

Howard turned to Craig “Oh as you have probably figured out already, I have a key to the house,” he laid it on the table. Craig replied as he walked him out. “Howard you’re the only one I trust to have that key, keep it for emergency purposes.”

A Beautiful Day Turned Tragic

A beautiful January day on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. The conference that was suppose to be so enlightening suddenly turned into a shaking, whirling carousel for Carla Sharp. She walked out of the hotel, started across Michigan Avenue and was suddenly frozen, unable to move in the middle of Chicago’s busiest street. What is happening to me, I can’t walk, I feel like I am a statue, I have to get off this street but I can’t move! She felt a strong arm around her waist and another arm and hand on her right arm.

“Its ok, Carla its Mark let me help you cross the street”.

She whipped her head around and glanced up and saw her friend and co-worker Mark Smith, she went limp in his arms as he whisked her up. Carrying her across the street to a park bench at the corner, he gently patted her cheeks and she came to.

“What in the world just happened did we have an earthquake, I felt my whole body spin and shake, I couldn’t move”? Carla looked toward Mark dazed and said, “Oh thank you Mark, I could have been hit out there.”

Carla was shaking her head very fast as if she was trying to shake off a bug.

“Carla, are you all right, you just stopped in the middle of the intersection. You didn’t turn your head just starred straight ahead that is when I came running out and helped you. The color just drained out of you and you fainted. Do you feel ok? Should we get an ambulance? ”

Mark looked around for a place to get out of the cold.

“There’s a café right around the corner. Let’s go in there and get something warm to drink while you get your bearings back.”

Mark helped her up, holding her waist and arm, he was afraid she might fall. Inside the café, Mark ordered two coffees for them and when Carla started to shake, he sat next to her putting his arm around her.

“Carla we need to get you to a doctor, I don’t like the symptoms you’re having.”

“Mark, I don’t feel like myself at all. I don’t know what just happened to me out there in the street, but I will admit it’s got me scared. Here we are in a beautiful city and I feel like I am in a snow globe that someone keeps shaking!”

Mark motioned for the waiter and asked where the nearest hospital was; the waiter left for a moment, quickly returning.

“There is a cab pulling up out front for you, he will take you to the hospital it’s only a few blocks away.”

The Emergency Room was not busy when they arrived; several doctors checked Carla. After all the tests where done Mark called Craig about what had happened and why he wasn’t at the bar.

“Is she ok Mark” Craig asked.

“I think so, get us a table in the Bistro, I think we should be out of here in a few minutes, the Doctor is coming towards me now” Mark said as the Doctor told him he could go back and sit with her while they waited for the results.

“Mark, I want to thank you for your help, I am glad you were on the corner and so observant. You might just have saved my life today, thanks.” She offered her hand and Mark squeezed her hand as he smiled at her.

“You’re going to be ok Carla!”

When the doctors came back in Mark stood up, shook hands with him, and thanked him for his help.

“Miss Sharp, it appears from everything we have checked and tested for, you had a panic attack; and from what you have told us at a very inopportune place. Thankfully, Mark came along when he did. You where very lucky, I’m going to suggest that you go back to your hotel, take a long hot shower or bath and one of each of these pills that I am giving you. These are going to relax you and help you sleep. Tomorrow you should feel like your normal self.”