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Did you and Aileen…

This attic has become quite a pocket of surprises for Carla along with memories for Craig; silver pieces in one big chest, while a smaller one holds stocks certificate and bonds, until he flips it over and a small bag falls out…

“What’s this,” he opened it as Carla came up behind him “Ohmigod, those are the biggest fire opals I have ever seen Craig!” Carla ran her fingers over them, “Oh their so dry, I’ll be right back.” She had coconut oil in her hand and began to rub the stones with it. “Carla, what on earth are you doing?” Carla replied, “Craig opals are very fragile and they need to be kept oiled, otherwise they will chip and break, so I’m putting coconut oil on them as I have to do with all of the ones in the jewelry chest.”

They started to clean up the mess “Somehow I know my Dad had no idea this was all up here,” Craig said. “Achoo.” “Bless you Honey.” Carla spoke, “Maybe he did Craig, and he sold all the furniture on the first floor, covered up everything upstairs. Craig you said he would not let you buy the house. If I remember you said something about him not trusting Aileen.” Carla continued cautiously, “So if he suspected you were in a bad marriage, he might have caught her up here snooping around. That would possibly explain why he sold the stuff downstairs and locked up the house.”

Carla had the audacity to ask, “Did you and Aileen come up here for any time before he closed the house?” Craig tilted his head and looked at Carla. “Yes one weekend right after we were married, just before Dad closed up the house and sold what was downstairs. We were going out on the boat, but Aileen said she wasn’t feeling well and stayed here alone.” Craig slammed his fist on the chest with a deep growl, startling Carla.


What’s This Mess About?

Secret Treasurs web pg 4.18.13 book cover  412796_XL You’ve meet Craig’s friends, two are important in his life, Howard and Allan, of the two Allan has known Craig the best, since age 4.

You’re realizing that Allan’s been through the tragic times in Craig’s life. Howard has been there for all of Craig’s summer life.

Now Howard has Allan investigating things that will affect Craig’s life forever.

The phone rang. “Allan its Howard how’s the email issue going?” Allan cleared his throat, “Pretty much solved that, it was Samuel again. How are things at Blackston Lake?” Howard answered, “Am I calling at a bad time Allan?” “No you’re ok Howard.” “Blackston Lake is coming along, I was wondering about the timing of our talk with Craig. Can we wait till after their reception party?”

“Actually Howard that would be perfect we’ll be there anyway, will plan on Sunday then! Oh by the way how’s the Craig and Michael sibling issue coming along, Howard?” Howard answered, “Allan, it is too soon to tell right now they may just be cousins.” “Interesting?”

Let’s See What Allan and Mary Kate Are Doing

Secret Treasurs book cover  412796_XL

Lake Michigan was really stirred up with large white caps as Allan looked out the window of his home on the beach in New Buffalo, lost in his thoughts and how really early it was for this type of winterish weather. “Back to work Allan Sullivan,” Mary Kate said gently as she walked up behind him, “You’re 100 miles away right now, what’s up?”

“Sorry, the stirred up lake somehow is reminding me of how turbulent Craig’s life has been for so many years. Now I am about to hand him another mess.” Mary Kate said “But this time he has Carla, and she’s his stability now.” Allan answered her reply, “My dear, you would not believe all the stuff Craig has had to endure.”

“Allan I’m here and you can use me for a sounding board if you like. Carla has been my best friend since I moved here and I want her happiness just as much as you want Craig’s.” Mary Kate pulled him away from the window.

“In fact Allan Sullivan, if it wouldn’t be for Carla and Craig getting together, we wouldn’t be together. Yes, we saw each other on many flights overseas. We worked together numerous times. It was our long hours of conversation on this past flight we ended up on together, that is what finally lit the fire.” Mary Kate smiled as she touched his hand, “Ironic isn’t it!”

“Yes Mary Kate, and who knows how we’ll end up. If we keep up like this we might just follow in their footsteps.” Allan stated holding her hand and gazing into her hazel eyes, he shook his head saying, “Back to work Miss Churchill!”

“Ok let’s get to this email business first. Later we can tackle the other battle of siblings’ legitimacy,” Allan ordered, while gazing at Mary Kate. “Ahem,” Allan regained his composure. “Check out the riddleman at xyz email address, where does it start Mary Kate? There are many of these old college email riddles from that address, back to the 1990’s. I can’t believe I actually saved all of these!”

Allan suddenly exclaimed, “Here’s one C August Riddle try that subject line?” “Wow, Allan we have the answer and you were so right on, Samuel White! Isn’t that Craig’s attorney and so called friend?” Mary Kate asked. “Yes the same one, and the one who played that nasty A May Riddle email trick on Craig a few months ago. That son of a bitch! Where’s my phone?” Allan shouted.

“Allan” Mary Kate hollered. “What?” Allan whipped his head around looking at her, realizing he was out of line, “Oh I’m so sorry, Mary Kate you were trying to get me focused again weren’t you?”

Yes! Calm down please, before you call Craig or anyone else please. We still have more information to get for Carla, remember . . . And we don’t want to spoil their big party. ”

“You are so right, let’s document this, and move on. How did you end up working with this stubborn man Mary Kate?” Allan asked looking at the lovely woman that was sitting next to him as Mary Kate patted his hand. “Guess the bureau knew we would be a good match. Oh what a match we have become!”

Tell Me All About Howard, Craig

If you’ve been following this story of Carla and Craig, you know how many times Howard has been involved in events at Blackston Lake. So you deserve to find out about his relationship with Craig.

Secret Treasurs book cover  412796_XL

“Howard. He is the ‘Old Man’ of the Corps Group, only by 5 years. Blackie and he are the same age. Of course, since his name is Awls, he helped take care of all of us. That is where he got the nickname. Carla he’ll answer to Old Man but don’t ever call him Howie. That makes him really mad!” Craig said finishing his coffee.

“I’d never dream of calling him that, he’s not the type to be called Howie, that doesn’t fit him.” Carla smiled as she thought of Howard as a Howie and giggled.

“Defensive linemen lettered in football at U of I after he graduated, he went to Europe or  somewhere to study sculpture for a year, then he joined the Corps. Ending up with all of us, he knows us too well. Howard has always been a big brother, always watched over us. Howard married Anna while he was abroad and they had Tommy. They were expecting their second child shortly after his stint in the Marines. The baby was still-born and he lost Anna as well, that’s a very touchy subject with Howard, Carla, so be careful.” Craig got quiet. “Thanks for telling me that,” Carla said.

“Howard told me the other day,” Craig cleared his throat “How much you remind him of Anna, I think that’s why he’s taken on being your body-guard. Baby, you have nothing to worry about  with that knucklehead Mark. Howard is a gentle giant! Tommy’s his main focus now and he seems to be doing a bang up job raising him, oh and he’s my business partner, those details will come someday soon!”

Craig filled up his glass of water and downed it, and went over to look out at the lake; Carla sensed he was remembering something, so she just watched him from the doorway. I know what memories will do, best to leave him alone.

“Back to work,” Carla said as she headed back up the stairs. Craig walked back to the stairs taking two at a time and caught up to her. “Sorry, I was having a buddy moment!” Craig admitted. “That’s what I thought, my fault,” Carla’s hands where full of more cleaning supplies.

 “Now let’s get this chest out here and see what we have.” Craig said pulling another big chest out of the attic doorway. “Carla, you clean these off and I’ll get the other one out here.” Carla started to dust the first one-off and tried to get it open. “Craig this one is stuck.” “I’ll be right there.” Craig said bringing the other one out. “The lock’s rusted, I’ll need some WD40, Carla,” Craig stated. “I’m on it,” Carla ran down the stairs and back up. “Here you go Craig,” handing him the WD40, “Boy we have gone through a lot of this.”

“Carla this just needs a squirt of WD40, a whack with the mallet, jackpot!” Carla came over to kneel next to Craig, “Silver!” “I remember some of this Carla,” he said as he gently lifted it out of the chest. “We need to get some pacific cloth and silver polish; this is just beautiful and”

Carla stopped as she wiped her eye. Craig put his arm around her “It’s all ours honey! Let’s take this all out and see what we have here.”